Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stephen Harper as a Gay Rights Activist?

OK. I know that Stephen Harper suffers from some kind of multiple personality disorder. One moment he's Mr Piano, the next minute he's Mr Ugly.

But who knew he could morph into some kind of gay rights activist?

The Conservative government is making its strongest defence yet of human rights for gays and lesbians, calling a proposed Ugandan law that would imprison and even execute homosexuals "vile and hateful."

The guy who believes that people CHOOSE to be gay?The homophobe who has voted against EVERY gay rights bill in this country?The political thug who treats gay Canadians like second-class citizens, to please his rabid base.

Golly. I guess that explains why his mouthpiece had to plagiarize a statement.

A statement issued by PMO spokesman Dimitri Soudas regarding an anti-gay bill in Uganda is word-for-word identical with that of the statement issued by an American embassy official weeks ago.

Because these ReformCons could never write something like that themselves. The sinister SoCons in the PMO would never allow it.

So how seriously can we take Harper's new pro-gay stance? When the last time he met the homophobic Prime Minister of Jamaica.

They had to pry them apart with a crowbar...

And Harper never ONCE raised the issue of gay rights. In a country where gays and lesbians are routinely raped, beaten and murdered.

Oh well. I guess he really will do anything for a majority. But here's my question.

If he's such a human rights activist *choke*. Why isn't he calling for the end of this Commonwealth of homophobes.

Around 80 countries worldwide continue to outlaw homosexuality, with penalties ranging from one year's jail to life imprisonment – and even execution. More than half of these countries are former British colonies. A majority are members of the Commonwealth, headed by the Queen.

Because it's about time.The Queen, tea, and homophobia. Don't make me vomit.

Stephen Harper as a gay rights activist.

Don't make me laugh scream....


CK said...

Simon, this is one of those titles you have that make me stop whatever it is that I'm doing.

He's always been ugly. In fact, I created 'mug shots' of him: there on my page as well as some other 'art'.

He is still a homophobe through and through. I've noticed something about him; much like Americans, human rights violations not a good thing and must be sanctioned in some shape or form, but when it comes to here at home, he's basically telling us to f%^$ off. Different spanks for nations abroad from here in Canada. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

What's happening in Uganda is such an obviously hideous thing that even Steve can find a way to exploit it for his own gain.

I would say that's about as progressive as he gets.