Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Andrew Scheer, Hamish Marshall, and the Con Kochtopus

When I heard about that secret meeting between Andrew Scheer, his ex-Rebel campaign director Hamish Marshall, and those Big Oil billionaires, I just knew it was part of a wider conspiracy.

For one of the speakers at that meeting was once a big wheel in the Koch brothers organization, whose tentacles extend in so many directions some call it The Kochtopus.

And sure enough I was right.

For it seems that Hamish Marshall has his own mini Kochtopus or spidery Con web.

Conservative Party campaign director Hamish Marshall has business links with a national advocacy network supported by oil-industry executives that backed conservative parties in recent provincial elections and is gearing up to attack the Liberals in the fall federal election.

Mr. Marshall is a founding partner of Toronto media company One Persuades. Provincial election filings show Ontario Proud paid One Persuades $30,510 for two ads that attacked former Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne. Ontario Proud is part of a growing network in Canada of well-funded, purportedly grassroots interest groups that are playing a larger role in federal and provincial elections.

Nothing like mixing a little business with pleasure eh?

But then I guess Marshall and Ontario Proud are born for each other.

For here is a picture of Justin Trudeau mourning the death of his friend Gord Downie...

And here's Ontario Proud using the picture for crass political purposes...

As only Cons could.

But then again, when you have a Con campaign manager who learned all he knows, sitting on the knee, or sucking on the tit of Ezra Levant... 

I suppose NOTHING is too low.

Although as you can see, they're ALWAYS burrowing towards the bottom.

Trying to debase a decent prime minister as only Cons or toxic Trudeau haters could.

The ones who hate him, this country, and its values.

But who would dare suggest, in their latest attack ad barrage, that Trudeau has betrayed Canadians. 

When in fact, as I said on Twitter, the opposite is the case.

Our country and its values are now under attack by sinister far-right networks, funded by Big Oil and modelled on the Kochtopus.

And unless we resist and eventually defeat this monster and his Cons...

They will come at us from every direction.

And destroy this country beyond recognition...


Jackie Blue said...

To make matters worse, the stooge media brought the SNC Simpsons Nothingburger Controversy back from the dead too. Damn, but these fuckers are ruthless. Didn't I say it, Male Hillary North? "But his emails"? There's even CanProud trolls doing their own Pizzagate, calling for an inquiry into the Trudeau Foundation and accusing Justin of unspeakable horrors at West Point Grey Academy! They don't just want to destroy Canada and the LPC. They want to torture Trudeau and tear him down as the devil himself!

If the Liberals cannot recover in time for the election, then they need to open an inquiry of their own. Freeland has been getting increasingly fiery in dealing with the Cons' bullying antics, and I like that. Wonder Woman will come to Superman's rescue. What they should do is to contact Elections Canada and the RCMP. Possibly CSIS. Make no mistake: this IS foreign collusion, not with Russia (as far as we know), but with the United States. Any CPC "victory" will be completely and entirely illegitimate. 2011 was illegitimate, per the voter suppression scandal. 2019 is already tainted. CPC stands for Corrupt Plutocrats of Canada.

Brace yourselves, Canada. This fight is only beginning. I myself have been calling myself a sedevacantist since 2016 and will continue to do so on behalf of Canada, because Scheer is as much an invalid usurper as Trump. The Cons know they can't win by convincing voters of their shit policies, so they lie and cheat and tear people down and work the refs in their favor: the Pontius Pilates at the M$M.

Justin may end up needing to go into exile with his young family for their own safety, because the personal destruction campaign has gotten completely out of control. This is not a valid election but a hybrid-warfare coup. It is a public scourging, a passion play, and yes, a crucifixion. It is painful to watch. But as the saying goes, if we can't save the world, we damn sure are going to avenge it. And Justin will be there as will Hillary and Barack. I believe in him, Simon. I believe he was set up and framed, and that far from being just not ready, he is too good and decent for politics, which is a wretched hive of Rebel scum and Con villainy. But I believe in the eventual resurrection, the gospel of "people kindness." For his Parliament is not of this world.

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

Matthew 5:11-12

e.a.f. said...

good post. Too bad most of the MSM isn't reporting on this.

Steve said...

The Speaker should upbraid anyone who calls JT Liberal Leader.

rumleyfips said...

The latest SNC L revelations disappeared from view at the speed of sound. No wonder: look who is implicated.

Stephen Harper was PM during most of this period, 2005 to 2015. It all went down on his watch, the reformatories took their share of the loot and the prosecution/no prosecution question was formed under his benign rule. Scheer terror from today's reformatories for sure.

