Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The Fake WE Scandal and the DipperCon Monster

It's been that kind of holiday. I should have been in Scotland running wild in the highlands, but instead I'm practically a prisoner in Toronto.

Yesterday I was planning to go and do a little kiteboarding on the other side of the island, but fell asleep in my hammock, and missed the boat.

Then just as I was about to board another boat, this monster came along.

And this morning when I woke up, there was this other kind of monster, staring at me in the face...

I have to admit I was hoping for better. I thought  Canadians wouldn't let a fake scandal overshadow all the good work the Trudeau government has done managing the fight against the pandemic.

But I can't say I'm surprised. The Con media onslaught has been relentless. I've never seen anything like it, never seen anything so totalitarian,

For let's be clear, when the media speaks with one voice on a fake scandal in the middle of a deadly pandemic that's what it is.

And it doesn't help when people like Jagmeet Singh repeat this kind of garbage:

Even though both Justin Trudeau and the Keilburger brothers have made it clear that they are NOT friends.

Even though the money was NOT going into the pockets of those "close friends," but was intended  to help more than 35,000 young Canadians caught in a middle of a deathly pandemic.

And even though Singh and his NDP Con stooges have done practically NOTHING to help Canadians and the fight against Covid 19, they are always claiming credit for the work of others.

And spend all their time attacking the Trudeau government, even as it does everything it can to fight the pandemic. 

It's absolutely disgusting, and it's pretty obvious that Singh and his DipperCons are made for each other...

But as I said on Twitter, there will be a price to pay...

I've never seen Liberal supporters so angry.

So first we'll take down those two love birds.

And then we'll take down this one...

But in the meantime as this Covid summer slips away.

I may need a boost myself, to prepare for the battle ahead.

So you know where to find me...


Cathie from Canada said...

I'm feeling sort of discouraged right now.
I fear that as soon as MacKay is elected the Con leader, he and Singh will try to take down Trudeau. I don't know whether Canadians have the energy for an election campaign - and MacKay will have the advantage of a "new face".

Jackie Blue said...

That poll made me sob all day too, so I had to keep reminding myself that outside the writ period, polls are not prognostications, and there is probably still time for the Liberals to recover because a fall election in the middle of a pandemic would be electoral suicide (though I dare the axis of evil to bring one anyway). Our friend Ottlib's latest post is coincidentally all about torqued push pollsters, which that Leger one is so blatantly that it should be trashed for intentional bias.

I did a write-up of my own with a deeper dive into that poll, and the language biases framing Trudeau in the negative while running interference for Blanchet. Both have a vested interest in amplifying WE and turning the ire on Trudeau. It wasn't an issue in Quebec until Blanchet went running with it to the French papers to cover his own ass.

As for Jagoff Singh, read what I had to say (it's linked in the polling article) about accelerationism, horseshoe politics, and the Sanders/Trump tag-team dynamic being replicated in Canada. I make no apologies for calling out the NDP as Bernie Bros, especially now with their mask-off misogyny against Margaret Trudeau and against women on social media who call them out for their bullshit. This overblown nontroversy has unleashed more vitriol than the SNC business did, which is why if Justin Trudeau decides he's exhausted and fed up with their antics, and the radicalization of gate-crashers looking to kill him for "corruption," while I would miss him terribly I wouldn't blame him in the least. I frankly don't care what happens to WE at this point. I do care about protecting Canada from Cons, but I especially care about Trudeau and just want him to have some peace in his life. He doesn't deserve this. Some old-guard Grits, men of course, are pushing the Mark Carney meme again. Well, if that's what they want to do, then let them see how successful they are with another Iggy at the helm. He didn't come back for you.

Canada is unfortunately not immune to the same plague of hatred and mistruths infecting the United States, and I worry that a certain insulated layer of "Canadian exceptionalism" is preventing people from seeing that "it can happen here." Read what this man has to say about the media's grotesquely misplaced priorities, in light of far worse things affecting those much less privileged than the selfish gits gorging on each other's farts in the Ottawa bubble. It's an excellent piece about the Beirut explosion that really puts things in perspective. They're attacking good government and making themselves the story because they DGAF about anything but propaganda for profit. A pox on their houses. They're monsters. They're scum. And they, not "we," have the problem.

Anonymous said...

