Saturday, April 17, 2010

When Blogging Comes Up Against Spring

Well I have to admit that in the monumental battle between blogging and Spring, Spring is winning.

Because after a long winter in Canada it's just so AWESOME.  Everything comes alive again.

And of course wherever you look love is in the air...

Gawd. These straight people are SHAMELESS. But I know how they feel, because I've got Spring Fever too, so does Sébastien, and so does the dog.

I left him tied up outside a Starbucks the other day, and when I came back he was trying to hump a fluffy white poodle thing, who had been tied up next to him.

Now that he's almost a hundred in human years I think he prefers it that way eh? When they can't get away from him.

Yikes. How embarrassing. We won't be going back to that Starbucks anytime soon.

But what can you do when the swans in the nearby pond are setting such a bad example?

Smooch. Smooch. Smooch.

Boing. Boing. Boing.

Whoops. Where did she go?

Baby I love you. Glug. Glug. Glug.

Golly. That's disgraceful. For that I fed them spinach all winter? These animals are SHAMELESS.

But then so am I.

I'm supposed to race Sébastien tomorrow  to a beach about ten kilometres away, for a barbie with some friends. And for once I'm thinking of letting him win.

Let some air out of one of my tires, pretend I had a puncture, smoke a cigarette, wait for him to come chuffing up. And then lead him to this quiet little place in the woods where the cherry blossoms are bursting forth.

And read him my latest poem. Because I love a captive audience. Just like I LOVE Canada in the springtime. 

So blogging might have to wait a while eh?

I promise to show you pictures of the swan chicks when they hatch.

In the meantime, since it's Friday night, let's hatch these... know if I was wearing that chicken tail costume when I read my new poem, I bet it would sound even BETTER.

And Sébastien would be even MORE impressed.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!


Stewart said...

I love your blog Simon, and this is a fantastic post. Made me smile and I need that as I just found out that my sister is coming back here to live after being in the UK for years. Major downer (we do not get along and the worst part is that she thinks we do).

You're great. Thanks for doing all that you do to fight the growing nastiness in this country. I never would have guessed there were so many mean spirited Canadians. That US societal pollution corrodes us all. I want to go back to the time when the very sweet "Hinterland Who's Who" was on TV.

Have a great day S


'berto said...

lol -- I love that clip; it's one of my favorite Scissor Sisters tracks. I've never seen SS live, but it looks like it'd be a ball -- I loved the smiling barn, the dancing eggs and the watermelon chorus -- so funny! Yeah, and Jake looked cute in the tail-feathers, too, but what IS it with him and the lederhosen?! It's like he's got some sorta fetish for them, or something.

As for what's "in the air", around here it's gardening -- I'm going outside right away to start turning over the soil and getting it ready; I can't wait to start getting some plants into the ground (I wish I had a greenhouse, so I could start earlier... maybe next year.)

Simon said...

hi Stewart...thank you for your sweet comment. And I'm glad you liked this post. There are some I REALLY enjoy writing, but then when I wake up the next day I think uh oh can I take that one back?
But as you say there's so much nastiness around, so now and then I just have to write about the simple but sweet things in life. Or shout it out.
And your story about your sister coming back to Canada made me smile. Don't worry I'm sure living in the UK will have made her a better person. Once she stops complaining about not having a Tesco in the neighbourhood, or not being able to watch SKY TV, or read the Sun. And you remind her that here we call an orange an orange not a jaffer, I'm sure it will work out fine... :)

Simon said...

hi 'berto...yes it is an amazing live performance isn't it? I just love it when the eggs come marching on.
As for the lederhosen...I wouldn't be caught dead in them, but they do look good on him. ;)
And I am serious about one thing in that post, I MUST have those tail feathers !!!!
As for gardening I envy you.It's a very civilized pursuit...if you have a good manservant to do all the hard work. Sadly I don't have much space to grow anything, and besides it's not sheltered enough to grow the kind of plants I'd love to grow... ;)