Monday, January 16, 2017

Donald Trump and the Maniac Twitler

They don't call Donald Trump Twitler for nothing eh? And yesterday the deranged demagogue's tiny fingers were busy trying to live up to that reputation.

By first pecking out this proclamation.

In the manner of Big Brother.

Before proceeding to ignore his own advice, and attack Saturday Night Live...

For daring to mock him...

Or suggest that Vladimir Putin is blackmailing him...

Only to reinforce that impression by attacking the head of the CIA, John Brennan, and accusing him of spreading "fake news."

After Brennan had blasted Trump for accusing the intelligence community of acting like Nazis. 

While the Chinese try to warn him that threatening their One China policy would be playing with fire.

And the Europeans are in a panic over his casual claim that NATO and the European Union should be dismantled.

In comments that are likely to create fresh tensions with the United States’ closest European allies, President-elect Donald J. Trump described NATO as “obsolete” in an interview published on Sunday and said other European nations would probably follow Britain’s lead by leaving the European Union.

And as if all of that wasn't wild and crazy and deeply disturbing enough, then there's the question of the inauguration, which Trump was hoping would be the most glittering inauguration ever.

But is apparently infuriated by his inability to book any first class artists to perform at his inauguration balls. 

Something that was also mocked by Trump's nemesis Alec Baldwin.

With good reason.

Because if Three Doors Down is the biggest act Trump and his trumpanzees could book, their glittering inauguration is going to look like Free Beer Night at the Star Wars Cantina.

For this is their biggest hit Kryptonite.

And yes it is enough to kill even Superman.

Although the amazing thing is that the video's main character looks to me at least, a lot like Donald Trump...

Which when I think about it some more, is also pretty disturbing.

And yes I think this Scottish paper is right to describe the inauguration as a Twilight Zone reboot. 

The story begins in a nightmarish version of 2017 in which huge sections of the US electorate have somehow been duped into voting to make Donald Trump president. It sounds far-fetched, and it is, but as it goes on it becomes more and more chillingly plausible.

Today’s feature-length opener concentrates on the gaudy inauguration of President Trump, and the stirrings of protest and despair surrounding the ceremony, while pundits speculate gravely on what lies ahead. It’s a flawed piece, but a disturbing glimpse of the horrors we could stumble into, if we’re not careful.

For the very idea that Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States, when he is clearly mentally unbalanced, does seem to me like something out of the Twilight Zone...

Where will that madman lead us?

And will we survive him?

Support The Resistance. Help our neighbours impeach the maniac Twitler.

Before he kills us all...


Scotian said...

You got to love those that still think Twitler at least saved us all from Hitlery.


Personally, I like Trumplethinskin for an accurate pejorative for Trump, but that's me. I could wish though that I STILL wasn't running into those from the left, in Canada no less, who are claiming my opening sentence is still true. I just had an argument over the weekend with PLG on another blog about how insane it is to think HRC was an inherently greater nuclear risk/threat as a sitting President than Trump. I mean really, even if you think HRC is a war monger and a hawk, even if you think she is the most corporate of corporate stooges (arguably especially if you think she is)she is still clearly nowhere near the loose cannon on the nuclear weapons and use file that Trump has spent the last year proving he was and is.

I am not comforted by the way the far left in both our nations is still more concerned with defending their enablement of Trump and their defeat of Clinton rather than the very genuine reality that Trump presents. I mean really, if they can STILL think Clinton is an inherently greater nuclear risk, is there really any way to reach someone that far into their own delusions?

I am not in a happy place these days Simon, no, not at all. This is worse than watching Harper win that first time and then each of the next two elections all rolled up into one for me. If I could remake reality and force Canada to have had a Harper majority in 2015 were it to ensure a Trump loss and Clinton win, I would make that deal with the devil in a heartbeat!

As bad as I knew Harper to be for Canada, his global influence and power was minimal. The President of the USA? Not so much! Especially given his exclusive control over the nuclear arsenal of the USA, AND sole command authority to use when he sees fit. It is that latter part that so many still fail to grasp is the reality, they think there are checks and balances. There really aren't.

