Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stephen Harper's Rob Ford Nightmare:The Video

Even in my fondest dreams I never could have imagined a more fitting end to the grubby reign of the depraved political pervert Stephen Harper.

For there he was in the sordid House of Ford.

Begging Rob and Doug to save him, because he's desperate.

And as Chris Selley writes, debasing and humiliating himself beyond recognition.

If this is how a desperate Stephen Harper goes out, it will be an exit for the ages. It will never be said he didn’t pull out all the stops.

He borrowed the niqab as a wedge issue from Quebec; he issued dire warnings of brothels competing with pot-dispensing convenience stores on every street corner; and then on Saturday night in west-end Toronto, he flashed a final emphatic middle finger to his critics and to principled conservatives everywhere...

The self-styled champion of law and order and family values, pressing the flesh and massaging the ego of a scummy bully bigot with a record like this one:

Smoking crack with gangsters, who videotaped it, then offering $5,000 and a car to get it back; having his drug-dealer pal Sandro Lisi exchange 1.5 kilograms of marijuana for his cell phone, which had been stolen by gangsters; careering around City Hall drunk in the dead of night; driving drunk, including after having downed a mickey of vodka in two minutes, whereupon a staffer in the vehicle begged to be let out; being tailed around town by a police airplane; offering staff positions to his drug buddies; assaulting staff members; calling Justin Trudeau a “fag”; racially abusing a taxi driver; prostitutes, maybe; and just generally lying about absolutely everything, absolutely all the time.

Who had the police not driven him home, instead of charging him with impaired driving, would have been jailed long ago.

It is perfectly clear that were Robert Bruce Ford just a humble auto mechanic or day labourer from Etobicoke, Conservative policy would insist he be locked up indefinitely. The man was a menace to society, a total degenerate.

A man who even that other political pervert, Jason Kenney, had denounced as unfit to remain in office.

Before no doubt changing his mind...

But yes, Harper and his Cons are now so desperate they have hit rock bottom.

Drugs or no drugs, the Fords’ politics is a flailing, nihilist mashup of spite, fantasy and delusion masquerading as “Respect for Taxpayers.” The Tories wear that now. If they lose on Monday, they will have utterly debased themselves doing so.

Stephen Harper has revealed himself once again, to have no judgement, no class, and no morals.

And I'm pretty sure that his grubby show with Rob Ford will cost him hundreds of thousands of votes tomorrow.

So when I heard Bob Fife talking about how Justin Trudeau is Harper's nightmare.

I thought I'd make a video to remind Canadians that now so is Rob Ford...

You know, when I was a young boy my parents warned me to stay away from people like Stephen Harper.

And that if someone like him came too close, I should run into a neighbour's house, or call the police.

And they were right.

He was a monstrous political pervert...

But tomorrow is the day he gets busted.

For we are going to defeat him.

We are going to clean up this country.

And sooner or later this grubby Con, will end up where he  belongs...

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Marmalade said...

The clock is ticking........

lagatta à montréal said...

More on the drink-driving cover-ups.

This is a clear and present public danger, equal to waving around a loaded gun and firing it off at random. He could have murdered a number of Torontonians.

In the vodka mickey story, I strongly suspect that he had drunk more before that bottle was chugged.

Drink-driving is a VERY serious crime.

WILLY said...


Win, lose or draw tomorrow night, I want to thank you.

I remember how hard it was to post everyday and you sir have posted at least twice everyday for the too many years of our country's demise and excepting your annual trips to Scotland you have been relentless in your attacks on Harper in defence of Canada.

So many of the original bloggers that I believe both of us looked up to when we started, stopped posting regularly. Maybe for some their twitter verse personalities became enough to fill the void, or possibly for others, of a similar mindset to mine, tired of yelling into a perceived echo chamber.

What I for one failed to realize, was that a blog, with a consistent, daily message, such as Montreal Simon has been, can be more than a place to read the daily rant. It can become an important part of a readers day to day life, as much I would offer, as it is a part of the blogger themselves.

Your posts have made me angry, they made me laugh and some days they made me cry, but more importantly they made me feel that I wasn't alone. Montreal Simon was a place that I could go to that allowed me to forget about my personal problems.

This is worst year of my life, I am afraid that I am watching, hell participating in, the slow death of my wife. I now live in a foreign environment of hospitals, rehabilitation centres, waiting rooms and bed sides. Maybe someday I will post about it or do a series of cartoons about PMH and TWH humour :D

I’ll get through this, because that is what we do, but before your retire from posting or take a well deserved respite, I want you to know that Montreal Simon has helped get through some harrowing days in tact.

And for that I thank you.



PS: Fuck Harper

thwap said...

Love the video.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice that laugh in the video is Vincent Price from the intro to Hilarious House of Frightenstein???

