Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Constance, Carolyn, and the Bigots

Yesterday I wrote about the sad story of Constance McMillen, the gay teenager who was cheated out of her prom by a group of cruel bigots.

And I wrote in the comments that it reminded me of the way white high school kids behaved in the redneck south during the days of segregation.

How I had seen videos of them standing outside schools and chanting "two, four, six, eight, we don't want to INTEGRATE." While their parents and school officials and bigot cops looked on admiringly.

Then today I read this story.

(Carolyn King) spent all Saturday getting ready, fixing her hair, slipping into the pink floral dress her mother finished the week before….She and her date drove that 1965 night with her father and a retinue of supporters and protectors toward the high school gym. They turned the corner. The gymnasium was dark, empty…..White mothers of the prom planners had kept the location of the Jones Valley High prom a secret so she couldn’t attend…."Of course they all taunted me about it -- `Did you like the prom, Caroline?’”

I guess some things in the Bible Belt never change eh?

The victims of their cruelty may be different. But not those who would hurt and humiliate the oppressed.

Because bullies are bullies. Bigots are bigots.

And boy are they DISGUSTING...

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Oemissions said...

that is beyond sad
well, it's just plain cruel