Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Teabaggers are Coming !! The Movie

As you know I believe that we are witnessing nothing less than the Collapse of the American Empire.

So the racism, the hysteria, the death threats, and the screeching insanity don't really surprise me. I mean how would you expect it to end eh?

But who knew that those ridiculous old white rednecks known as teabaggers would make a movie?


And confuse freedom with FASCISM. And patriotism with parody.

Golly. I always KNEW that fascism would come to Amerika, in the shape of an ignorant rabble waving crosses, and talking in tongues.

But I thought they'd be dressed in black and wearing Nazi helmets.

Instead of being dressed like bellboys at a swanky hotel, with funny pirate hats.


Oh well. They're clearly insane, and since they're probably armed they should be considered dangerous. I just hope that Obammy is building lots of concentration maroon camps and insane asylums.

Because as Amerika continues to crumble.

I'm pretty sure he's going to need them...


CK said...

A tea-bagger movie.
Watch out Michael Moore. No wonder he hinted at the end of his last movie he might give up.
If that's where the American Trend is going...
Canada is headed pretty much down that same path I'm afraid.

Simon said...

hi CK...I know I make fun of them, but actually I find them kind of scary.The U.S. is descending into such collective madness that anything could happen. But don't worry about Canada because we've got Quebec. No matter what happens they'll never let those redcoats in.... :)