Beijing York said...

What a beautiful and much deserved message of appreciation, Willy. I'm sorry to hear about what you have been dealing with outside this ether world and can only send a virtual hug of support. I too commend Simon for not only his intelligence, compassion and consistency but for making smile, if not giggle loudly, on a regular basis and when times seem so bleak.

lagatta à montréal said...

Willy, I'm so terribly sorry. I see a neighbour wheeling his wife (who has MS) around, and also putting out recycling and rubbish with adult nappies and other sad medical parephenalia. And have a next-door neighbour in my co-op who is slowly dying of a similar but little studied "orphan" disease. It is so shitty that cutbacks have only exacerbated the troubles of caregivers.

My own troubles aren't as physical for the moment (knock wood), a bit of arthritis but I deal with that by cycling a lot, which lubricates my joints. But the Harper cuts to the arts, international solidarity and cooperation and the sciences and research, have impoverished me terribly; I earn half what I did at 30 at 60. This must change.

The rise in the pensionable age is another insult. I have no particular desire to stop working when I hit 65; I love the work I do ... when I get it. But looking for part-time jobs in other fields, there are constant refusals for anyone over 50, even if we are familiar with computers and modern procedures.

It is such shite.

Simon said...

Dear WILLY.... thank you for your kind words, that have moved me beyond belief. Especially since they come from you a blogger I have always admired, and with whom I share so many memories of our blogging past. I was indeed inspired by you and so many bloggers who did their best to stand up for our country until life claimed them, or even more sadly death did. I remember them all, and when I write I also write for them. It has been a long and exhausting struggle, and there have been a couple of times when I have regretted my vow to blog every day until the brutish Cons are defeated and we can get our country back. But as you probably know, I was motivated by my struggle against the bullies at school, and by the knowledge that they can be beaten if you fight them as long and as hard as you can.. So that made it easier, and of course I am as stubborn as a mule, so that didn't hurt either.
I'm so sorry to hear about the sad times you are going through, and all I can do is wish you and your wife all the strength and peace in the world.
May we pass from this darkness into the light. And yes, fuck Harper and long live freedom !!!!

Simon said...

hi Beijing....what is this? An old blogger's reunion? But seriously how great to hear from you, thank you for your kind words, and yes wasn't Willy's note beautiful? I will treasure it for the rest of my life. It alone makes my long blogging campaign seem worthwhile. I am so sorry he is going through such a sad time, and like you only wish I could send him a big hug. His comment also made me remember the many members of our blogging family who we have lost over the years. Like Bruce MacDonald who played such a big role in getting me to start blogging, who I am sure you too will never forget. Like I will never forget you for supporting me for so long when hardly anybody else did. The blogosphere has changed a lot since those early days, and many have moved on to sites like Twitter or Facebook. But I am very proud to have been a member of our little Canadian blogosphere, and to have been blessed by the friendship of you and Willy and so many others. All the best to you and your loved ones,, and of course let's hope that our long nightmare ends tomorrow...

Simon said...

hi thwap...thank you, I enjoyed making it. I just can't believe that the scummy Harper would go out like that. Although as I said in my post, I am happy that he is exiting the stage crawling on all fours. For it only proves what you and I and so many others have always said about him. He is a low creature, the foulest beastly bigot I have ever known, and he so deservers to be destroyed. Let's hope that tomorrow that will finally come to pass. All the best my friend and down with the dictator !!!!

Simon said...

hi is indeed the laugh of the great Vincent Price, although I had no idea it was from the Hilarious House of Frightenstein, and I didn't realize until I looked it up that it was a Canadian show. So thank you for that. And I now feel even better about using it in that video, in my humble but relentless effort to bring down the not so hilarious House of Harperstein... ;)

Simon said...

hi lagatta...thanks for this comment, and your kind words for Willy, who has inspired me so much with his blog posts and his fabulous cartoons, which put my own work to shame. I am also glad you brought up the challenges faced by seniors in this country because it is a cause dear to my heart. I have spent a lot of time working with the elderly who I absolutely adore, even if they sometimes give me a hard time !!#@!!!
But I see their plight, I see how many are condemned to end their lives in pain and misery, and it infuriates me that we could allow that to happen in a place as rich as Canada. I have written quite a few posts about the pressing need for a Senior's strategy that the bastard Cons have done nothing to facilitate, despite the appeals of the Canadian Medical Association and so many of this country's best and most socially conscious doctors. But it will give me something to blog about when we replace the Harper government, for there couldn't be a more important cause. I am also sorry to hear that you are also suffering because of that criminal government. But I'm sure from what I know from you that your great fighting spirit will carry you through to a better day. That day is coming, and it will be beautiful...