Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Election Message to Young Canadians

Dear young Canadians,  I have waited until the last moment to send out this message encouraging you to vote tomorrow.

But I have worked with many of you for over six months in different groups and committees, so a lot of you know where I am coming from.

And all all I want to do in these last critical hours is to repeat my message I have tried to hammer home.

Vote as if your lives depended upon it, for that couldn't be more true.

The monster Stephen Harper is preparing to torch your future. That climate change denier, that grotesque oil pimp, would make your earth unliveable.

He would condemn you and your children to live on a planet that can no longer sustain life. A planet torn by war, where people must fight like caged rats for the remaining food and water.

For him and his generation will be dead, when your poor children die screaming in your arms.

He has already condemned you to poverty, with an unemployment rate twice as high as other Canadians, and more lousy jobs than you can count...

He is already working to turn you into low wage slaves, with no steady hours, no opportunity, no benefits, and no pensions. So even if you survive you will die in miserable poverty.

He has passed laws that will send even more of you to jail for the "crime" of smoking marijuana...

So you can be broken or raped by older inmates. Because he is a depraved political pervert, who enjoys the pain of the others.

He wants to raise tuition fees, so even fewer of you will be able to go to university. And even more of you will be crushed by massive debt.

Because he knows the more you are educated, the smaller the chance you will vote for him.

He has passed Bill C-51 so he can read your e-mails, and creep your Facebook pages...

He is a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, and a foul anti-gay bigot. He has helped kill hundreds of children by refusing to do anything to stop bullying in our schools...

And as if all of that wasn't bad enough, he is also rumoured to be working on a plan to conscript young Canadians, and force them to serve in his army, or go to jail.

So he can break your youthful spirit, or kill you and your friends...

You know, in a time of war, when Canada has had to defend itself from evil fascists who would make us their slaves, it's always the young who pay the highest price.

Like this young Canadian did, whose grave I tend every year, along with those of others, in the heart of the Scottish highlands...

And I can only say to you, is what I say to him, as I pull the weeds from his lonely resting place so far from home.

We will not let his sacrifice go in vain, and let a brutish homegrown fascist turn us into slaves in our own country...

And the good news? If you vote tomorrow you will not be alone. 

For hundreds of thousands of young Canadians are already answering the call. 

And in some cases leading the struggle, as Brigette DePape did so bravely by urging us all to Stop Harper.

Four years ago, I held up a sign in Parliament that said "Stop Harper." On that day, I felt hopeless, scared and alone. Today, I feel a sense of hope. 

Let's start with the 71 per cent spike in advance voter turnout. Add to that the 70,000 students who voted at campus polling stations and friendship centres. And studies show that if people know others are voting, they are more likely to vote too.

The Conservatives have the money. But we have the numbers. Do you know how many people voted Conservative last time? 5.7 million. Do you know how many eligible voters age 18-30 there are? 5.8 million.

To all those who said "the youth vote is dead" -- I believe that our generation will prove you wrong.

So let's prove Brigette right. 

Call, message, or text your friends. Let them know what they have to do to vote. 

Encourage them to vote smartly for the progressive candidate in your riding that can best beat the Harper Cons.

If these Canadians can take the trouble to vote so can you...

So march with them, and me, and all the others to the polls tomorrow.

Show them that young Canadians will never never be slaves. 

Answer the call to save our country as so many have before you, even if that meant sacrificing their young lives.

Stand up for your future and the future of our beautiful Canada.

And with the power of your ballot destroy this monstrous tyrant...

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  1. John B.1:36 AM

    Goodnight Simon.

    Thank you for putting in the time and effort.

  2. Time to start taking your medication again---you are delusional and paranoid. How long have you not been in treatment? Back to the hospital with you.

  3. Comments here a re censored: a sure sign of paranoia...

  4. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Wow the funny part is, you totally condemn one party and the system at the same time. Harper's army? Conscription? If your guy gets in according to you it would be his army now? Newsflash buddy it's Canada's army, yours, mine everyone's. Government is the people and the people are the government. None of the parties are that far apart,you have been drinking too much kool-aid. You are hysterical. The groupthink hivemind has convinced you that the other parties are different? Man you are going to be cruelly disillusioned if they do get in and you see that it's all business as usual from the rulers on the hill. Lol Your emotional hysteria is so over the top that I'm not sure if this is satire or if you are serious. If you serious, seek professional help.

    1. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Perhaps Simon put a little window dressing on his blog to capture peoples attention but the Harper Cons did the same thing with their attack ads and they want to govern the country. Big difference! Perhaps the majority of Canadians have the Harper Cons all wrong and they are really just trying to do whats right for all Canadians but then again perhaps its much more sinister than that. Why take the bet, there is minimal upside with whole lot of downside if general opinion is right. If the Cons are the true visionaries we can pick them up the next time around but I suspect that once the veil is lifted it will be a long time before the Reformists will get another shot a governing Canada.

  5. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Of course you won't publish my previous comment because you live in an echo chamber of the groupthink hivemind where any counter thought ist verbotten! I don't blame you though it's hard to stay so totally blind to reality without a differing opinion muddying up the carefully distilled waters of your onethought universe. LMAO

  6. Good morning, is 5:17 AM here in Truro, Nova Scotia.......OCTOBER 19, 2015.........too early to head for the polls, but I'm READY to VOTE!
    Now, as long as I don't run out of coffee!

  7. Anonymous5:40 AM


  8. Anonymous6:38 AM

    God help us....
    God Bless Canada....
    God damn the filthy cons to the 9th level of hell forever!!!!

  9. What John B. said - and tonight will be a celebration of Canada.

  10. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Thanks Simon for all you have done to encourage me. Every morning I would read you blog and feel encouraged when there was not much reason to be so. Democracy will in tonight!! The bad guys will lose.

    Sara-Anne Peterson from way up north.

  11. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I think you have some harper trolls angry about being unemployed commenting here. No grace in defeat with the cons.

    1. Anonymous4:50 PM

      Just angry OLD republican wannabes that got laughed out of the u.s. so they're trying to start their own teabagger party here so mebbe they'll get noticed by limpballs or o'liely. Pay no notice.
      Segue: A little party music for later when we celebrate harper's final humiliating defeat.
      Hope y'all like Kpop. Great stuff for what ails ya!

  12. Info on the various political parties should be a mandatory learning module in Grades 8 to 12.
    Ditto for learning how to prepare an individual/family budget.