Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Are the Cons Feeling the Heat or What?

One more sign that the Cons are feeling the heat. Police in Ottawa are bracing themselves for a rash of Unidentified Flying Idiot sightings.

As Dean Del Mastro heads for Parliament Hill to cut a big one on...um...AdScam

Tory MP Dean Del Mastro wants support from opposition MPs to call in Auditor General Sheila Fraser to investigate where $43 million in missing sponsorship scandal money went.

Gosh. I hope they open all the windows eh? Because this one's not just stale it's positively stinky.

As in a stinky attempt to shift attention from the Con Porky Action Plan, and this potentially deadly disaster.

Oh boy.These hideous porker Cons just don't get it do they? Adscam was just a piddly get-rich quick scheme by a small group of corrupt Liberal and ad agency operatives.

While the Porky Action Plan scandal is a massive multi-billion dollar attempt to corrupt our democracy. By BUYING votes with OUR money. And their complete mishandling of the Swine flu pandemic is endangering the LIVES of who knows how many Canadians.

But look...if the Cons are soooooo desperate to try to shift the focus away from their corrupt and criminally irresponsible behaviour. And are sooooooo desperate to investigate something...ANYTHING...but Porkyscam or the Porkalypse.

I say we investigate this one.

It's not clear exactly when he left the firm for a berth in the increasingly crowded PMO comm department, nor whether his imminent arrival through the revolving door may have had something to do with the edict on Navigator that allegedly went down at Langevin last week.

UPDATE: According to Navigator, Robertson's last day at the firm was Friday. Now that's one speedy revolving door.

Because that's interesting eh? And we NEED some answers.

Heh. Heh. Heh. What a difference a few weeks makes.

Golly. I can't WAIT to see Del Mastro float into the House of Commons, and cut a big one on Adscam.

I really MUST make a point of being there. Woof. Woof.

To join in the fun...

You know ....I do believe we have these Con hippos porkers where we want them eh?

Playing cheap politics with OUR money and our LIVES.... in the middle of a recession AND a pandemic?

Shame on them. Thank you Monkey God.

Now let's hit them where it HURTS...

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