So your closing, not hyperbole, and I fear it won't be impeachment that takes him out of power if anything other than process/elections do, but a violent end, and in this case I not only could see it coming out of the IC, the "black" world, I fear they might see it as the less disruptive event to their political culture than continuing to allow Trump access to the levers and tools of power inherent to a US Presidency. Worse, looking at it that way I can see that argument too, and unlike some I am not a conspiracy theorists nor someone that sees the IC as this image of master shadowy figures manipulating the world from behind their dark cloak of secrecy to create/continue their secret control over the world.

to be concluded...

Scotian said...


So when *I* get to this point and way of seeing things, it is really bad, and the IC/"black" world has to be clearly freaking out between Trump's inherent instabilities and the Russia connections that run rampant throughout Trump's campaign, and his support for close ties with Russia since the days of the USSR. That world *KNOWS* Putin and the KGB culture he came out of, and I am certain their feeling about a US President being favoured or worse influnced to owned by Putin has to be one of the worst security nightmares in the entire history of the USA.

We live in a bad 1950s B movie now, how cliche ridden may yet to be seen, but the unbelievable coincidences and/or real security issues in play does not fill one with confidence that we will even get Roger Corman levels of writing/reality from it.

That this is still not obvious to some people not part of team Trump mind body and soul, well, it just goes to show that the theory that the political spectrum is a horseshoe and the two ends are closer to each other than to the center is not far fetched at all, alas.

I hope we all survive this, and civilization isn't about to begin another dark age. That for some sounds like hyperbole, but from my perspective it is a non-trivial potentiality to come from a President Trump unchecked by a batshit crazy GOP Congress and USSC. Anyone that doesn't get this, well in my books they are too disconnected from seeing reality to reach. Note I am saying it is a real possible outcome, not a probability (at least not yet) nor the most probable path we face, but to pretend or worse not see that it is not remote or lotto winning level odds in this case is equally failing to see reality as it is IMHO.

Dark times Simon, dark times indeed, and not just for America.

rumleyfips said...

Aging musician ?
Haven't had a hit in decades ?
Have we got a gig for you.

A Political Junkie said...

Here is an interesting look at one of the repercussions of Donald Trump's tweets:

Sometimes complex diplomatic issues can't be solved using 140 characters or less.

Anonymous said...

Fucking terrifying

The Mound of Sound said...

Simon, I absolutely love your Twilight Zone graphic. That one has legs. You can change the text a million times to suit the latest outrage and it'll be just as effective as it is here. You might consider making that your signature image. Congratulations.

frazerlauria said...

Wow Scotian. Over Xmas my brother asked me if I had to choose between a Harper win and a Hillary win, what would I do. I've been pondering this ever since, mostly because I was fearful of anymore Harper appointments, especially the Supreme Court.

I share all your dread and concerns re Trump and hardly think about anything else these days. I do believe though, that the anti-Trump movement is way more powerful than the anti-Harper was and like Harper after 2011, even non-political people will start to pay attention and he'll piss off one group after another. Well, I'm trying to cheer you up Scotian.
Did just hear that the Springsteen tribute band backed out in honour of The Boss. Now that's good news. Best regards, Laurie

Simon said...

hi Scotian....these are indeed dark times, and even my legendary optimist is drooping a bit these days. I too can't believe how some on the left are still claiming that Trump is better than Clinton, as flawed as she may have been as a candidate. For it seems to me to be already obvious than the man is mentally unstable, and goodness knows what he might do if those who surround him are unable to prevent him from going something insane. I am particularly worried about the way he is provoking China because this is not a good time to do that. Their Supreme Leader is facing a big party congress in a couple of months, and can't afford to show any weakness. And to make matters worse that country is presently in the grip of a nationalist revival, and Trump's actions will only pour fuel on those flames. So any confrontation in the South China Sea could escalate dangerously. However, having said that, my optimism may be flagging but I am still hopeful that a massive resistance campaign will help keep him in check. Remember, he only has a two-seat majority in the Senate, and if he betrays his own supporters he could easily lose that support in the mid term elections. And of course I'm also hopeful that if the Democrats can get their act together, they can sweep the Trumpanzees from power in the next presidential election. By then the demographic advantage will favour us, and hopefully will power us to victory. But of course as you point out, first the U.S. and the world will have to survive him, and at this point even I admit that can't be guaranteed. And yes, even Harper the monster wasn't as dangerous as the maniac Trump....

UU4077 said...

