Friday, April 02, 2010

The Cons and the Ideology Monster

Well I see that the Con junta that took over Rights and Democracy has appeared before a parliamentary commitee and denied that there is an ideology monster in the black lagoon they created.

Members of the board of directors of embattled Rights and Democracy denied Thursday they were directed by the Prime Minister’s office to shake up the human rights agency.

“The suggestion that we have been given instructions to alter the course of the direction of Rights and Democracy is not truthful,” Jacques Gauthier, the board’s vice-chair, told the all-party committee.

Denied that they are obsessed with Israel. Denied that they are partisan.

Although after reading what Aurel Braun said in the National Post.

Politics clearly looms large in this whole tale. Mr. Braun is candid: “This was a fat, fat organization that pursued a clearly one-sided left-wing agenda, with a default setting that de-legitimized and de-humanized a fellow democracy, while, unfortunately, at times supporting organizations that are inimical to the interests of democracy.”

And after reading what Marco Navarro-Genie had to say in this incendiary column.

I'm having trouble believing them.

Because this isn't a story about bad management as the Cons and their flunkies would pretend. This story is all about partisan politics, and a hidden ideological agenda.

A bizarre theocratic ideology that lies beneath of so many of the Harper government's decisions. From their assault on decent human rights organizations like Rights and Democracy and KAIROS, to their war on gay people, and their refusal to fund abortions for poor women.

And the reason they're refusing to hold a public inquiry is because they're scared stiff that the trail will lead back to the PMO, and expose the powerful theocons in that office who have been orchestrating this ideological assault. And are using their religious beliefs to shape government policy.

Few Canadians are aware that a militant band of conservative Christians with a direct pipeline to Harper's cabinet is also attempting to reshape the country's social, cultural and even scientific policies, driven by a belief that Canada has a biblically ordained role to play in the final days before Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ.

Because they were the ones who chose the members of the Con junta, and they chose them for a REASON.

Now I'm no Sherlock. But after the way the Cons are stalling. And the mysterious disappearance of the computer records.

I believe that beneath the surface of this black lagoon lurks an ideological monster that could destroy Canada. Or if dragged to the surface, and exposed to the light of day, could end up destroying the Cons.

Hillary Clinton has publicly exposed this monster. Now we must do the same.

The stakes are just too high. The Canadian people must know the truth before an election. Now more than ever.

We need a public inquiry...

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