Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chucky Harper and the Horror on the Hill

If you wanted to get a really good idea of what Great Chucky Leader's Cons have done to this country, all you had to do was take a helicopter... or a porker ride... over Parliament Hill today.

There was poor Remy Beauregard's widow telling a committee how the Con appointees who took over Rights and Democracy bullied her husband to death.

Trépanier said new board members appointed by the Conservatives harassed her husband, which contributed to his ill health. Beauregard suffered a fatal heart attack in January after an acrimonious board meeting.

While in another committee room there was Richard Colvin, the decent diplomat who was smeared as a traitor or a Taliban supporter by the Cons, for blowing the whistle on the Afghanistan Rape and Torture Scandal.

Even though we now know that what he said was true. And that the truth is even uglier.

A Canadian officer shrugged off a question about whether, in retrospect, Canadians should have monitored the interrogations to make sure prisoners weren't tortured.

“From the Afghan point of view, that would be like your mom sitting down with you on the couch while you're trying to make out with your girlfriend,” the officer said. “It would have been awkward.”

And will haunt our army FOREVER. Because now they've been corrupted too.

Then an hour after the Information Commissioner blasts the Cons for trying to muzzle access to information.

Stephen Harper's right-hand man, the political thug Guy Giorno, crawls out of the PMO, and denies that. While Con MPs line up to kiss his ass.

The power of Mr. Giorno was reflected in the lineup of Conservative MPs singing his “how great thou art” praises in Hallelujah Chorus union, throwing puffball questions that could have been written by Mr. Giorno himself and, come to think of it, probably were.

Has our Parliament ever seen a more porker spectacle?

Have they no shame? Oink.

But wait there's more. There they were in the House of Commons grunting and sniffling, and refusing to answer questions about the Helena Geurgis Affair.

Or explain why the Ethics Commissioner doesn't seem to think much of the information Stephen Harper gave her.

NDP Leader Jack Layton took a poke at the government’s wall of silence. “Now here is the so-called tough on crime Prime Minister who will not even tell Canadians why he has called the cops on one of his own,” he told the House of Commons.

Which makes you wonder what Great Chucky Leader is up to eh ?

Did he whack a female minister just to make himself look good? And is this a government or the MOB?

Oh boy. Sometimes all you see are the trees, and they're ugly enough.

But on a day like today you get to see the forest, and it's absolutely HORRIFYING.

These Con porkers are crawling all over our Parliament, making a mockery out of it, corrupting its very soul. Their government is rotting like meat off a bone.

And the stench is overwhelming...

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