Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Murderous Madness of the Desperate Stephen Harper

Well he is desperate. He has no moral compass. He is the worst crime minister this country has ever known.

And he is a low life hog.

So what do you expect? 

Stephen Harper is defending flyers being distributed by Conservatives in the election campaign that warn a Trudeau government will lead to “illegal drug injection sites in our neighbourhoods” and “brothels in our communities.”

“The other guys will claim it’s fear when all we’re trying to do is draw attention to facts – facts they are not willing to talk about,” the Conservative Leader said.

When he would get his facts from this old political hooker...

Claim that marijuana is more dangerous than cigarettes, while hanging out with this low life bigot crack addict.

And oppose legal drug injection sites even though they have been shown to save the lives of thousands of Canadians...

Which he would sacrifice like a mass murderer to pleasure his rabid base.

What can you say about a monster like that one?

Except vote strategically. 

And unite to defeat him, before he destroys this country.

And kills more Canadians...

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UU4077 said...

WTF? - running scared! (I sincerely hope)