Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to Stop Stephen Harper From Stealing the Election

He is said to be boiling with anger, lashing out in every direction, and he is crazy desperate.

So you know Stephen Harper and his Con gangsters will try to steal the election.

For what can you say about a leader whose former PMO lawyer believes he has lost the moral authority to govern? 

A lawyer who worked in Stephen Harper's PMO‎ and broke with the Conservatives over the Nigel Wright affair months ago announced Sunday he has abandoned the Tories in the polling booth and has cast his vote "for change" this time.

"As a lifelong conservative I never thought that would happen. But after what I've personally seen and experienced, there was no other choice," Ben Perrin, a former legal advisor in the PMO, said in a statement sent to media on the eve of Election Day.

"The current government has lost its moral authority to govern.‎"

Harper and his freakish stooge Pierre Poilievre have already done all they can to suppress the vote.

By making it harder than ever to cast a ballot, and easier than ever to steal the election, like Harper and his Poutine gang did last time.

But the good news is that their attempts to suppress the vote seems to be failing, and if they try to steal the election we are better prepared than ever to catch them in the act.

The Great Canadian Resistance is fully mobilized across this country, we are on the internet, we are patrolling our ridings, we are at the polls, we are everywhere.

And there are ways YOU can help keep the Con criminals at bay.

You can send out a warning to this site. 

So we can be alerted and notify Elections Canada and/or the police. Or send a flying squad to the scene and try to bust them ourselves.

Or you can file a report at this site.

So we can use the evidence to document what happened, and take legal action, against a government who as Benjamin Perrin says has lost its moral authority to govern.

And help send its depraved leader to the place he belongs...

But of course, the best way to thwart that political pervert's criminal plans is to get out the vote like we never have before.

For if we do that the Cons won't stand a chance, and we will crush them like bugs.

So encourage all you know to vote. Send them all the information they need.

Stay vigilant, but stay calm...

This election is the last chance to save our beautiful Canada.

And we will not let them steal it...

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jolly roger said...

Thanks Simon, - for your inspiration in this struggle to rid our country of this fascist menace, we will win in the end.... you know, the good guys always wins..

Marmalade said...

Never in my lifetime has a Federal Election gotten my 'dander' up as this 2015 Election! Thank you. Simon......You have inspired me to speak to strangers about our plight to rid our Great Country of these 'CON Rats"........TODAY is THE DAY!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank-you so much, Simon!

I trust as the election results are announced throughout the evening, we can all sing as we learn of each defeated Con: "So long, it hasn't been good to know ya..." Especially Con clowns such as Paul Callandra.

Simon said...

hi jolly roger... thanks a lot, as you know I always believed that the good guys would win, and that our day of freedom would arrive. It just took a little longer than I had hoped. Yikes. So raise your pirate flag high and sail out to sink the Cons !!!