Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Cons and the Porky Action Plan

As you know I've long believed that the Porky Action Plan will prove to be the final nail in the Con's coffin pig sty.

And that while the Jaffer scandal may hurt them, the PAP scandal will kill them. So I have to admit the Ethics Commissioner's report on that scandalous vote-buying scheme hit me like a tainted baloney.

"I am of the view that the practice of using partisan identifiers in announcing government initiatives goes too far and has the potential to diminish public confidence in the integrity of members and the governing institutions they represent..."

She scolded them, but said she couldn't do anything about it.

Oh boy. You know when these Con porkers finally waddle back to Alberta, we'll be paying for them forever. And we'll NEVER forget the stench.

Still I'm not discouraged. Because something tells me that when the Auditor General files her report on the Porky Action Plan this fall, she won't be so generous.

Of the $69 million in federal funds, $52 million will be spent on 24 projects in Conservative ridings. Ridings held by federal New Democrats will see 11 projects in this series of announcements which will get federal funding of a combined $10.17 million. There were just 4 projects in Liberal ridings that will divvy up just over $1 million in federal funding.

And it will be the biggest and porkiest money scandal in Canadian history.

Allegations already abound that the ruling party advanced its interests while countering recession with more than $50 billion in public spending over two years. Conservatives stand accused of directing more than a fair share to friendly ridings, promoting the party with a lavish advertising campaign and pushing Louis Ranger, the highly regarded deputy minister of transport, into retirement for failing to shovel taxpayer’s loonies out the door fast enough.

Oink. Oink.

Which reminds me if Stephen Harper tries to spring a snap election on us, before the Auditor General completes her report. And tries to run on the economy, and claim that his outrageous attempt to buy votes with OUR money saved Canada. When it didn't.

I just want Great Napoleon Leader to know that he won't fool me.

Grunt. Oink. Squeal.

Because I know a Con when I see one...

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