The scandal is running out of steam so now the media has cycled to polls and associated commentary in order to generate advertising clicks. Perhaps afterwards they will regurgitate the old info with a new coat of paint in the hopes people have forgotten and will keep reading. There was a headline yesterday with the Beirut explosion and the Trudeau/WE brouhaha on the same line. Now that's desperate! but as long as people crave trash,modern media is willing to supply and enhance the pleasure. Junk foods at their finest.
The NDP are pissed because the Liberals are actually implementing many parts of their signature social programs as public opinion barriers to programs such as improved financial and social nets have diminished. There are few things more infuriating than being a missionary for social reform shouting in the wilderness for years only to have a flashy upstart steal the thunder at the last minute. Rather than charity,anger and accusations of corruption is the antidote even if it means enabling the Cons to trash the social vision and a return to the wilderness. Human nature at its finest!


Jackie Blue said...

@Cathie -- don't forget Blanchet, he's the one who wants Trudeau to "step aside" for Freeland so that he doesn't have to face a Quebecer, and wants an early election so that he doesn't have to face any more questions about his own "unethical conduct as a public official". For that reason (Freeland's prospects in Quebec), there is loose talk of replacing Trudeau with Champagne, except that while Champagne is likable, he doesn't excite the base the way Trudeau does and is untested on the hustings.

Furthermore, even that poll showed that only a handful of Liberals were upset with Trudeau, but not enough to boot him; the rest of the "half" wanting an early election were NDP/Bloc/Cons (and Liberals probably wanting to dispense with this useless minority-government clusterfuck). So anyone who supplants Trudeau now, when the base is still standing behind him, is likely to be viewed as a backstabber. Even if Trudeau decides to leave on his own (which again, I would be saddened by, but wouldn't blame him), whoever follows him would be seen as capitalizing on his misfortune of being caught up in a fake smear campaign. I have no idea what the party brass may be thinking, but my respect for backroom dealmakers or string pullers is nil to begin with. Nobody in cabinet, not Freeland, Champagne or anyone else, wants to be another JWR.

Also, enabling/boosting Cons would allow Blanchet to say the feds do nothing for Quebec. Nanos numbers are more forgiving to the Liberals there, and Quebec tends to move en masse late in the campaign. Leger ran interference for him in that push poll. The only net positive is the possibility that if they bring down the government in September/October (before us Americans go!) they'll get punished for running a useless election during a pandemic. For that reason alone I actually dare them to do it.

@RT -- the NDP have never forgiven Trudeau for "stealing the brass ring" in 2015 and want their revenge. I keep referring to it as "Nach Harper, Uns" because that's what the communists did in Germany, attacking the social democrats under the belief that enough suffering under Hitler would cause the flock to accept revolution. They got a helluva Pyrrhic victory. In this case the NDP's Faustian bargain backfired unexpectedly with Jack's death, which is why they dumped Mulcair out of knee-jerk rage. Mulcair blew the election but Trudeau didn't give Layton cancer. They've veered into Hillary death count conspiracy land just like their horseshoe cousins of the Cons.

Now they've gotten desperate enough to proclaim Liberals as racists if they support "serial blackface" and "corruption," instead of a brown NDP leader who is of course morally pure. They've adopted Bernie Bro tactics from the United States, behaving just like the communists of Germany who attacked the wrong "enemy" and saw the pendulum swing back hard in their face. I'd say be careful what you wish for but they never, ever seem to get it.

We're fighting this same battle here against purity insurrectionists gearing up to sabotage Biden, after having first delivered us Bush II (via Nader), Trump (via Sanders and Jill Stein), and the Tea Party midterms of 2010 (via boycotting the election out of "disappointment" with Obama) on a shit-covered silver platter. I should note that our version of Dippers heckled John Lewis and I will never forgive them. Personal experience fighting left-wing hardliners on this side of 49 is why I have so much contempt for the NDP. I only hope Canada doesn't follow suit by being led down their red rose path. Every rose has a thorn, and the orange ones stink and are a thorn in the country's side.

Janice said...

I figured this would happen after seeing yesterday's depressing story about half of Canadians supporting a new election if the WE probe finds Trudeau broke ethics law (per the Leger poll).

It's the predictable result of a sustained and ferocious media/oppo campaign to bring Trudeau down. Even if the We probe is a total sham, he's in for a (further) rough ride if finds against him.

Anonymous said...

Just another f**king internet poll.


Jackie Blue said...


