Friday, April 16, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Fallen Women

I don't know if Helena Guergis is guilty of anything except marrying Rahim Jaffer, but something about her ritual humiliation at the hands of Stephen Harper is really starting to stink.

Because either Harper believed the word of this character

And thought it was sufficient to sic the cops on her. In which case his judgement must surely be questioned.

Or he knew that it all sounded a little dubious, but made a show out of humiliating her anyway, to make himself look like a strong leader, make her look like a fallen woman. And buy himself some time, in case he decides to go for an early election. 

In which case he deserves to be scorned for being an immoral bastard...and a COWARD.

Because humiliating female cabinet ministers comes all too easily to this political thug. 

Remember how he treated Rona Ambrose?

And who can ever forget what he did to Diane Ablonczy...

Throwing her on the bonfire for daring to fund the Gay Pride parade, and upsetting his rabid theocratic base. Even though she was one of his most loyal followers.

But then again why would anyone be surprised? When Stephen Harper's church tells him that women should be subordinate.

The Alliance Church, to which Harper has belonged for decades, believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth in an apocalypse, won't ordain women, strongly opposes abortion and divorce, condemns homosexuality as the most base of sins and believes those who aren't born-again are "lost." 

And no doubt in his mind, fallen uppity women must be PUNISHED.

But not fallen men like Maxime Bernier, who was not kicked out of the Con caucus. Even though he lost secret documents, and partied with a biker chick who once hung out with the Hell's Angels.

Now I don't care what happens to Helena Guergis. Anything that hurts the Cons is good as far as I'm concerned. And any woman or gay person who works for a man like Harper deserves what they get.

But fair is fair. And now that he called in the cops this story is as much about Stephen Harper's judgement as it is about Helena Guergis.

And never in the history of Canada has there been such a twisted and evil Prime Minister. A hyper partisan who would do ANYTHING for a majority. And never stops spinning his little webs of deception...

So all I can say, is what I always say.

Defeat him, crush him, send him back to his spidey hole in Alberta.

Before he destroys our country.

Before he burns us ALL...


Anonymous said...

How credible is this "private investigator" if he's in debt to the amount of $13-million?

How could anyone with investigative powers get that far behind or get conned so greatly?

Some things about him do not add up.

Nothing about Harper and his cabinet makes sense, either.

We need a real leader--for a change.

Anonymous said...


It really is quite weird - the most recent photo I've seen of Harper speaking in parliament has the camera focus shifted up to his left where there sits another big-haired female MP.

I don't know who the MP is but it really strikes me as odd...does Harper arrange his cabinet ministers around him, conscious of the camera shot?

prin said...

Well, I agree that Harper has a strange relationship with women, but honestly, I don't think she should be spared. Whether she has done anything or not, she's just an asshole, imo. I may be a dreamer, but I wish my parliament would go back to old times when the people involved were higher up in moral standing than everybody else. Now? Now, they're the lowerst lying scum.

Just my opinion, of course. ;)

Oh, but I pretend Layton's a little different. :D

ck said...

Two-bit bankrupt PI whose smut was first rejected by the OLO has more credibility in Brother Steve's world than Richard Colvin? Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

Also, I might have mentioned this in a comment on one of your other recent posts, but Ex-Lax forgot classified documents at his ex-girlfriend's house. Julie Couillard taking this opportunity to play the woman scorned, tells the media about it; it would seem to be an equally, if not a worse lapse in judgement here, yet, Ex-Lax Max was never kicked out of Harpercon caucus. In fact, if anyone remembers, Julie Couillard ended up being blamed for the most part and was hammered even more by the Harpercon cheerleaders in the Harpercon media.

marie said...

Maybe a little off topic nut it does suit your prior thread and I am sure we have not heard the last of a coaltion.

Harper proposed coalition with Bloc Quebecois in 2004
By Kevin Grandia December 2, 2008 05:14 pm 13 comments
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With the Stephen Harper-led Conservative Party in a tailspin, he and his supporters are pulling out all the stops to paint a Liberal and NDP coalition with the Bloc Quebecois as a deal with the devil that will "destroy Canada."

The problem for Harper in this whole smear campaign is that in 2004 he proposed to the Governor General a coalition with the Bloc Quebecois.

The Globe and Mail has an excerpt from a 2004 letter from Harper to the Governor General in which he states:

"We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation. We believe that, should a request for dissolution arise this should give you cause, as constitutional practice has determined, to consult the opposition leaders and consider all of your options before exercising your constitutional authority."

Now at the time, the Liberals had 135 seats, the Conservative Party had 99 seats, the Bloc Quebecois had 54 seats and the NDP had 19 seats.

So when Harper said that "the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority," that included the Bloc Quebecois. He could not have formed a minority coalition government without the 54 Bloc Quebecois seats.

Kevin Grandia contributes to the Vote for Environment blog, where a version of this post first appeared.

You can still find that letter so don't let the Reformatories and their puppets use that line they are famous for without rubbing their noses in that letter.

Simon said...

hi Torontonian... I don't know how credible this private investigator is, but considering his situation, and the fact that he got his information from another person, you really have to wonder.
And knowing Harper I wouldn't be surprised at all if he just used these allegations to smear Guergis and try to make himself look good. Which as you and I know is IMPOSSIBLE... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes because only 16% of the Harperites are women, they move them behind the Prime Minister to make it look like there are more of them. In Harpo World like Bizarro World nothing is quite what it seems.And the truth is even MORE horrible... :)

Simon said...

hi prin... As I mentioned in my post I don't think much of Geurgis. I hate the way she apparently bullies people less powerful than her. But now I can't help feel that she's been bullied too. And Harper's record with women is so appalling, I don't trust him.
As long as I live I'll never forget that the FIRST thing he did when he came to power was remove the word "equality" from the Status of Women documents. I mean what's that about? I knew then that these Cons were going to be an ideological mob like Canada has never seen before.
And I'm sorry to say he has lived up to my worst expectations.
Like you I also wish that some kind of Canadian decency would return to Parliament Hill, along with our lost values.
But that's not going to happen until Canadians have finally had enough, and drive these crazy lying Aliens from power...
Won't that be a beautiful day? :)

Simon said...

hi're right about Maxime Bernier. He got off easy. And thanks to his family's hold on the Beauce ... the most boring and pro-business part of Quebec... he not only staying where he is, he's now planning his campaign to succeed Harper. Can you believe that? What a horrible thought... :)

Simon said...

hi about a coalition is never off topic for me. :)
I believe it's the only sensible Canadian way to get rid of those wretched Cons. And yes, I'm aware of how Harper painted the Coalition as something monstrous and un-Canadian, even though he had tried to form one of his own. How he gets away with so much is something I'll never understand, and I bet that fifty years from now historians are going to have a hard time understanding it too. My advice to the progressive parties is never reject the idea of a coalition, because one day it WILL come in handy. And free us from these Reformatories...