Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dimitri's List and the Christianist Bigots

Well I'm a bit late on this one...but I see that Dimitri Soudas has been appointed Con Minister of Propaganda and Disinformation.

And I can't think of a better Con for the job. First he makes a fool of Great Ugly Leader:

At the G8 leaders' summit in Italy last summer, Mr. Harper was forced to apologize for attacking Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff for something Mr. Ignatieff did not say. Mr. Harper had initially pounced on Mr. Ignatieff after Mr. Soudas gave him information that turned out to be incorrect.

But gets away with it because if you're a dumb hyper partisan Con, you can't blame the Liberals enough.

Then he appears on the Evan Solomon show late last week and makes a complete idiot out of HIMSELF.

By first saying this:

"Minister Geurgis as a Minister of State for the Status of Women is doing a good job."

One day before they whack banish her.

Then saying this...with a straight face:

"Accountability and transparency is something we take very seriously."


And then wraps up his klown performance by blaming the Liberals, and earnestly insisting that Jaffy and his friends couldn't have pimped the PMO because:

Evian, Evian, The Prime Minister's office is PADLOCKED.

But of course he doesn't mention that it's definitely NOT padlocked for Christianist bigots who spend their time attacking gay and women's rights.

The Canada Family Action Coalition acknowledges it has held private meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of the current government six times since 2008.

The latest meeting with the PM took place March 11th.

Which just happens to be a few days before the Harper ReformCons announced they would not be funding abortions for poor women in developing countries.

And who can forget what the porker homophobe Charles McVety likes to brag about ?

That he can get Stephen Harper on the phone ANYTIME he wants. Belch.Oink.

And then of course, there's the way Dimitri treats the media:

Mr. Soudas, while serving under Sandra Buckler, the second director of communications Mr. Harper had after being elected prime minister, insisted that reporters who wished to ask Mr. Harper a question at a news conference in Ottawa or outside of the capital put their name on a list he controlled and from which he would select a questioner.

Like they were sheep... or stooges:

The Canadian Press is the only major organization that continues to refuse to put its reporters' names on a list in order to ask Mr. Harper a question.

And Lord Harper was a dictator.

Yup. Dimitri is the man for the job alright.

Just another yappy Con.

And his master's little voice...

But forget about the chihuahua eh? It'll do what it's told to do.

Just concentrate on the scarier question.

Who is REALLY running Canada...


'berto said...

re: that "Chuckles" McVety picture with McVety saying "I have Harper's ear"... it makes me fantasize that someone is holding Harper hostage, and is sending bits and pieces of him to his cronies (an ear here, a finger there) in order to prove it, so they will pony up with the ransom.

It would make a delightful Tarantino/Ritchie-esque can-con crime thriller for the festival circuit, no? And the twist ending would be that the REAL crime doesn't come until Harper is released at the end -- now with his exterior better reflecting the warped, twisted, ugliness that was always there on the interior the whole time, enough so that children run screaming at the sight of him. And in anger and confusion, the Harper-beast shambles off the Kanadian Kristian Kollege, where he savagely mutilates his "creator" McVety before throwing him off the roof of the Kollege, only to eventually be destroyed himself in the flames as the enraged townsfolk burn Kanadian Kristian Kollege to the ground...

*hee* The thing sorts writes itself, doesn't it?! :P

Simon said...

hi 'berto....ha ha ha...well I wasn't thinking of that but now that you mention it I like it.
Maybe I should change the caption on it to " I had Harper's ear, and it was delicious..." ;)

BTW did you know that McVety has been going around yapping that the plan to change the national anthem was a "lesbian plot?"
That homophobe is ridiculous...