Thursday, January 26, 2017

Why Justin Trudeau Is Well Suited To Save Canada from Donald Trump

I'm glad to see that Justin Trudeau has been training hard for his upcoming bout with Donald Trump.

And testing both his courage and his charisma by entering lion dens like this one in Alberta. 

Because he's going to need all the courage and the charisma he possesses when he meets this monster.

Who after declaring war on Mexico  

Could very easily turn on Canada, as this former Mexican congressman warns.

"It's just a matter of time before this administration turns its eyes towards Canada. [Trump] will find some excuse to turn on Canada," Agustin Barrios Gomez said Wednesday in an interview on CBC News Network's Power & Politics.

And do massive damage to our economy.

This message from one of Trump's envoys is hardly reassuring.

Talks to renegotiate the North American free-trade agreement could begin within weeks but a senior business adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump said there’s no reason for Canada to be “enormously worried.”

Because the difference between "enormously worried" and "very worried" is a small one.

And nobody can predict what Trump might do, because he always needs an enemy, it's always personal, and he is out of his mind...

But while the Cons in this country have been rubbing their furry paws together and howling that Trump is going to KILL Trudeau.

With the Con clown Kevin O'Leary going around claiming it will be a MASSACRE... 

And the smelly bigot Ezra Levant counting on that to help sell his new book Trumping Trudeau. 

The Justin Trudeau era came crashing to an end on November 8, 2016 when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. 

On everything from carbon taxes to Cuba, Canadian policy is suddenly obsolete.

Find out how the Trump administration will impact Canada in Ezra Levant's new book Trumping Trudeau: How Donald Trump will change Canada even if Justin Trudeau doesn't know it yet.

Which sounds as crazy and as trashy as the Rebel Commander himself.

But then who can forget the night Levant and Brian Lilley were doing the play by play of the boxing match between Trudeau and Patrick Brazeau?

Who can forget the disgusting sight of Levant screaming before the match began that Justin was going to need an ambulance, or a hearse?

And how bitterly disappointed him and Lilley were afterwards...

And the good news is that Levant and his ugly gang of Trudeau haters are probably going to be disappointed again.

For according to reports the Liberal cabinet has been seriously preparing for their encounter with the beast...

At least we don't have Stéphane Dion around any longer to provoke Trump with long speeches he can't understand.

And as Chantal Hébert points out, Trudeau's status as an international rock star and a selfie king, might be what saves us.

The prime minister has one asset that his new White House vis-à-vis could envy and admire: his standing as an international rock star. If only because it could reflect well on his presidency, Trump might see a friendship or, at least, a cordial rapport with Trudeau as worth cultivating.

Because she's right. Trump craves the company of celebrities. When he couldn't get enough of them to perform at his inaugural day celebrations he was very upset.

So he might very well believe that being nice to Justin and Canada is in his self interest...

Of course being seen to be TOO friendly with Donald Trump is not in Trudeau's interest.

So I'm glad he put out this tweet...

To let Trump know where we draw the line.

But yes isn't it ironic? 

The Con media mocked Trudeau for his selfie skills, and have done all they can to try to gnaw away at his popularity, with trivial stories like the one about the helicopter.

But his selfie skills may help save our economy from the wrath of Trump...

And by so doing help make Trudeau even more popular.

Can you believe it? 

Justin Trudeau, born to save Canada from Stephen Harper.

And now hopefully born to save us from Donald Trump...


the salamander said...

.. believe you could consider being more objective re Justin Trudeau.. Simon
Regardless, I do believe Canada deserves champions
and our current Prime Minister has earned the opportunity to be one
Our previous PM failed all of us with his similar opportunity
and instead made his mark & legacy attacking our environment, species
muzzling science, ignoring our provinces, polarizing our people
pretending his party was not complicit in Election Fraud
& gamed and groomed the country via omnibus bills

Keep expectations low & real.. re Trudeau dealing with Trump..
Justin's father spoke of a mouse sleeping with an elephant
ie Canada and the US of A ..
I doubt Pierre foresaw Canada sleeping with a fraudulant dinosaur

Anonymous said...

And to save us from O'Leary and Levant who would undermine this great country for political and "journalistic" gains.
Simon, I am so pissed off at these two clowns whose selfish self promotion tries to portray Canada and JT as pushovers when the time comes to renegotiate NAFTA. Whose side are these traitors on? They're probably hoping Trump does something that tilts our already well balanced trade in the USA's favour just so they can try to use it against JT.
I am confident that JT will stand up for us and wont be intimated by the Oaf of Office nor will he be bothered by the mutinous mutants KEzra O'levant.
Can the next Internet question be "is it okay to punch Kevin O'Leary and Ezra Levant?"

Anonymous said...



Justin, being a total cuck, is going to get BTFO.

Anonymous said...

Just in case it didn't work.

HAHAH! I'm grinning from ear to ear about what is unfolding now.

Anonymous said...

In the short term possibly Canadian Liberals could avoid direct conflict with the Trumpsters but the Cons will not let that happen. A few political points are worth far more than maintaining trade relations and the economy. Barton already touched on the issue with McCallum the ex immigration minister but he did not bite. Its the same old chestnut... If Canada accepts Muslim immigration from Trump banned countries or Mexican immigrants without Visas they could slip into Paranoia Land.
Left alone it would not become an immediate issue as Trump will be fully occupied trying to get his crazy ideas approved at home but the Cons will not miss the golden opportunity to damage relations and then blame the Libs for any problems they created. Just another example of taxpayer money destroying value.

Simon said...

hi salamander... Justin Trudeau may not be perfect, but I find it bizarre that while people all over the world would kill to have him as their leader, here at home some Canadians are trying to chop down the tall poppy as we so much like to do, in what must surely be a colonial reflex. But right now it doesn't matter what people think of Justin, for the fickle hand of fate has decreed that he must defend us from what Trump might do to this country. And we all better hope that he succeeds, for failure could leave us as a shadow of the country we are now...

Simon said...

hi JD...I too do not understand Canadians who would be against our country, and try to undermine Trudeau as he prepares to face his greatest challenge. Partisanship should have its limits when we are faced with a monster like Trump who could cripple all kinds of industries and leave us a much poorer country. But no I would not punch O'Leary or Levant, I would rather they wither away scorned by most decent Canadians....

Simon said...

hi seems Alex Jones was having a psychotic episode when he claimed he had an invitation to join the press gang at the White House. The Trump House has since denied it, and I must say I'm very disappointed. When will you cucks or cuckoos learn?

Simon said...

hi is going to be a delicate balance, the stakes are too high for it not to be. I think Justin needs to treat the negotiations as one would treat a negotiation with a crazed man holding dynamite and hostages. In short trying to win him over, but never bending on matters of human rights. He doesn't have to use a megaphone, he just has to be quiet but firm....

Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right Simon. Who needs violence when we have the truth on our side. O'leary is a 24/7 attack ad waiting to happen and Ezra's distorted or downright fake news will keep him in court for years. Letters of complaint to the CRTC can also be effective in rattling the little twerps cage.

Anonymous said...

Liberals will not save us from fascism. All of this has happened before and all of it is happening again.

Anonymous said...

You have to fight Fascism with Socialism and Solidarity.