Friday, May 31, 2019

The Day Justin Trudeau Lectured Mike Pence On Women's Rights

Earlier today I wrote about how Andrew Scheer and his Cons had shown their contempt for the rights of women.

By failing to support a motion affirming a woman's right to control her own body. 

With reproductive rights under assault south of the border, members of the Canadian House of Commons rose in a standing ovation to affirm support for a woman’s right to choose — that is, except the Conservatives.

So I was horrified to see that Mike Pence, one of those most responsible for the U.S. War on Women, was visiting Canada.

But really glad to see that Justin Trudeau made sure that Pence knew that we're not happy with the way women in his country are being treated.

Although I have to admit that Pence's reply sent a shiver down my spine. 

For I couldn't help thinking about all the innocent women Pence and his Christian Taliban are going after.

And how different the conversation between the two leaders might be if Andrew Scheer was prime minister...

For whatever Scheer might say or do, he is Canada's Pence.

The next election will be a choice between Canada and America.

And needless to say, either we destroy the Cons.

Or they will destroy this country...


Jackie Blue said...

Margaret Atwood didn't write a fucking how-to manual. And her signature work depicts Canada as an escape from what America has turned into! What the hell is Penance up to anyway? Putin's other kompromat stooge seeking to oust Trudeau in favor of his mini-me so the Talibangelicals can expand more Lebensraum for Gilead? I don't trust that Mother-fucker for a minute and neither should anyone else. I hope Trudeau squished his pathetic hand like he did Trump's, although maybe Pence would get a stiffy from it. That photo is so chilling as to be apocalyptic; it's like the young prophet is staring down the devil as he awaits his impending crucifixion. Woe Canada, your "Christians" are so unlike your Christ...

jrkrideau said...

Are we sure that Mike Pence really is human? Clearly he is evil but advances in artificial intelligence make we wonder about his membership in the human rage.

A year or two ago, I was of the opinion that Brazil had the worst govenment in terms of immoral/evil members but the USA seems to be pulling into the lead.

Steve said...

He missed an opportunity to give him an autographed copy of The Handmaidiens Tale

lagatta à montréal said...

Oh, they are neck and neck. Bolsonaro was some kind of junior member of the dictatorship and openly nostalgic for it. And a white supremacist heading a country where the majority of its citizens aren't white but different shades of black, brown and "red". He also wants to destroy the Amazon for his god Mammon. But now Trump has just imposed a nutty tariff on all Mexican goods...

Jackie, Atwood has written many other books and is also recognised as an important critic.

I hope women's groups were able to organise some kind of picket or demonstration for choice (and against misogyny in general) despite the heavy security involved in the P.O.S. (constipated version) visiting.

Fred from BC said...

Oh, wow. Could our PM possibly be more of an embarrassment than he already is? The rest of the world is snickering at us behind our back.

This idiotic insistence on trying to inject 'progressive' values on human rights, gender, climate and other into *trade* agreements has already blown up in his face with the TPP and NAFTA, yet he keeps trying? WTF?

I like the National Post's headline best:

"Desperate Trudeau antagonizes Mike Pence over abortion to score political points"

October can't come soon enough.

Jackie Blue said...

Damn right he keeps trying, and decent people (who seem to number few and far between these days) are proud of him, because there can be no economic justice without social justice and there's more to life than just the bottom line.

Sadly, he keeps being undermined every step of the way by people like you and the bullies in the fake-news lying press who don't care about anything but. "The rest of the world" isn't in a good place right now and that's why they keep laughing at him. Not because he is in the wrong, but because humans are nothing but disposable economic units to them. And actually, they're far more outraged by Trump using his cruel and unusual tariff war to abuse asylum seekers from Mexico and Central America. To paraphrase John Lennon, if more "trade agreements" were conducted with the ideology of Mr. Trudeau, the world would have peace. Sorry not sorry if you find human rights advocacy idiotic and an embarrassment. I find it an example of courageous, compassionate leadership, regardless of what bitter cynics like you and the hacks at Grossmedia have to say.

"October can't come soon enough"? Fine, the idealistic young scion's career in the nasty swamp of politics may be shot to shit not because he was "just not ready," but because of self-interested and myopic people such as yourself who never gave him a fair chance. Perhaps he was just in the wrong place at the worst time in history, but he's still young and he has plenty of time to continue his calling as a public servant advocating for a just society. History will look a lot more fondly upon Justin Trudeau than it ever will Mike Pence, Donald Trump, or anyone at the Nationalist Post. Peter Navarro and Larry Kudlow can go fuddle-duddle right off. There's a special place in hell for them, and a VIP pass through St. Pierre's Gate for Justin Trudeau. Just watch him.

Steve said...

Yeah when the knucle draggers are sent to the woodshed for another four years. The economy has never been better, Canada's brand has never been stronger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred

If you are looking for a water boy for Trump or a pawn for Putin then Scheer would be your man but if its respect from leaders such as Merkel, Macon, Arden then Trudeau would be a better choice. People are laughing so hard at Canada and its PM that it is ranked as one of the best and happiest ( not HA HA ) places to live in the world. The Smearmonger's strategy of pitting the WE against the OTHERS can only take it in one direction.


brawnfire said...