So, 3 Doors Down's music video has D Trump in green rabbit ears imagining him making America Great Again with the pre-1959 US flag? Sounds about right.

BTW - The Twilight Zone image - you got it Pontiac! (So to speak)

And, while we're talking about cars, I wonder how many American-made parts there are in US assembled automobiles? (To tell the truth, I know. But, Twitler hasn't got a clue. Not much of a surprise there.)

Simon said...

hi Laurie... Scotian really is a great member of our progressive team, and one of the first bloggers in this country to recognize the threat that Harper posed to everything good about this country. But he sometimes is, and I have had a lot of fun pointing this out to him over the years, a little bit gloomy ;) So I agree with you, the resistance in the U.S. is going to be absolutely massive, and it will I hope help restrain Trump.
And the really good news is that his excesses will only help unite progressives, and make sure that he is soundly defeated along with his pack of Trumpanzees. Although, as I told Scotian, for once he has good reason to be a little gloomy, for the next four years will be dark ones, and we will be lucky if that hideous orange oaf doesn't lead the U.S. and the rest of the world to absolute disaster...

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips....Trump's difficulties in finding any decent acts to perform at his inauguration is one of the few things I find to celebrate these days. All the artists who have turned him down must be driving the orange gorilla crazy. And it seems even the Beach Boys who were threatening to perform have now changed their mind. At this rate he'll have to book Harper... ;)

Anonymous said...

In considering the potential for nuclear war there are plus and minus parts to the Trump equation. In the short term the case for reduced risk comes from the the bro relationship with Putin and the associated reduction in strain that NATO's unwelcome intrusion into eastern Europe is causing ... roughly equivalent to Russia signing a mutual defense agreement with Mexico and Canada and then bringing in troops and equipment. Both the US and Russia have over 7000 warheads and with continued hostilities there is huge potential for a local accidental or deliberate incident to flash out of control. Add to that the paranoia associated with having both strike and defense capability sitting on Russia's doorstep when they are hours away from a large retaliatory strike. Its a crazy reckless strategy that hopefully Trump will defuse! Although there are other balance of power issues Russia had its shot at empire - failed and will not get another for a long time regardless of the Trump/Putin romance.

On the negative side, like any good Republica-Con, the wheels that they set in motion today will reverberate and create instability far into the future. At present there are 8 other countries with significantly lower numbers of nuclear weapons including China with around 250. Late night tweets and unpredictable alliances will cause these numbers to escalate along with the higher probability of a devastating incident a few years down the road. In the short term there is the possibility that Trump will use a surgically precise neutron device to eliminate one or two of the "bad boys" in the world and send a clear message to anyone thinking of pissing on the US. Hopefully China will not retaliate but it will escalate the arms race as leaders will want guaranteed retaliation as a deterrent to being targeted.The more nukes the faster doomsday arrives.

All that to say it is unlikely the Trump presidency will increase the threat of all out nuclear war in the short term although a localized deployment is possible. Ideally his tenure will be short and fraught with discord, leaving the door open to a more progressive political system with the will to stop the insanity.

Simon said...

hi political junkie...thanks for the link to that very good blog post. As I told Scotian I believe that Trump's Twitter diplomacy aimed at China and North Korea is more dangerous than anything involving Russia. His plan to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip with China could escalate dangerously. And needless to say, Twitter threatening the already deranged North Korean leader, and blaming the Chinese for not doing more to control him, is in my view playing with fire.
The U.S. will soon be in the hands of an ignorant and dangerous demagogue, and nobody can predict what he might do...

e.a.f. said...

its amazing how much time Trump spends giving free advertising to SNL and Alex Baldwin.

Trump did win the correct number of electoral votes to win the election. That he may have had help from outside, that is a problem, but if americans are stupid enough to be swayed by leakers and believe fake news they will suffer the consequences. they get Trump and his Cabinet.

Trump may well want a "divided" Europe. it works for him and Putin. What he fails to understand is history. Germany was an incredibly powerful nation. For awhile it held off most of the world. Trump may see a weakened E.U. as a win for American but it is doubtful this time round. This time the U.S.A. owes money all over the world, not like prior to WW II.

We have already seen his twitter attack on John Lewis and the reverberations. As he sends out more and more tweets he will alieanate more people and in the end, he will even alieanate his own base. This ought to be fun, unless of course he hits the wrong button. that is the real problem and its very scary.