Potato Pete McKie was Attorney General and Justice minister in 2015 when decisions were being made about this case. Surely in his ongoing quest for leadership he doesn't want his shady past revealed.

Paul Martin was there in 2004 when this all started. While he isn't going to run again, the martini old guard are busy backstabbing Trudeau to regain their influence ( and lose another election ). No embarassments please.

And now the star of the show. Who was the AG/JM when the case was dropped. Not Mother Teresa, not Joan of Arc ; it was our very own JWR. Quelle surprise , hypocracy on parade .

You can imagine the panic from on high . Shut up you idiots you are hurting us messages texted to Sun hacks, to Post pontificators , to globe goblins , to Kinsellout, to backroom operatives. Not a clean hand i9n the house.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau has betrayed First Nations. He siced the RCMP on us and bought that stupid pipe. He doesn't care about us, we're just another minority to be pandered to. On my reserve we still have to boil water and live in substandard conditions. I'll be voting Green this fall.

And any settler who wants to tell me I'm throwing my vote away can save it. I don't need your condescending advice.

Jackie Blue said...

Paul Martin was there in 2004 when this all started. While he isn't going to run again, the martini old guard are busy backstabbing Trudeau to regain their influence (and lose another election).

Wow, this sickens me even more. Perhaps Justin was right, the party is irredeemable and out-of-touch and needs to hit rock bottom without the prodigal son. He was contemplating quitting politics but reluctantly let them draft him to bring them back from near-extinction, and this is the thanks he gets. Not a clean hand in the house indeed. I hope he washes his own hands of this pathetic business. I actually had a dream last night, I was watching Justin give an interview on some unnamed AM news show, and he was asked by the off-camera presenter if there is anything in hindsight that he would do differently. He said (in the dream) that he would tell his younger self to stay away from Ottawa except to go skating on the Rideau Canal.

This country is ungovernable and needs a therapeutic intervention beyond what even he can offer. Justin Trudeau is a public servant rather than a politician; he wanted what's best for the country. Sad that ratfucking backroom operatives, egotistical backstabbers like St. Jody of Arc, and Con media fart-sniffers only wanted what's best for themselves.

I can't wait for his burn book where he tells everyone where the bodies are buried and who's responsible for it all. The unauthorized Muldoon tapes one was an eye-opener. Chrétien's and Martin's are both on my Amazon wishlist. The Trudeau II Fuddle-Duddle, à la Hillary Clinton's What Happened, will no doubt be a must-read as well.

Jackie Blue said...

That's your right in a democracy.

It's also my right to say, 400 years can't be fixed in 3, but by all means enjoy Andrew Scheer inviting Betsy DeVos to reopen (and profit immensely from) the residential schools. I'm sure there were Jews who voted third-party in the 1932 German elections too.

But, hey, you don't have to take my condescending settler advice. Like I said, it's your right in a democracy. Until, of course, it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rumleyfips

Please post some news references as I have not seen any new SNC revelations!



rumleyfips said...

Since 2015 72 boil water orders have been lifted. As this was being accomplished 35 new order were established. The problem obviously needs more than new facilities. Training, maintenance and operation also need to be improved. With 75 systems improved somebody is doing something right. Now the plan needs to be expanded to inspect and improve existing facilities.

Anonymous said...

I’m repeating my comment from a post awhile back so forgive me but this new right wing propaganda site sickly called the ORCA is all part of this grand conspiracy to destroy PM Trudeau and crush any meaningful action on climate change and the environment.

There’s a new right wing website called the ORCA — claiming to be about ‘democracy’ and changing the channel on the mainstream in BC social media. Their contributors are Gwyn Morgan from oil patch, Rex Murphy, Christie Clarke and on and on — her speech writer is one of the founders of this new right wing site that they dare call the ORCA and wash it in green and blue colours and make in look like a progressive site — pure manipulation! They all push policies that will ensure the extinction of our west coast orca pods yet in Orwellian fashion they call themselves ‘The ORCA’. This is beyond EVIL. Sickening — one needs to out these people now! I wonder at starting a petition to shut down using the name Orca or just outing them for the right wing climate change deniers they are.

Furthermore — who is funding these people????? Oil industry??? Please look into this everyone. We need to get out front of this. Rex’s first article is slamming Trudeau for daring to try and protect the environment — the cranky old man is at it again. Our poor Orcas — under threat, starving and these right wing loons use them to wash their site and pass it off as something it’s not. There are no words to describe my disgust over this new site — it is obvious from the website it is well funded.

rumleyfips said...

There was one piece by kinsellout and one by magpie brule on this site a couple of days ago.