Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Disgusting Homophobia of Stephen Harper's Filthy Cons

Stephen Harper has always been a stealthy but vicious enemy of the LGBT community.

He has voted against every bill or measure designed to protect their human rights.

He believes that being gay is just a choice.

And now I see one of his candidates is following in his master's ghastly footsteps.

And advocating the torture of gay children.

A Conservative candidate in suburban Toronto is defending therapies that attempt to turn gays straight, having penned an editorial that referred to homosexuality as "unnatural behaviour" and heterosexuals as "normal."

Jagdish Grewal, running in Mississauga-Malton, wrote an editorial in the Punjabi Post earlier this year entitled, "Is it wrong for a homosexual to become a normal person?"

Quoting quacks to back up his grotesque bigoted beliefs, while disregarding the advice of the Canadian Pediatric Society.

Grewal's editorial does not address professional criticism of so-called reparative or conversion therapies. The Canadian Pediatric Society's position on adolescent sexual orientation states that such treatments "should not be provided because they do not work and have the potential to heighten guilt and anxiety."

Even his bigotry could KILL gay kids. Even though he is a Sikh and should know all about bigotry.

But then of course he isn't the only Con supporting anti-gay bigotry. So is this foul group in Ontario who are fighting the province's new and eminently reasonable sex education curriculum...

Which the Cons are stealthily supporting for crass political purposes. 

On the federal election trail, Islamophobia keeps thrusting the niqab onto the nightly news. In other news: Homophobia-tinged protests over sex-education are sexing up the election in key federal ridings, allowing Conservative candidates to screw (metaphorically and politically) their Liberal rivals.

The NDP is paying a price for its principled defence of the niqab in Quebec, where the face covering remains especially unpopular. And federal Liberals across Ontario are being crucified for the supposed sins of their provincial Liberal cousins, who dared to update a two-decade-old sex education curriculum with present-day social (and legal) realities about homosexuality (and sexuality).

And by so doing are supporting the barbaric cultural practices they claim to be against. Which couldn't be more ironic.

Oddly for anti-sex-ed Muslim parents, their allies in intolerance of gays are in some cases Conservatives stumping on the campaign trail by stirring up mistrust of Muslims who wear the niqab (which tends to drag down all Muslims).

But do make it clear that Con values are nothing but HATE.

Jagdish Grewal is an ignorant scumbag who would torture gay kids, and should be fired immediately.

And Stephen Harper is a low life bigot who must be defeated if our Canada is to live...

UPDATE: The Cons dump Jagadish Grewal.

But that doesn't change anything for me, because as I showed you in that video he was only saying what Stephen Harper thinks.

In almost ten years in power he has spent almost a billion dollars promoting himself. But not ONE dollar to run ads against homophobia or the bullying of LGBT kids in our schools. Even as hundreds committed suicide.

I could have been one of them myself, if I didn't have a fighting spirit nobody could break.

So please defeat that vicious bully.

Before he kills more children...

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  1. Indeed. In a better country this would spark a firestorm that would hurt harper worse than the Duffy scandal. To think of those kids driven to suicide by such ignorance and bigotry.

    harper should know better and if he doesn't know better, then that alone would be reason for him to lose. harper should drop this guy or lose the election.

    1. hi thwap....Unfortunately most people don't know how Harper has discriminated against the LGBT community. He has made sure that no gay organization, even those fighting bullying or providing social or medical services receives a penny from the federal government. And yeah he is a ghastly bigot...

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    What an ignorant piece of shit he is. I take come comfort at least in knowing that it looks like he doesn't have a chance in hell of getting elected from the polls I've seen and thank God. When I called him out on his Facebook page he just blocked me. These maggots sure like to dish it out but they can't take it. I don't know, Simon. It truly makes me sick.

    1. hi Way Way Up....yes he is a miserable person, and his failure to run a single ad fighting homophobia or bullying in our schools, as every other western government does, has contributed to the deaths of countless Canadian children. But unfortunately that hate monger has managed to harvest hate so successfully he very well could be elected. And yes like you my decent friend I too am sick to my stomach...

  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    You don't even want to know how I reacted when I read about Richard Sagala's comments about Nunavut. The amount of ignorance, arrogance and downright asshatery I've seen from a party that thinks it deserves for more years of power truly boggle the mind.

    1. hi Way Way Up...I hadn't heard what Sagala said, but now that I've looked them up I too am disgusted. Who does he think he is some big white Bwana back in the days of the British Empire? The contempt the Harper Cons have for the poor and the vulnerable is matched only by my contempt for them....

  4. Anonymous10:22 PM

    We need harper and his mob out of the government of this country as soon as possible.

    1. h anon...we really do, nothing is more urgent. The day we defeat that hideous regime will be one of the happiest days of my life...

  5. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I thought they had bottomed out. The hatefulness and cruelty of this latest Con gambit make me want to vomit. I never thought I would see this in Canada. I am ashamed and disgusted at how low we've sunk as a nation. We must vote these haters out.

    1. hi anon....yes the Cons always manage to surprise us. Just when we think they have hit rock bottom, they just keep burrowing down. This hate campaign is the lowest thing I have ever witnessed. And as I said in my post it both angers and depresses me. Lets use our votes as weapons and chase them back to the sewer they came from...

  6. From the Star. Harper has been pounding this message for 4 days in Quebec. He wants to keep his power in any way he can at any cost including fomenting hatred. Sounds a lot like fascist lizard of Oz is orchestrating this although nothing is below Harper either. "Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says he is studying whether to introduce a law — like Quebec’s — that would require Muslim women who wear a niqab to unveil their faces when delivering public services as an employee of the government, or receiving them as a citizen."

    1. hi John...yes my friends in Montreal have told me how he is beating his hateful drum in that province. And unfortunately it seems to be working. I always thought Quebec was better than that, but sadly they too have been corrupted....

  7. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Hi Simon ... The Song is "awesome" ... Steve has got to go ... ASAP ... am now reading an article from www.cbc.ca that says "HARPER GOVERNMENT partners with INDUSTRY GROUP fighting the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) over KPMG case" ... Minister championed "collaboration" with CPA Canada (Chartered Professional Accountants) as organization battling tax investigators ... last updated October 6, 2015 at 10:06 AM EST ... Kevin Dancey signed a deal with Stephen Harper November 2014 under which the industry group will have input into any changes in the Canadian Tax System ... At the same time CPA Canada was battling with the CRA in court to shield information about wealthy Canadians with money in an off-shore TAX HAVEN ... ... the rest of the article just keeps getting better and better ... ... simply amazing !!!!! ... there's a photo of Kevin Dancey and Stephen Harper at the beginning of the article ... I wonder if they are "HOLDING HANDS" ... they're both stupidly smiling from ear to ear, one doesn't even have to wonder LMAOOOOOOOO and to ALL the good people of this country, don't forget to "VOTE THAT FU**ER OUT ... TY

    1. hi anon...yes I saw that, it seems that the Cons have a huge conflict of interest when it comes to the KPMG case, if the MSM wasn't so obsessed with the niqab story it might help bring down the Cons. But then the MSM never made much of an effort to try to prove that the Canadian Revenue Agency was being used to punish Harper's enemies, so what can we expect? But yes let's vote those hogs out...