Fred from BC--a self-proclaimed aptly-named retro, indeed.
Only a throwback to the prehistoric Flintstone Age could be EMBARRASSED by Progressive values.
Re: the topic of this Post, do men such as Fred, who regard the issue of Women's Rights as humiliating, have any idea how UNMANLY they are? Truth be told, they're scared of women.

Jackie Blue said...


Truth be told, they're scared of women.

That's why they've been flinging shit at JT since day 1. Now they have the nerve to call him a fake feminist over the infamous debacle, when they're the retrograde neanderthals who use their "freedom of speech" to call McKenna "Climate Barbie," refer to Freeland's negotiation of NAFTA as the "Molotov-Muffintop Pact" and sissify Trudeau practically since he ran for MP. Lorrie Goldstein making fun of him for crying. Don Martin's grotesque imagery of the rainbow prince impaled upon his own unicorn. Michael De Adder's depiction of him as Snow White. The nicknames he gets called by Rebel mouthbreathers -- "Fruity Trudy," "Justine Turdeau," "flaming Christmas fruitcake," "fairy prince," and Photoshop memes of him wearing a hijab or weeping with Tammy Faye's mascara streaming down his cheeks. Misogyny against men is homophobia, full stop. Calling him (or describing his statements as) an idiotic embarrassment for standing up for progressive values that affect women is a further extension of that. We're talking about people who think it's really clever to call him "Margaret's son." A distinction he has said on numerous occasions, including in his book, that he wears with pride.

As an aside, Elton John has declared that Brexit is the real idiotic embarrassment, arousing ire from idiotic embarrassment Piers Morgan and the pox populi on social media. Which puts Sir Elton squarely in the camp of those opposed to Schmearmonger and his band of Nigel Fartraging idiotic embarrassments. Our own idiotic embarrassment, Trump, just endorsed BoJo the Clown for PM so I'm hoping he remembers Canada exists and endorses Idiotic Embarrassment Andy, which would be the kiss of death for the Cons.

brawnfire said...

Re: "Are we sure that Mike Pence really is human?"

I'm not sure we are.
There is something robotic about him.
And, well, we know Trump picks his "best people" for how they'll look on television.
So, there's Pence, of the resonant voice, and robotic body language, always modulated and controlled--no emoting!-deep-set eyes, made all the darker against his white hair and ghostly pallor: Perfectly typecast for a vintage black and white horror film. Funeral director? Frankenstein, Wolf Man, figure? Pod person?

Jackie Blue said...

More re: Brexit, to give Canadians a swift kick in the pants. If you thought a Scheer-Kenney-Ford hat trick was bad, how about Scheer-Farage-Johnson? Sounds like a comorbid disease...

Brexit party tops Westminster election poll for first time

Survey by Opinium suggests Nigel Farage would be 20 seats short of a majority, with Conservatives reduced to 26 MPs

“While the usual caveats should apply about how much to read into Westminster voting intention polls, given the proximity to the European elections, the fact is that we might be less than six months out from a general election so these might become relevant very quickly.”

Canada's is in less than 5. Get your shit together, Canada, and drub the Tory scum once and for all, or (including Australia) 2019 will be remembered as the year that the Commonwealth Anglosphere (sorry, Québec) blew its brains out in a bloody mess.

Don't be an idiotic embarrassment. Vote ABC in October.

brawnfire said...

Re: "Desperate Trudeau antagonizes Mike Pence over abortion to score political points"

Nothing desperate about it. Smart politics.
Implicit: Trudeau can hardly score points unless there's validity.
So, good for him, to go for it.
It would take a self-sabotaging simpleton-politician with a career-ending death-wish NOT to capitalize and score points on the obvious differences between him and his opponents on policies and values.

Fred from BC said...

"People are laughing so hard at Canada and its PM that it is ranked as one of the best and happiest ( not HA HA ) places to live in the world."

Yes, just as it was under Stephen Harper.

Fred from BC said...

"Nothing desperate about it. Smart politics."

No. Stupid politics, since Mike Pence was here to smooth things out over the new NAFTA. This could cost us hugely if the Americans suddenly decide to use this insult as an excuse to renegotiate some stuff (what, you think Donald Trump is too mellow and mature for that? Think again).

An idiotic move with zero upside.

brawnfire said...

Pence was here as an opportunity to satisfy Trump's ego. If you've learned anything by now about Trump you'd know that His VP was sent here for the stagecraft and to be undercut/countermanded by Trump, as has been every Cabinet member, Secretary, Staff member, assigned to represent him. Nobody speaks for Trump! That is the whole point of the exercise. An opportunity to display his power over the parties engaged by contradicting whatever the pronouncement, and show Trump runs the show, and what he'll say about what was just said is anything but what was said.
Doesn't matter what Trudeau says to Pence, if one understands and accepts the premise; except for benefit of Trudeau's own constituency and domestic audience, most especially women like me. That's a definite upside.