Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rick Mercer on the Disgraceful Failure of the MSM

I've wrote quite a few posts about the shameless role most of the MSM and their porky bosses played in the election campaign.

How they betrayed Canadians.

How they even censored Andrew Coyne.

How almost all of them endorsed the Cons.

So now I think I'll just let Rick Mercer sum up their disgrace...

You know, when you think about it, it really was a betrayal. It came at a critical point in Canadian history. And will should shame those MSM bosses for ever.

For goodness knows it must have left some of their faithful servants like David Walmsley, the Editor-in- Chief of the Globe and Mail feeling like fools...

But as I have mentioned before, the good news is that we had our own media to counter their lies and their endorsements...

We were able to use it to help get out the vote, and our side won the battle to liberate Canada.

Now that a progressive government is in place there may be a tendency to let down our guard. 

But I strongly recommend that we don't do that.

Because the challenges remain....

Thanks to the Cons we are all on that trolley now, heading for economic and ecological disaster.

So we have a country to repair and reimagine. 

But the record will show that the people's media won that battle with the mighty MSM barons by better reflecting the views of most Canadians.

It was Canada's first real internet election, and we won it without them.

The MSM never looked so irrelevant.

In a country as wired as this one, we now have a mighty weapon to wield against our enemies. Or use to push for real change. Or use to force governments to keep their promises.

And of course we also learned, that in a time of danger, we can only depend on ourselves... 

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  1. I'm good to go to the Duffy trial i want Steve there too :>

    1. hi Raven...I would love Duffy's lawyer to summon Stephen Harper, and see him claim parliamentary immunity. Some believe that's one of the reasons he's not giving up his seat. He's probably get away with it, but it would be a great show, and the final humiliation...

  2. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Simon, if you haven't heard Craig Oliver's blunt yet honest assessment of Harper's tenure here it is
    Kudos to Craig for telling it like it is.
    Also, listen to the Con commentator's typical reaction to it

    1. hi JD...thanks for that. I had actually seen it, and seen the reaction of that outraged. I have to hand it to old Craig, he may be almost blind. But he can still see further than most of the others in the MSM, and everything he said was true...

  3. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Kady O’Malley: Stephen Harper hasn’t resigned yet, but he intends to on November 4

    1. hi anon...I saw that article and all I can say is Stephen Harper really is leaving office like a rat. Skulking around, afraid to show his face, and embarrassing himself and the Governor General. He really has no class, what a disgusting little man and thank goodness we gave him the boot....

  4. Thank you, Simon. Now on to NL, where Uncle Gnarley tells it like it is!

    1. hi Kathleen...yes I understand Paul Davis has until November 8 to drop the writ. The great people of Newfoundland and Labrador have already performed magnificently in the federal election, so I'm hoping they will turf Davis and his Con gang out as well...

  5. Although I agree with your blog, Simon, I don't agree that the "mainstream media" is the proper term to describe the problem we have. CBC is part of the "mainstream media" yet Rick's rant was released on the CBC. This is because Rick Mercer is so good that he is allowed to be 'free' with his opinions. However, the CBC unbalances Rick Mercer with the likes of Mansbridge, Lang, Don Cherry and Rex Murphy. The real problem isn't the "mainstream media" who are operated mostly by unionized employees in the background but rather the "free press" which is the old term for the unencumbered reporting that was envisioned by the public but which has rapidly, in the past 40 years been stripped of their freedom to cover the news in a unbiased fashion. If one looked at the coverage of the election, of the tar sands name change to "oil sands" and all the shows that prescribe survival of the fittest economics, you can see how the media is very much like it was described in the book 1984. Unless and until we get a free media, even freedom on the internet such as your right to publish your blogs is under attack. The fact that almost everyone in the "mainstream media" endorsed the Conservatives who had a terrible election campaign, a few endorsed the Liberals and nobody endorsed the NDP or Green Party said a lot about who runs the media and what they expect to get from this ownership. In order to ensure freedom we need free access to information. This free access is rapidly being stripped away by our politicians and corporate media moguls. We want it back. In BC the Christy Clark government in in the midst of yet another cover up scandal where they have "triple deleted" e-mails about the firing of health workers who were about to criticize Pfeiffer's smoking cessation drug Champix and other e-mails about the HWY of tears and missing women are examples of where "Harper" type governments continue. The secrecy and distortions continue and we remain uninformed due to bad media coverage. We need to fight very hard for our right to know what our governments and corporations are doing to our environment to other countries etc. Without that knowledge, voting is no longer a solution as we cannot tell who to vote for. I appreciate your blogs Simon, keep it up. You make my day out here on the wet coast!