He seems to have gone to war with the CIA which never turns out well for the person going to war with them. We will see how long Trump lasts.

Simon said...

hi Mound...thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I explained why I used it in a comment on your blog. I think it sums up how a lot of progressives in the U.S, must feel like. Trapped on a plane with a madman on the wing threatening to pull off the engines, and nobody able to predict what he might do.
I definitely will use that graphic again, although I might have to change Trump's head and make him look a bit more crazed. What an incredible time we are living in. Trump will be our useful idiot or detonator. And out of the rubble could come something truly transformational. That is of course, if we survive him... ;)

Simon said...

hi RT...I agree with you, when you say that better relations with Russia could reduce the risk of catastrophic nuclear war. Which would be great. I also agree that his scatterbrain policy on nuclear weapons could lead to nuclear proliferation. But I think that Trump is making a huge mistake by trying to beat up on China. That country is undergoing a nationalist revival, and their Supreme Leader can't afford to show any weakness, especially since there is a big Party Congress coming up. If a nuclear war does happen, I'm pretty sure it will begin in the South China Sea...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes, I think that sums up the situation well. Nobody can predict what that crazed oaf might do, and that does make it terrifying...

Simon said...

hi UU4077... I thought the video was so bizarre it actually resembled a Republican convention. But the old guy in the green costume was a gift from heaven. The more I stared at it the more insane the situation we're facing seemed.
And the more Twitler tweets, the crazier he seems. We need to attack him with every political weapon in the book, and drive him even crazier, until the day he is impeached...

JackShellac said...

As Germany will own its future as will Canada. We proved that over a year ago when we voted for a positive message as opposed to the doom and gloom and fear. The USA is not our country but I have faith that there will be an awakening(perhaps too late) by their citizens. Yes the USA has great influence over us but we are still our own country. We must accentuate the positive as oppposed to the negative oooh the world is scary bullshit. Other than 1 or perhaps 2 cpc leader candidates who have progressive positive policies that they are running on there is a vacuous disconnect from what we represent or would like to represent as a nation. The Leitch/Oleary clowns are the jesters. They're own fans may elevate 1 of them to leader but there is no way that they will hold any appeal to voters in a general election. I have voted sometimes PC(Federal & Provincial) in the past. Over 5 decades. The thing is that although there are MANY younger voters than myself that may not know that the Harper Party used to be progressive they are realizing that the CPC is not. The party is a bastard. The party of wah wah wah and nananana. No substance . No policy...for Canadians. What happens over the next week, month, year or even 4 years south of the border is very much beyond our control. How the American populace deals with it remains to be seen. I do not think there is inherently any greater danger now than say the Cuban Missile Crisis or the Cold War itself. The greatest enemies(or supporters) of the USA are embedded within. Think MSM, CIA or even Congress itself. Our mission is to make OUR country great.(perhaps again) Like Palestine/Israel there will be no resolve until First Nations in OUR country become integral to our leadership. Of perhaps 500 leaders around the world the message of peace is reiterated time and again. Of maybe half that number in the shadows pulling strings the endless wars rage on. 34?35?36? million people in this country. 10 times that in the US and we all fall in line behind the war profiteers? This is a limited engagement folks. Bring it Kellie. Bring it Kevin. Send in a couple more kooks as well. You people are done. This is my country and you are acting very UN Canadian. Just spare us the TV boohoos next time, K?
ps and the kryptonite video is spot

David said...


The Headline act at Trump's Inauguration

David said...

Alec Baldwin returns to SNL to brutally mock Donald Trump's Russian pee-pee party

Donald Trump Christmas

Scotian said...


Agree regarding MAD scenario, my worry is the lesser initial uses breaking down the inhibition creating a chain path to something far worse, and not just with nukes. I'm actually far more afraid of bioweapons tech than I am nuclear, to be honest about it. PLG for example said that nothing Trump could so would be as bad or worse than the IRaq idiocy was in relation to a Islamic terrorist strike. To which I riposted, I can think of a few things, how about after such a strike (or his belief that it was such a strike, this is a man who lives in his own mental reality more than actuality) he orders a nuclear strike on Mecca. I think THAT could be worse, and I could never have seen any Dem, including of course HRC ever being THAT stupid/arrogant as to think that would be a good idea.