The Cons haven't gained; the Liberal drop is due to parking with the NDP and Bloc. Leger is push-polling for the Bloc with the survey questions. They were the first to call for an election on this issue, which shameful Blanchet only did to cover his ass on the #metoo allegations, and it seems to have worked. Which tells you a lot about the misogyny of the electorate. (Misogyny is also why Hillary's/Trudeau's phony "corruption" allegations were inflated more than Trump's/the Cons' very real ones.) Until women started coming forth to Tito Curtis at the Montreal Gazette, nobody in Quebec cared about WE. Blanchet shat himself but if he makes good on his threats he's going to shit the bed.

If you read in deeper or click on my article where I analyze the question wording, you'll see Leger's bias. He frames Trudeau as guilty, using words like "violation," "unethical conduct," "fit to be prime minister." Blanchet's name isn't mentioned once and the #metoo section is only about allegations towards entertainers rather than politicians. Blanchet was a music producer before entering politics. Some of the women coming forward to talk about Eric Lapointe, a "bad boy" rock singer in Quebec, described Blanchet as Lapointe's pimp.

A QC Twitterer pointed out that Leger was so enthusiastic on TVA before the election saying the Bloc would get 50 seats. He's PKP's resident number cruncher. Read into it accordingly, take it with a grain of salt, and note who he's running interference for. Nanos numbers were more favorable in Quebec and said that Canadians don't want an early election regardless of what the E.C. finds, because there's still a pandemic. An inconvenient fact that seems to be lost on these people.

I don't disagree that Trudeau is in for a rough ride and that this has all the makings of a Hillary/Benghazi/Clinton Cash shakedown campaign, as I've written about here previously. But if the government is brought down before there's a vaccine, it could backfire. It could end up being a gift to Trudeau, because was never going to trigger an early one on his own even when he was still riding high in the polls, because of the threat to public health. If the feckless opposition wants to bring it instead, let them. It would be just like the NDP to get ahead of themselves thinking they could pull a Paul Martin, forgetting the fact that they're $10,000,000 in debt and Covid still exists.

The breakdown of who comprises that "half" is what tells the bigger story beyond the headline. It's mostly Cons and BQ. Even the NDP are split. The roughly 1/3 of Liberals who do probably just want to see it blow up in the opposition's face. All I will say is I'm disgusted with the axis of evil, the Tripartite Pact. So much for "we're all in this together."

rumleyfips said...

I watched the finance committee hearing today and the reformatories are running on empty. They called two witnesses from the same charity rating group , the one with the worst opinion of WE. Noone from the other various raters, who give WE a better score needed apply. The kangaroos have spoken.

I checked Charity Intelligence a week and a half ago and was immediately put off. They seemed, to me, to be merely self aggrandizing empire builders. They don't give an Impact score to either Terry Fox or David Suzuki with % spent on clients of 73 and 78 then award them 4 stars. We with a fair and 86% score got 3 stars. There is something wrong with this system.

It turns out the Impact column, which is non fact based and non objective , is 40 % in their system while the money delivered to real people , which is completely fact based, gets only a 20% slice of the pie. This allows CI to manipulate the star awarded in any way they want.

The woman , whose name I did not get, revealed the truth when she slipped and expresed disappointment the the ' government' didn't consult them during the vetting process. Both witnesses intimated that the Kielburgers would not do things the way CI wanted/demanded.She also got really prickly when her motives were questioned. When the impossibility of a 4 person firm adequately investigating 3-400 charities a year was brought up, both witnesses fell back on the ' we're the experts here ' defense which fell a little flat.

My conclusion was that the powers that be at Charity Intelligence would have give a 4 star rating if those young whippersnappers had tugged their forelocks and shown proper deference to their elder betters.

Gyor said...

You are utterly clueless about the NDP and NDP culture and values.

The NDP WANTS its policies implimented, period and its more then fine with using the Liberals to do so.

For the NDP power is an means, policy the ends, while for Liberals power is the ends, policy merely a means at best.

The NDP is going after the WE Scandal, firstly because its more Liberaks sleeze, and secondly more importantly to weaken the Liberals.

This isn't about anger, its about tactics, before the WE Scandal Trudeau still had most of the cards, although the pandemic and increasing uncoopertive opposition parties had given the NDP some card in Liberal-NDP deals. Trudeau was looking at a huge majority at the NDPs expense, which gave the NDP more reason to fear an election then Trudeau. Advantage Trudeau.

The NDP was still managing to get fairly major concessions out of Trudeau, but not nearly as much as the NDP wants, especially with the stakes so high for Canadians.

But the WE Scandal changed everything. It pissed the Bloc off so much that the Bloc tried a none confidence motion.

