Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Day I Missed the Marijuana Party

I know what I was doing at 4:20 today: Studying my ass off for a big exam on Friday. So sadly I couldn't attend one of these rallies.

But if I had attended the one on Porker Hill, I would have told this old Con to go fuck drink himself STOOPID.

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson took advantage of the unofficial holiday by holding a news conference to announce a tough-on-crime bill.

"We're not the party that will be decriminalizing this," he said. "We don't encourage this kind of activity. But we have zeroed in on our drug bill, it targets people who traffic, people who import, export drugs, manufacture, people in the grow-op business."

"That's my advice to anybody here who's smoking up, that they should tell their supplier that when our government introduces a drug bill, they won't like it.

And to go fight REAL criminals instead of jailing even more young Canadians. And to tell his fascist Cons to stop promoting the use of cocaine.

 Because like booze that's a REALLY dangerous drug eh?

And then I probably would have had a toke...or two. Followed shortly by a cheeseburger...or two. And then I would have rushed strolled home, walked the dog in the park, smelled the flowers...and bought a hotdog. Mmmmm. And then maybe watched a couple of videos. While waiting for S├ębastien to come home, and the real fun to begin.

Because unlike booze or cocaine, marijuana is a gentle drug that doesn't hurt ANYONE. And I'm sure if I was a little high I would have enjoyed this video even MORE...

But of course I couldn't. In fact I can't even blog. S├ębastien is staring at me with wolfy eyes, drumming his fingers on the table, and looking at his watch a lot.

So I'm afraid that video will have to do for now. Back to the books I go. Pray for me everyone. 


See you all soon...
Video from Vimeo.

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