My concern with Trump is the breaking down of the WMD barriers in international society, and with all the inherent tensions that exists in our world, that does not strike me as a good thing, a stabilizing thing, no not at all.


I'd be more comfortable with "the resistance" from Dems and the liberals down there if I haven't been watching the normalization of Trump to the degree I have, and recognize the relative powerless of them institutionally at all levels of US government these days, their willingness to talk great games but to Show Up, not so much. I want to believe, I really do, but prior history/experience has taught me not to put much hope in it. Just look at how many on the left STILL refuse to accept that Nader gave them GWB, not just for the vote siphoning in Florida, but for equating Gore and Bush as the same, interchangeable, aka normalizing GWB as a Presidential candidate and HE was far less batshit crazy risky for the Office than ever Trump will be, with or without a puppetmaster like Cheney in the background.

My "gloom" comes from not being an optimist, it comes from being a pragmatist. I hope for the best always, but look and plan for the worst, as any engineer does, and I am the son of one. I do not assume worst case scenarios will have to occur, but I do include them in my forecasting models. The thing with Trump is that is just about ALL I am getting so far, and that does NOT give me much optimism to work with.

What gets to me at times is the way some read what I am doing as exaggeration. It is not. It is what I see, the range of what I see, and the danger points that I see. It isn't that I cannot see us coming out the other side of the Trump Presidency still here and things mostly the same in the end, it is just that anyone that would bet money on it right now is taking in my view a risk/chance pushing the orders of probability of winning a major lottery jackpot.

Scotian said...


For me, not a hard choice, I will sacrifice myself to save others, and for me that is what that choice looks like. I've already spoken to my concerns about "the resistance" down south based on prior history, but I am more than willing to be proven wrong on that score this time, indeed that is where some of my own hopes rest, but that is not where my current sense of probabilities takes me. I try to do objective political analysis, Simon knows this about me. He finds I look a little too much to the darker side, but I look at it this way, someone has to, at least someone that isn't going to fall into looking into that abyss and never get out at least (aka I'm not normally a doomsayer, just someone who refuses to not acknowledge the really bad potentialities when they show, which alas too many people, understandably, choose not to, preferring to focus on the positive, which I do in my personal life, but not in analysis).

Thing is, I got trained in these tools from an early age. I have refined and tweaked them over the decades, and I generally get good results from them. Sometimes I feel like the Tofflers (Future Shock series authors/non-fiction). I can see the general directions of the river but not every current and eddy accurately. Currently that river is running into some extremely rough waters indeed, and one cannot tell if there is a cliff behind the spray obscuring all in front from said rough waters.

I hope for the best, plan for the worst, and wait to see what comes next. I just refuse to blind myself to that which I would rather not have to see/look at, unlike some, not so much out of some sense of obligation, morality and such, but because the way my brain is literally wired (severe AHDH/mild autism) I do not really have any choice. So I make a virtue out of a necessity essentially. The downside is of course obvious, and this past decade has been giving that side way too much of a workout with only a few months of relief/recovery between the rise of Trudeau and the rise of Trump.

Scotian said...


My concern with Trump and Russia is that there is some sort of connections there, that the other major powers (like China) are aware of this from their own intelligence circles, and that creates a major additional power imbalance/destabilizer for actors like China which in turn leads to greater and more unpredictable security/FP reactions from, say, China, and others like it. I'm not so worried about a direct clash between Trump/Russia, I'm worried about more about what I just laid out.

As to his Twitter "diplomacy", that is just a recipe for disaster, period, across the global board. Nothing is absolute so there might be the odd positive to come out of it, but I will be shocked beyond words that it would ever come even within an order of magnitude of the scale of the negatives that will come from his Twitter "diplomacy".

Scotian said...

Russia and fake news primed the pump and saturated the ground, but it was the FBI which actually triggered the mudslide, and it is alas harder to fault Americans for trusting in their own national LEOs than in letting themselves get played by foreign actors. What Comey did 11 days out wasn't a "leak", it was a formal action taken openly, and it had PROFOUND effects on the last days of the race, more than enough to turn it from the HRC rout it was looking like into the narrow sketchy Trump win that came about through a bare few tens of thousands of votes in three States for the EC win.