Trudeau could no longer rely upon the BQs support at all, which leaves the NDP as the only the dance partner for Trudeau.

And the hortifying head lines, downward spiraling polls and lack of parliamentary allies, and lingering taint tied to the Liberals not only kills any possiblity of an election this year or next year, but has the Liberals so weakened and the NDP so empowered that Jagmeet Singh has Trudeau by the balls. At this point Trudeau NEEDS Jagmeet Singh's continued support to politically survive as Prime Minister at all.

This means Jagmeet Singh will be Prime Minister in all, but name, look for increasing Liberal concessions to NDP Policies. Maybe even a referendum on electoral reform if Liberal scandals get bad enough.

Gyor said...

Jagmeet Singh isn't going to pull the plug on a Parliament when he finally has Trudeau by the balls, he's going to turn Trudeau into his puppet instead. Jagmeet Singh is the Shadow Prime Minister, the true power behind the throne, while a political crippled figure head sits on the Throne. The WE and other upcoming scandals have so damaged Justin that he is completely dependant upon Jagmeet Singh. The Bloc and Tories won't support Trudeau anymore and the Greens don't have the numbers. That leaves a heavily weakened Trudeau dependant on Jagmeet Singh to keep an ambitious McKay at bay.

So Trudeau will play Santa Claus to NDP's wish list. Just as the NDP intended.

rumleyfips said...

I doubt it Gyor. Surely assisting students who were denied jobs by the pandemic slowdown fell into the NDP wheelhouse. Instead of supporting young people ( long an NDP cohort ) they ensured the failure of student assistance to make Trudeau look bad.

The NDP now have no power. They knifed a programme they supported to hurt the liberals but they have neither the resources nor the votes to force an election. Petardville.

Jackie Blue said...

@ Gyor

Wow, you guys really do sound sinister. "Sinister" I should note, is the Latin word for "Left." Proof positive the NDP are as evil as the Cons, just like their American cousins who simp for Sanders and sabotage democracy in the process. You knew all along there was no wrongdoing, but whatever, as long as you "have Trudeau by the balls"? Wow. Blackmail. Don't tell me either that "policies are a means to an end" otherwise you wouldn't have sabotaged Paul Martin's childcare program. If ever I visit Canada one of the first things I plan to do is urinate on Vladimir Ilyich Layton's grave. Going after the Trudeau matriarch is especially low after everything she's endured.

You admit that the New Deplorable Party hatched this smear job against Justin Trudeau to get your "Santa Claus wish list" implemented? Your Nebulous Delusional Platform reads like a 19-year-old college Marxist's manifesto. It's untenable and unconstitutional, as most everything on it requires running roughshod over provincial jurisdiction and defies hundreds of years of Westminster conventions.

PROVINCES EXIST. PREMIERS EXIST. Why punish Trudeau if Doug Ford won't deliver? Jason Kenney? Francois Legault? Fuck you, comrade. This is why Rachel wants nothing to do with the federal Dipshits. You're malevolent communists. If you can't get what you want by selling it to the public, you plan to force through by dirty tricks and crippling democracy. I hope you get your erection reform referendum and it falls flaccid just like all the others, so that this herpetic meme can die once and for all.

And then what? What are you going to do if you get everything you want? You've attacked and "weakened" Trudeau so much, smeared his good name, you want him to then lose the next election so that MacKay undoes everything at Harper's behest? You hate Freeland, she's a "neocon" to you, you call her a Nazi because she doesn't simp for Maduro and whatsisname in Bolivia and other Soviet holdover dictators. So she's not worth a damn to you sorry lot either. What's your plan to then ensure that the Cons don't undo everything you blackmailed Trudeau to implement? Oh, that's right. You don't have one. It's all about owning the Libs, because muh revolution. No wonder NDP stands for No Damn Plan.

There are no "upcoming scandals" you liar, unless that is, you're going to manufacture a paternity suit against Trudeau from some Tara Reade wannabe in Cuba. You mean Norman? Nobody gives a fuck about him. Shame on you. You destroyed a charity and defamed a good man and his ailing mother just to exert political extortion for your ransom demands. I knew it. I just knew it. This was all about gameplaying. You lied about an innocent man and hurt his family in the process. Margaret Trudeau didn't deserve this, you tankie fuck. I can't wait for the K-bros and Trudeau family to sue your juvenile Che Guevara T-shirt factory masquerading as a political movement into oblivion. You Bernie Bros in your Trump shade of orange, you make me sick.

Simon said...

