Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Fighting Back Against the Con Smear Machine

With less than five months to go before the election, one thing at least seems clear to me. 

The Cons are not only leading in the polls. 

They're winning the propaganda war, by not only smearing Justin Trudeau with their own filthy attack ads.

But also by receiving the support of conservative groups like Ontario Proud and Canada Proud.  

Who are also part of the Con Smear Machine, and pour out a steady stream of vile propaganda, while the Liberals and the other progressive parties do practically nothing, and just sit there and take it.

But the good news is that may be changing.

For remember Engage Canada the group that put out ads like this one just before the last election?

Well, the good news is that Engage Canada is back with this new ad.

I'm not sure what to think of that ad. It's cute and well done, and it does remind Canadians what a weak leader Scheer is, and what a tool of Big Oil he would be if he ever became prime minister.

A left-wing pressure group has launched a month-long advertising blitz painting Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer as a “yes-man” to the wealthy.

Which in these populist times might be quite effective.

So while I myself would prefer something a little harder and darker...

For I honestly do believe that Scheer is a mortal threat to this country and its values.

I can make my own videos, and I'm just glad Engage Canada is fighting back, for which we should all be grateful.

So subscribe to their YouTube channel, and help spread their videos.

We have less than five months to go before the election, and if progressives can't win the propaganda war.

We could very well lose the election...


Anonymous said...

We saw how progressives dominated social media in 2015. This time around every boomer from Moose Jaw to Owen Sound has a Facebook account. Nice try though.

- A Con Operative

Anonymous said...

It is a cute ad Simon but not very hard hitting. With so much ammunition to attack Scheer with I hope they get progressively more serious and eye opening to what would happen in a Canada infected with a Con government. What's really baffling and annoying to me is how the Liberals aren't striking back with their own ads. Sunny ways wont cut it this time. They need to meet Scheer head on and blow every one of his lies out of the water with facts and a reminder to Canadians of their many achievements.
It still boggles my mind that this POS Scheer has a 6 point lead but I do know why and I'll never forgive the Spite and Malice twins for precipitating this drop in the polls. I hope the Shank and Shiv sisters are thoroughly humiliated as they run as independents. I'll also hazard a guess that their claims of considering to run for the green party were just claims and that the greens wanted nothing to do with their toxic modus operandi.
It's going to be a battle that should not have been, but when you have a continuous stream of bullshit emanating from the Con propaganda machine, fake scandals and an MSM more interested in knocking JT instead of applauding his many achievements, it will not be easy. My faith in this country will rest in what happens this October and if Scheer wins, we will become just another shithole country run by an alt-right POS.

Jackie Blue said...

On behalf of America, I would like to sincerely apologize for my country inventing the two most destructive weapons of mass deception and exporting them to the world: television and the Internet. Nevertheless, JT persists, and of course we love him for that. I'm still praying -- yes, praying, something I haven't done in years -- for a miracle for you guys, but it seems like the whole world right now has gone into SNAFU mode in the buildup to WW3. Hindsight, ironically, is "2020" and all I can say is take heart, because as the veterans of the previous age die off, the next one upcoming is going to be the new "greatest generation" that fights the fascists on a 21st-century battlefield: both the war of untruths and the physical landscape that's about to be ravaged by climate catastrophe. For now, keep calm and hunt for Red October, Canada. If Blue October should happen instead... après Trudeau, le déluge.


Jackie Blue said...

What's really baffling and annoying to me is how the Liberals aren't striking back with their own ads. Sunny ways wont cut it this time. They need to meet Scheer head on and blow every one of his lies out of the water with facts and a reminder to Canadians of their many achievements.

In the words of the Holy Trinity of the North (Geddy, Alex and Neal), Justin has no heart to lie. He is telling the truth -- about Scheer being an "alt-right POS" and about his own plea of innocence and the weird sisters being in the wrong -- but as Paul Simon said in "The Boxer," a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. He knows how to emphasize the good things his government has done and wants to continue doing, but he's not a Schmearmonger or a backstabber. He knows how to fight, of course, but not in an underhanded way. Boxing is maybe not a sufficient metaphor for politics, though he would like it to be so. He wants to play by Queensberry rules, while the Cons and their lying fake news agitprop enablers bring a nuclear arsenal to a fistfight. Adding Doug into it just makes it gorilla warfare. Unlike the basement troll from Alberta, the Schmeagol from Sasquatchestan and the missing link Torontosaurus Rekt, Justin is a civilized being. He puts the human in humanitarian. He'd never stoop so low as what Donald Scheer's vile army of hate-bots and tiki mobs are doing, when they go so far as to attack and threaten his wife and kids while the M$M whistles past the graveyard. If that's what it takes to "win," he's not going to sacrifice his soul.

Politics is an ugly, ugly bloodsport that more and more so seems anathema to his Tru calling and that of other leaders like Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and, yes, Hillary Clinton: public service. Honestly, I don't think Pierre would have fared well if the reality distortion field of the Internet and cable news existed in 1972; as it is, it took Robert Stanfield fumbling a football to even land him a minority government, and today's DeformaCons are no statesmen like Robert Stanfield. If Scheer does get in, it will be because he, like the weird sisters along with Tweedle Doug and Tweedle Dumb, is a nasty piece of work. Like I said, I'm praying for a miracle on ice. But the trajectory of things happening all over the world -- the European elections in particular -- tells me that people-kindness is not a quality that reflects well at the ballot box. Consider the sad fact that a certain other liberal-minded outcast born on December 25 fared poorly among his fellow Romans and never stood for their Parliament either. Then keep calm, just watch him, and follow him wherever he may go.


Jackie Blue said...

You forgot every pennies-per-click hired troll in Moscow, Tel Aviv, Beijing, and Mar-a-Lago. Nice machine translation though.

- A Liberal Operative

John B. said...

Are you really an “operative” or just a “boomer” who thinks he’s on the team but might not realize that support for the cons equates to an endorsement of market libertarianism? Of course, they’d prefer that we don’t think about that. So they’ll just keep on tying us in knots by jabbing away at Trudeau for stupid things that he’s both done and hasn’t done. If you’re an operative, then carry on. But if not, then don’t fall for it. There’s no law that says a boomer has to be a halfwit.

John B. said...

That’s why they’ll never disavow the precious B&R segment except in the phony wink-and-nod way that Trump has used so often. The propaganda effort of these allies is worth more to the cons than their electoral support. They’re a team and they all know it.

When a union donates to an advocacy effort, it puts its name on it. To keep the campaign “sunlit” all around, outfits like Canada Proud should be willing to publish the identities of their corporate donors.

Jackie Blue said...

Here ya go Simon, is this sufficient? Kinda similar to the Daisy ad that worked so well against Goldwater...


The original meme said "But her emails" -- I think it seems pretty obvious, we've seen this disaster film before...