Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Me, the Cons, and the Space Invaders

As I've mentioned before,  I spend a lot of time staring up at the night sky and waving my arms wildly. Hoping against hope that the space invaders will rescue me from this barbarous planet where I clearly don't belong.

And of course, zap Stephen Harper and his brutish Cons all the way back to the redneck province of Alberta...where THEY clearly belong.

So I found this warning rather shocking.

OMG. I never thought of that. What if they are WORSE than us? Who knew that was possible?

And if they are...never mind our resources. Because they can take the dirty oil sands anytime they want eh?

But what if they are HUNGRY?

Hmmm...you know if I threw a pork chop...or some cocaine...into that spaceship. And told the Cons the alien planet was a capitalist jungle. I bet you I could convince the Harperite cult to go with them.

And I'm sure I could tantalize the evil aliens into sparing my life, by telling them how many more space burgers they could make out of Jason Kenney.

Mmmmm....trust me your alienship... MUCHO tasty...piggy...porko...YUMMY.

But as for me I'll only be waving at the space invaders who finally answered my call. The ones from Planet Gay.

Because it turns out I'm one of them eh? We're getting ready to zap the Cons all the way back to Alberta. The Pope is next.

And I'm happy up down here...

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