Thursday, April 15, 2010

Helena Guergis and the Blabbermouth

Ever since I heard that Helena Guergis had been banished to a musty corner in the House of Commons, I've been waiting to hear what she thinks of her new seatmate.

The independent MP and honking blabbermouth AndrĂ© Arthur. 

Well Helena isn't talking, because she's got bigger problems.

Helena Guergis, the former minister of state for the status of women, was expelled from caucus and is being investigated by RCMP over allegations of partying with cocaine and prostitutes, CTV News has learned.

But the blabbermouth is eh? And it's not good

If I was her advisor I would say...tell her...take a holiday. Go somewhere else you look pale. Go get tanned. It's finished. She's toast, stick a fork in her.

Golly. With advisors like that who needs enemies eh?

I thought she'd be glad to find a quiet corner, as far away as Stephen Harper as possible. Because when you make the Cons look like the party of  hookers and coke, you don't want to look into his cold dead eyes.

But now I'm not sure.

Helena...'s your new advisor Simon. When you return to Parliament bring a pair of dark glasses, and an i-pod with some really loud music.

Because I'm afraid you're going to need them...


Anonymous said...

it all started with that PEI airport blow up .. like all politicians their right to "entitlement" goes right to their head.

basicly she was wiped out by the citizens , totally , if we tried to do what she did at that airport we would be "tazered" and locked up for a very long time. and she managed to get on the plane.

"I am entitled to my entitlements"

(yes, and here they are, have fun at the "enquiry" and have fun in the "backbenches" of government.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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