Sunday, January 08, 2017

Obama, The Liberal Redneck, And The Trumpanzees

In one of my last posts I thanked Barack Obama for being the best U.S. president I have ever known.

And listed some of his remarkable achievements.

But somehow I forgot to mention one of his most outstanding qualities.

His unique ability to drive Donald Trump and his Trumpanzees absolutely wild.

Or as Trae Crowder aka the Liberal Redneck puts it, his unmatched ability to "piss off shitty white people."

Yes, the good redneck is right.

Barack Obama was a better president than many Americans deserved. He was cool, he was funny, he represented his people and his country well.

And the way he was attacked by Trump and his Trumpanzees, and all the other racists in America, for daring to be the first black president, far exceeded the limits of decency.

So to all those shitty white people, I'd just like to say: this is the moral of the story, or your Bible lesson or whatever.

You demonized a great president for years.

And now the good people of America are going to do the same to your hog leader...

You spent the last eight years trying to delegitimize, degrade, and humiliate a president.

Now it's OUR turn...


Anonymous said...

It'll be a real pleasure to see Trump sworn into office soon.

Liberal Redneck is the epitome of "shitty white people".

Then you wonder why Ezra Levant's Rebel is so popular. Keep pissing off white people (not you Simon, just the media in general), they just get angry and move further and further to the right.


rumleyfips said...

That's what happened to Bernie Sanders anon.

rumleyfips said...

That's what happened to Bernie Sanders anon.

Anonymous said...

Ah so if you say mean things to white people they respond by slitting their own throats? They'll lose health insurance, social security, and their right to time and a half. Wow dey sure showed us!
You're right, shitty white people is not correct, more like stupid white people.

Simon said...

hi MC...well I'm glad you're not accusing me of pissing off white people, because goodness knows I'm as white as they come. And when the Scottish remove their shirts the glare is so blinding others have to put on sun glasses. ;) But seriously I understand you're a Trump supporter and that's fine. But don't try to defend Ezra Levant because he's indefensible...

Anonymous said...

A Socialist's read on Obama........

The Obama years of squandered hopes

Anon 2

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Redneck really sums it all up. Partially recovered from disastrous wealth manipulated domestic and foreign policy decisions made during the Bush years only to be run over by a turd truck! The oily Harperite clan were following the same playbook in Canada but hopefully got caught out too early in the destroy - partially rehabilitate - turd truck cycle.

David said...

Tuesday at 5 pm PT/ 8 pm ET on CNN: Obama's Farewell Speech

jrkrideau said...

I am not all that great an admirer, well actually I think he may well be guilty of war crimes, but then so is H. Clinton, but compared to a wildly dangerous buffoon like G.W. Bush he was a light at the end of the tunnel. Plus he did not inflict the social damage on the USA that Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton did.

He also was invariably dignified, articulate and polite. In fact, his example probably was the only thing that maintained a shred of decency in US political discourse.

His accomplishment of getting ObamaCare up and running was a remarkable achievement--it is totally flawed but the main thing is that he managed to get "anything" through in the face of the totally dishonest and irrational, dishonest and self-serving opposition that he encountered.

He has managed to establish the idea that Americans are entitled to health care. A great achievement for Americans.

I'd say as American Presidents go (not exactly tough competition) he comes out at least in the middle of the pack and the fact that he was a competent Black president is likely to give some hope to a lot of oppressed US minorities.

And yes, he did annoy the Trumpers :) and other assorted racists, etc. Heartwarming.

jrkrideau said...

And come to think of it, I am not giving Obama sufficient credit; he has done some excellent work on the environment both nationally and internationally.