Hi Cathie....Don’t be discouraged. The fake WE scandal is fading away despite the desperate attempts of the Cons to try to keep it alive. I doubt the NDP will want an election when they are effectively broke. And as for Peter Mackay’s “new face” it won’t last long. I alone have enough manure on him to bury him alive. Finally, people will remember what Justin Trudeau did to help them and they won’t trust the Cons to help rebuild our economy. Maybe I’m too optimistic but I don’t think so...

Anonymous said...

Hi Gyor

The NDP had the opportunity to become an honesty broker by promoting an oversight role to ensure the WE contract benefited the students with no money funneled out for nefarious purposes.Instead they joined the gutter snipes. Time will tell but at present it appears strategically stupid and similar to a kindergarten kid destroying rather than sharing their favorite toy in order to tech the other kid a lesson. During these difficult times Canadian expect more than sandbox politics, even Dougie understands the need.


Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Your comment at 1:43AM is simply magnificent, and I urge everyone to read it. As a bonus it contains a post from your Miss Fuddle Duddle and one from Jack Todd a writer I have followed for years. We are so privileged to have such a righteous partisan as you contributing to this blog. However that said, please don’t be too discouraged by that latest Leger poll. As I said in my post I was disgusted but not surprised. The media coverage of the fake WE scandal was an abomination and the closest thing to mass brainwashing. But that fake scandal is going down faster than the Hindenburg, and will soon be forgotten. And should an election come along soon, it will not end well for the Cons and their shabby NDP stooges. I know I keep repeating myself, but decency does matter...

Simon said...

Hi RT...The media’s behaviour during the pandemic has been absolutely shameful. They have disgraced themselves to such a degree that any credibility they might have once had, is now gone for good. But we should neither forget or forgive. We must at least threaten them with a boycott, and try to force them to be more balanced. I don’t mind a mix that includes Con voices, but this biased onslaught has got to stop before it corrupts and eventually destroys our democracy...

Simon said...

Hi Janice...Try to ignore the polls. The media is trying to create a scandal where none exists. Even as we speak the air is hissing out of the WE balloon, as it does the media will look more and more ridiculous. And the report of the Ethics Commissioner won’t change a thing. The Trudeau government has a solid record, unlike the Cons or the NDP, and in the end that is what counts....

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips....I have to thank you again for keeping tabs of that kangaroo court. The Cons and their NDP stooges are trying to fix the result, but the truth is most Canadians couldn’t care less. I actually asked a couple of people the other day whether they were following that kangaroo court, and the puzzled looks on their faces convinced me that this “scandal” is already rotting in its grave. And the Cons and their NDP stooges will soon be going to the same place...

Simon said...

Hi Gyor....As I believe I have told you before, the first party I ever voted for was the NDP. But that was when it appealed to my idealism and was more or less decent. But I will never vote for it again because ever since Mulcair it has become the party of the chronically bitter. It stands for nothing and all it ever does is attack attack attack just like the filthy Cons. And your ugly comment is just more proof of that. Jagmeet Singh is a hapless loser, and the thought of him “having Trudeau by the balls” is nothing but sickening political pornography. I realize the pandemic has strained the nerves of many people, but you should be ashamed of yourself....

Anonymous said...

You have to excuse Gyor. He’s spent to much time at Kinsella’s place. There is no intellectual intercourse there. Just attack politics of the worst kind.

Steve said...

New scandal, Justin Trudeau has been taking hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the same goverment he runs. Why is he taking a paycheck from his own goverment, its outragous.

Jackie Blue said...

So this is new: it looks like the final climax to all of this may be an info dump followed by a money dump to cushion the blow. Trudeau is looking to kill this once and for all, either before Parliament returns or before the spring budget at least. If the DipperCons and the Quebexit party sabotage what is looking to be a pretty bold agenda, they will never be forgiven.

Morneau may end up being shuffled not because of anything related to Charitygate, but because he's offside with his colleagues as regards clutching the purse strings pretty tightly.

Trudeau, meanwhile, is saying damn the torpedoes and carpe diem. Skippy is already indicating that the Cons plan to run on austerity. The NDP clearly plans to run on copying the Liberals' homework. That's really why the other parties are pulling out all the stops to try and bring the government down: the Cons don't want to spend on recovery, the NDP are livid about being rendered irrelevant, and the Bloc... are just being their usual shit disturbers.

Hopefully it's enough to put an end to all of this and the Liberals end up pulling off a Hail Mary after all.