Friday, October 16, 2015

The Desperate Stephen Harper and the Rob Ford Nightmare

I suppose for a man as desperate as Stephen Harper, it must have have seemed like the answer to his prayers. 

In his crazed mind it must have seemed like a brilliant last minute Hail Mary or Hail Rob pass. One that might still spare him from being humiliated by Justin Trudeau.

By calling upon the depraved prophet of the Ford Nation, to help him win seats, or hold on to the ones he has, in the sprawling suburbs of Toronto.

But already his plans for a big Saturday rally with Rob and his brutish brother Doug, seem to be backfiring disastrously.  

Stephen Harper is playing down a planned Saturday campaign rally’s connection to Rob Ford after explosive allegations from a new book about the controversial ex-Toronto mayor were made public.

With a new book reminding Canadians that the Rob is a bully and a beast....

Mr. Ford says to his wife, Renata: “We’ve got you cornered like a rat.” Mr. Towhey then writes that Ford yelled: “I’m going to give you five dollars see … [incoherent] … or I’m putting three bullets in your head. You’re pinched. I’ll pump you full ... [again incoherent].”

With the Great Leader of the Harper Nation being forced to run for cover, or lie like a thief.

“The rally you have … talked about is a rally of the Conservative Party of Canada. We are bringing together all Canadians who want to fight for an agenda of low taxes and balanced budgets to keep our party moving forward,” the Conservative Leader said.

So much for the Great War on Crime, so much for the Great War on Drugs, and so much for Stephen Harper as the great friend of women and children 

And then there was Doug Ford claiming that Justin Trudeau is unfit to be Prime Minister because he has admitted he has smoked marijuana. 

Which considering that Dougie is Rob's brother, and has been accused of dealing large quantities of the drug when he was younger, couldn't be more hypocritical or more hilarious...

Especially since he also let it be known that he would like to replace Harper as Prime Minister.

So the whole thing is turning into a gigantic farce, which can only remind people of our Crime Minister's record of corruption and scandal. 

Harper's not so brllliant last minute Hail Mary or Hail Rob pass, is starting to resemble this one...

And as Michael Harris writes, this isn't a campaign on the rocks, it's a campaign in flames.

If the sight of Rob Ford in a thong would drive the bears out of the woods, the idea of Ford arranging a political rally for Stephen Harper will drive the law-abiding and sane away from the Conservative party — never to return. 

Harper the wily strategist has put himself in an untenable position. His campaign now looks more like a Laurel and Hardy skit than a master plan. He has called out Justin Trudeau over his values, but then called in the Fords (the Fords!) to reverse his fortunes in Toronto.

With a desperate Harper being forced to enlist the help of the Ford brothers, but unable to even mention their names...

How ludicrous is the Conservatives’ enlistment of the Ford Nation as the Good Ship Harper takes on a heavy list to starboard? When asked about the extravaganza scheduled for this Saturday — which the Fords will doubtless stack with bug-eyed Kool-Aid drinkers — Steve couldn’t even bring himself to speak their names.

And of course, I couldn't be more delighted to see Harper go out like this...

For that sordid spectacle can only fuel the desire for change, and make even more Canadians want to get rid of him.

And it only goes to prove what I have always believed. 

When you ride on the back of a hog for too long, you eventually become one...

Which is of course how I have always portrayed him.

He is a Con hog. He has degraded and disgraced this country.

And with a little bit of luck, his days are finally numbered...

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  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Harper has proven he's not fit to govern by aligning himself with the toxic twins in the hopes that "Ford Nation" will drag their knuckles to the polls to vote for him. Truly pathetic.

    1. hi JD...yes it really is pathetic. He really has no class or shame. But I have to say for a man with a fatal attraction for sleazy characters, his end couldn't be more fitting...

    2. Anonymous2:36 PM

      It might be just his fellow canadian Justin who is going to get him out of the PM 's job,not Putin of Russia.

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I'll never be able to look at a hog again without seeing Harper on its back. I am afraid you have done the pigs a major disservice through association. Seems that MSN have finally sniffed the winds of change and are starting to tell the true story such as how the cons significantly under spent their "Tough on Crime", veterans and embassy protection budgets This is not great economic leadership its called borrowing in previous years and "stuffing the budgets" so you can return the surplus and pretend you are running a balanced budget on election year. Large corporations play a slicker version of this game when they want to drive up share prices for executive bonuses or to cash in stock options. Nothing new just a version of the shell game that Cons have been playing for centuries.

    1. hi RT....yes I have slandered the porky creatures, and will have to spend the rest of my life making it up to them, by slipping treats to the pigs at the island farm. But it does look very much like I'll have plenty of time for that starting next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to my new life immensely...

  3. As shown in this article, one Canadian Conservative MP recently compared the Harper government’s agenda to the ministry of Jesus Christ:

    Apparently, there's nothing like appealing to the Conservative party base by drawing a parallel to the founder of the Christian church.

    1. hi political junkie....where on earth do those Reform rednecks get their delusions of grandeur? And someone needs to explain the basic theory of Christianity to them. For as far as I can determine they have never exhibited a Christian instinct during their almost ten years in power. I keep telling friends it's embarrassing. I'm an atheist but still a better Christian than them....

    2. Jesus was a lefty

  4. Anonymous3:21 PM

    BIGGEST JOKE of this ELECTION is: PMOcchio and the oinkers "THE FORD BROTHERS" ... yup, don't smoke a joint, do CRACK instead ... maybe Rob can have his own half hour show on Canadian TV to show us HOW it is really done ... did not PMOcchio call the Brothers "LOSERS"??? ... I know, but that was last week ... this week they will be hosting PMOcchio as their guest somewhere, for a party in Etobicoke??? ... well HELL'S BELL's on etobi-COKE??? ... LOLOLOL ... to the good people of this planet, PLEASE VOTE PMOcchio out ... TY

    1. hi TY...yes isn't it beyond belief, after trying for so many years to keep his unnatural relations with the Fords secret, now all they've got to do is whistle or honk and he comes running. But please show some respect for Etobicoke, it is our Great Leader's Bethlehem. And I believe it was Paul Wells,his dedicated fluffer, who suggested the other day that the real reason he wants to hold a rally there is because he's feeling nostalgic about his boyhood place. Poor Etobicoke, it'll take at least a century to live that one down...;)

  5. The meltdown continues with word from the Vancouver Observer that campaign 'miracle worker' strategist, Lynton Crosby has deserted the sinking ship.

    1. Anonymous10:33 PM

      TMofS: I wonder how much money, the Canadian Taxpayers are on the hook for, for Lynton "BOOMERANG" Crosby ... hopefully it will all come back (hence the nickname BOOMERANG) to haunt him and PMOcchio ... maybe PMOcchio should ask him for a "REFUND" and/or Steve can pay it back to the taxpayers via his "pension" cheques ... OH STEVE, OH STEVE, what a tangled WEB you sure did weave ... TY

    2. hi I said on your blog, while I'm sure Crosby is glad to put some distance between himself and Harper his work was finished several weeks ago. He designed the campaign but usually leaves before the election and has no role in the ground game. In fact on the day after the British election, a tearful David Cameron announced that he wanted to "give Lynton a big hug," but by then he was apparently back in Australia.. Good riddance anyway...

  6. I suspect the Humane Society has an eye on Simon for the possible mistreatment of pigs when he makes them associate with a certain politician. BTW isn't David Cameron a Con as well?