Friday, October 09, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Harvest of Hatred

Stephen Harper has whipped up hatred against a group of Canadians. He has made hooded bigotry the centrepiece of his foul campaign. 

He has tried to set this country on fire.

He has shamed us in the eyes of the world, by making us look us look like dumb rednecks from Alabama or Albertonia...

And now we are reaping his harvest of hatred.

Calgary police have charged a 66-year-old man with uttering threats and wearing a disguise with intent after he allegedly disrupted a Calgary candidates debate while wearing a Confederate flag over his face in an apparent protest of the niqab.

Can you believe that? What if that crazy was armed? Is that what passes for the Canadian flag in Con Alberta?

What have Harper and his brutish Aussie hitman Lyndon Crosby done to this country?

And what makes it even more grotesque, and evil, and cowardly, is that Stephen Harper is actually gambling with the safety of women for crass political purposes.

It's unprecedented in modern times for a Canadian leader to turn citizen against citizen, and race against race with the ugliness we've seen emerge in the 2015 election. Stephen Harper set torch to a Pandora's tinderbox of hatred, and the fire is spreading.

Just days after the federal leaders' French language debate inflamed passions about the niqab, two teenage boys set upon a pregnant Muslim woman on a Montreal street, grabbing her headscarf and knocking her to the ground. Now we learn that a man accosted a Canadian-born, niqab-wearing mother out with her young daughters at a Toronto mall, blocking her way and driving his elbow into her.

Even though he KNEW that women would be attacked.

As if it weren't horribly predictable that fanning niqab hysteria would lead to attacks on women. Authorities were well aware of the spike in violence against Muslim women during Quebec's debate over the proposed Charter of Values last year. 

When Harper rolled the dice with women's safety, he knew they were loaded with snake-eyes.

So posing as a champion of women's rights couldn't be more obscene...

Especially since no leader in modern times has done less to advance the cause of women, and there is no more miserable misogynist. 

Or more filthy political pervert.

But yes, what has that monster done? When will he stop attacking women?

Who will put out the fires he has started?

In the name of human decency.

Defeat him, charge him with promoting hate, and hopefully jail him.

Before he destroys this country...

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  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Hey Simon - I know this is an influential blog site so I'm hoping readers will take to heart some of the experiences that various voters had today in the advance poll.

    Tell everyone to take multiples of statements or address proofs with them when they go to the voting station. If they can't prove via a second proof of address relating back to their voting card, they may be sent away.


    1. hi Anonymous A....I don't know about the influential part, but I'm happy to spread your message. I read Lefty in Paradise's post and it is alarming. And of course it's the address part that is the greatest obstacle for many who don't have a driver';s license, and it's not that easy to find another card that does. One of my friends is being forced to take his lease which hopefully will prove sufficient. We definitely need to get out the message about what to take, and give the Dickhead Poilievre no reason to celebrate...

  2. Anonymous2:26 AM

    I would love to see an in-depth investigative piece covering several pages about Lynton Crosby and how the Cons acquired him for the election campaign, similar to the big pieces on the Ford brothers in the Toronto Star and Globe & Mail just before Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack.

    1. hi anon...trying to penetrate the Con regime or get any information out of them. And the MSM has shown very little interest in the Crosby story. In act I just read an article in the Globe claiming that Crosby isn't masterminding the Con campaign, even though if you compare that campaign to the one Crosby ran for David Piggy Cameron they are practical identical. So I'm afraid we can't count on the media to be of much help to us. We'll have to do it ourselves....

  3. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Google the quote by Tommy Douglas on what fascism is, where he says it doesn't necessarily begin by wearing a brown shirt.

    1. hi anon...I have saved a graphic of Tommy and his statement on fascism and have been planning to place it in my sidebar, because it couldn't be more true and more alarming. Fascism comes in many forms but they're all equally deadly...

  4. Anonymous2:47 AM

    Google the Oct. 9 Globe and Mail article: Mulcair appears to extend olive branch to Trudeau.

    1. hi anon...yes I saw that story and I find it very encouraging. When progressives work together nobody can beat us...

  5. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Just when you think Harper couldn't possibly go any lower, check out the Global article: "Harper election ad targets the mentally ill: lawyers"