Monday, November 16, 2009

Extra ! Extra ! Cons Caught Faking it Again !

Golly. I used to believe that when Stephen Harper and his ReformCons said anything they were just lying.

But now I believe that they just mean the opposite...or are faking it..

The federal transport minister's office privately pleaded with Canada's big airlines to step up their lobby campaign to kill a proposed passenger bill of rights even as the minister publicly rallied behind the popular initiative, according to internal documents obtained by Canwest News Service.

"Gentleman, you're going to have to do some lobbying to stop this motion in its tracks," the minister's senior policy adviser at the time, Paul Fitzgerald, told officials at Canada's largest airlines in March 2008.

Which explains so much.

Like why when they said they were helping women with the Porky Daycare Plan, they were actually destroying a national daycare system... to try to keep women at home, barefoot and pregnant.

Or when they say their Porky Action Plan is designed to help us, it's actually a plan to help a majority.... with OUR money. And why when Great Fakir Faker Leader says he's in India to help improve trade relations.

There is no doubt the Conservative Party will give Harper a sixer for his performance, once the video and photos turn up prominently in Indo-Canadian media outlets back home.

He's actually just on another expensive photo-op to improve HIS polls. And of course, we're paying for the middle of a recession.

Oh boy. These sneaky porker Cons. If we can't arrest them we simply HAVE to find a way to defeat them.

Because when I saw the cold, wooden, nerd Harper pretending to go Bollywood.

I couldn't help thinking of one of my favourite Bollywood productions...

And in particular of the sinister Blue Condom...

And his apparently reassuring claim: I am a shield. I will protect you.

But now that I understand Con Opposite Speak, obviously means..... run for your lives !!!

Because he's the one we need to be protected from. And if he ever gets a majority we'll be SCREWED.

Oh boy.Those nasty cheaty rubbery Cons.

When will we finally flush them?


Anonymous said...

Regarding the blue condom.

At least the dick is in the right place.

Simon said...

hi is indeed. Maybe I should start a cartoon series the Adventures of Rubber Man. If anyone can stretch the truth he can. If anyone needs to be flushed down the toilet of history he does...