By the way, if it were just the Americans who were going to pay for this choice, that would be one thing, but given the role of the USA in global power structures of decades, given their inherent power, and given that the Office of the President is the primary branch charged with both security and foreign policy responsibility, we all suffer the consequences, and there are more than enough powerful global actors who may decide that they need to react to said consequences making matters even worse. I find your rather cavalier tossing off of this a little unnerving.

Part of the problem in your analysis using the Lewis example is that for his base he is pissing off the right sort of people further drawing them to him. He alienates more and more people, but they were people already on that path, not his base from what we have seen so far. That could change, but it hasn't yet.

The one thing I do agree with you about is the war with the CIA/IC Trump is taking. That is never a smart thing to do, and I truly believe the "black" world is more freaked out by the realities of President Trump than most people who are, including me. Again, not a recipe for stability in my books, but the exact opposite.

Scotian said...

Nice sentiments, not so practical though. For better or worse we live and have as a sole neighbour the current sole global hyperpower. They have extensive media and cultural influence on us whether we like it or not. We have little to no hard power externally because in no small part we rely on our southern neighbour to pick that up in their own self interest. We just finished a near decade of Harperium, and the CPC lost almost none of its vote last time out, it was only the massive surge to remove Harper that did it, well that and the spell of positive that Trudeau ran on as opposed to more of Harper's nastiness.

Yes, we need to do what we can to be true to ourselves as Canadians, but we cannot ever afford to let that blind ourselves to our realities, nor give us a false sense of security, and I'm afraid your comment does that a bit for me, sorry.

I actually think the danger is greater now than the Cold War. In the CW both sides knew what would happen if they let things run out of control, escalate too far, and they actively worked to prevent that. That was the core of MAD. Now though, we are not on a hair trigger, lesser more limited use of nuclear weapons can occur without a MAD scenario being an automatic given, and then we have developed since the end of the Cold War such powerful medical/biological knowledge and tools that their military dual use capacity terrifies me WORSE than nukes and the Cold War ever did. Just so you know, I am a Centennial baby who grew up in a known first strike target knowing since 8 years old what that truly meant. I well remember the Cold War. I had family involved in the IC at high levels during it.

BTW, I have no complaints about people who write long comments, I do so regularly myself, but could you please next time format it with a few paragraph breaks to make it a bit easier to read? I can deal with a wall of text, not a fan, but I read *A LOT* so not too difficult, but for many to most online, they see wall of text, they go ignore.

David said...


Aired January 16, 2017 - 17:00 ET


BLITZER: With only four days until his inauguration, Donald Trump is showing no sign of backing away from his confrontational style. In a series of tweets and interviews the president-elect is unleashing new attacks on the CIA director, the German chancellor, Congressman John Lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement.

[17:31:34] Let's discuss with our political experts. And Gloria, this rift with Congressman John Lewis is intense. He tweeted this...


BLITZER: This is after John Lewis said he was not really a legitimate president. He said, "Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart, not to mention crime-infested, rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk, no action or results. Sad."

Is it wise for the president-elect to be going after this civil rights icon, even after the civil rights icon, John Lewis, said he was not going to be a legitimate president because of Russian interference in the election?

BORGER: Obviously, you can understand why the president-elect was upset, and I don't think it was helpful, honestly, that John Lewis said that. However, I will tell you that what Donald Trump did was take a situation that he should have defused and ratcheted it up. What he did was needless and hurtful and wrong, by the way.

I mean, John Lewis is not about talk. If there's anyone in this country who we could say, John Lewis is about action and not about talk, you know, this is a civil rights icon. The country has changed because of John Lewis. And here we are on Martin Luther King's birthday -- the irony is not lost on any of us sitting at this table -- talking about John Lewis and the president-elect, you know, needlessly criticizing him as somebody who's all talk and no action? Just seems to me to be awful. There's no other word for me -- for me to use. It's -- it's not a place where we want to be in this country.

Steve said...

For all Trumps flaws, and many a great men have many flaws, I dont want to take down Winston Chirchill or Martin Luther King, but they would need a Trump like wave to be elected in politicaly correct today. He is at war with the deep state. The deep state is the enemy. I dont expect him to win. But the fangs will last in the worlds memory.

David said...

Everyone has flaws. Satan has flaws too. The Bible says Satan is the father of lies. It appears Trump is the runner up in that department.

Dave said...

I wrote something for you: