Monday, May 13, 2019

How To Explain Global Warming To A Moron like Doug Ford

I don't think it's possible to explain climate change to somebody like the brutish Doug Ford.

He's too dumb and greedy.

And as proof of that he has just released this tax payer funded ad that goes after Justin Trudeau's carbon tax.

I suppose it might be possible to use science to explain to the Fordzilla that levels of green house gases like carbon dioxide are higher than they have ever been.

And I mean ever.  

The Mauna Loa Observatory, which has measured the parts per million (ppm) of CO2 in the atmosphere since 1958, took a reading of 415.26ppm in the air on 11 May – thought to be the highest concentration since humans evolved.

Meteorologist Eric Holthouse retweeted the Mauna Loa readings and said: “This is the first time in human history our planet’s atmosphere has had more than 415ppm CO2. 

“Not just in recorded history, not just since the invention of agriculture 10,000 years ago. Since before modern humans existed millions of years ago. “We don’t know a planet like this.”

But as we know Ford is barely evolved himself...

And would no doubt say "Science is bullshit, trees need carbon dioxide to grow."

Even though he's just axed a major tree-planting program.  

And of course "a carbon tax is the worst tax EVER !!!!!"

So maybe the only way to try to explain global warming to somebody like Ford and his ghastly Ford Nation is to do what Bill Nye, the Science Guy, does here.

Keep it simple, repeat the message over and over again.

And of course keep the best part for the last.

Letting those who voted for Ford that they will end up living, or cooking, in a hell of their own making...

The people of Ontario will not soon forget what they did.

And will never, ever, forgive them...


Jackie Blue said...

Egads, Dougie Trump's northern deplorables. The peasants are revolting. Never mind climate change; informing them that water is wet must be like, oh, I dunno, explaining quantum computing. "Don't believe us? It's Trudeau! And you are fake news!" But we're not supposed to speak ill of them because it's patronizing, condescending and elitist not to respect a sincerely-held belief in "alternative facts." Like vaccines causing autism, fluoride making lobsters gay, and mass shootings being staged crisis events by the "deep state." Truth is not truth and what you are seeing is not what is happening. Because It's 1984. Maybe the Liberals should run ads accusing Doug of putting chemtrails in the beer.

Justin, for better or worse, refrains from condemning Con voters themselves, instead going after Con politicians who, well, Con them by playing on (or preying on) their immediate fears and concerns. That's admirable of him, and shows that he really does want to govern for all Canadians, even those who reflexively hate him and hate small- and big-L Liberals on a visceral level. Maybe not such a good quality to have in the tribal-warfare bloodsport of politics where crushing your foes, rejoicing in their lamentations, and drinking partisan tears is the primary goal, but a testament to his integrity and empathy as a person and a leader nonetheless. Then again "love your enemy" didn't work out so well for that other prophet with a December birthday either. And he didn't even run for office.

It's disgusting that the Con M$M is so blinded by their own greed and last name derangement syndrome as to be deferential to the likes of Fraud, Sneer and Klanney. Petulant, peabrained, projectionist, Peter Principle populists with picayune peen problems. It's not that they think they know better than Nobel laureate economists or climatologists. It's that they're proud to shout from the rooftops that they don't, because it supposedly endears them to "da people, da common folks." They don't have any qualms whatsoever about feeding the ignorance of their hate base and swindling the swing voters by going after the "intellectuals" like their fascist forebears or school-age bullies. "The people" and the planet be damned; all they care about is power. How soon before Jason the swamp creature starts going after Bill Nye the Science Guy as a "foreign-funded environmentalist" and accusing the Liberals of, wait for it, "collusion"? IMPEACH! IMPEACH! CALL A PUBLIC INQUIRY INTO PBS!

Justin Trudeau is the Luke Wilson character in the prophetic satire film Idiocracy. His job as a teacher was to encourage and celebrate intellectual curiosity; his job as a politician, sadly, seems to be trying to out-compete a steady march of selfish morons by communicating the urgency of shared sacrifice and respect for truth and learned expertise. He cannot send voters to a remedial course for marking the wrong answer on their ballots. "Sorry, teecha, the Doug ate my science homework." Note that JT also shares a birthday with Isaac Newton; however, the scientific method is nowhere to be found in the circus of bullshit theater. Democracy dies in derpness.

As someone who myself was mercilessly abused for the cardinal sins of getting good grades in school and having a genuine passion for knowledge, I wish we lived in a world where it was both cool and politically tenable to respect scientists and teachers and be smart!

Anonymous said...

I just saw that horrible Ford ad on Power and Politics, followed by Vassy Kapelos all but giving it the thumbs up. She is such a Con she should be fired immediately.

brawnfire said...

Where explaining doesn't get through, maybe poll numbers do matter to the moronic-minded?
Published MAY 13, 2019’ dollars to battle federal carbon tax, poll says

Steve said...

province ruled by useful idiots. democracy may not be dead but in Canada it needs proportional representation to rescue it from reality tv

e.a.f. said...

Province ruled by useful idiots? to whom, the oil companies?

Canada, in my opinion does not need proportional representation. If a party has something to sell, people will buy. we have seen it over the decades as the NDP gained and now the Greens have gained. If a area wants a particular party than that is what they get. I'm not in favour of parties deciding who represents me in my riding. PR has failed in B.C. twice and in PEI.

Ford is not going to give up on his position.. He wants more industry to move to Ontario and Ontario can expect environmental standards to be reduced or ignored. Remember he did hire Gordon Campbell to be his advisor and the b.c. LieberCons were so into mining, etc. they really never cared about the environment. If you want to see how far Ford will go for mining companies check to see how much they're donating to the Conservatives.

In B.C. they donated so much money, they could ignore the game rules. Expect the same in Ontario, el gordo was hired as his advisor as I recall.

e.a.f. said...

It's not about "loving" your neighbour, Jackie Blue, but rather letting the opposition hang themselves with their own rope. To reply to some of these Cons gives them credibility, it gives them attention. The lack of attention will eventually cause them to go further and further and then off the pier they go.

Question for Simon: when using just my initials the captch keeps going around and around, even for hours, but if I use goggle, which I don't like doing, the comment is accepted immediately> any suggestions any one.

The Liberals can not reply using government money. Its a no no They can do a government ad campaign, but many Canadians frown upon it. Its a waste of tax dollars. To use party funds for an ad campaign isn't always the best use of a party's resources. By election time you could have used up valuable dollars.

Billionaires in Canada, unlike the U.S.A. tend to keep out of politics unless they actually run as candidates or organize fund raisers, etc.. Their ability to donate to political parties is limited by Canadian law. How much a candidate can spend during an election is limited by law, unlike in the U.S.A. where money seems to equate freedom of speech.

Yes we have some "deporables" as shown in the picture by Simon, but taking them on in my opinion is a waste of time and money. If you ignore them, usually they go away. B.C. survived 16 years of the B.C. Liebercons and Ontario will survive the LieberCon method of government. It up to the voters. If they want Ontario to be turned into a swamp, then so be it. Citizens can move or become more politically active. some times voters just need to go through a horrible government to understand how much better things were previously.

Anonymous said...

But Doug you're soaking us 14 cents a litre, why don't you axe that tax first? Put your money where your mouth is

Anonymous said...

Wasting 20 million taxpayer dollars on these partisan bullshit ads is going to cost Duhg in the long run as surely as the 20 mil. will balloon to 40 mil.. And who would benefit the most from this misinformation campaign other than Ford's carbon loving cohort, Scheer. A concerted effort to malign JT, paid for by the poor taxpaying suckers of Ontario. We're being conned by a Con with our own money while millions of saplings will have to be destroyed because of this buffoon's misuse of public funds.
He may lull his brain-dead supporters into this scam but the majority will not be amused and will remember what Cons do when in power come this October. A choice of trying to save the planet, or letting greed and incompetence destroy any chance at saving it.

Anonymous said...

Bill Nye the Social Justice Guy. He had a video from the 90's explicitly explaining how there's only two genders (it's still on Youtube). Guess he drank the kool aid to become relevant again.

Anonymous said...

The Ontario environment plan referenced in the anti carbon tax ad does recognize climate change and outlines a plan to meet the 2030 targets. It also uses a significant number of the federal initiatives but avoids putting a dollar value on carbon emissions as a bench mark. The previous government benchmarked it through cap and trade in 2017 which brought in 1.7 billion in revenues that was redistributed back into the economy to promote GHG reduction projects including more energy efficient public buildings and transport, electric car subsidies, manufacturing processes etc. Dougie scrapped the public incentives and is planning to use legislative fines and public / private money to shape up the polluters. Essentially a lot more government involvement by a government that promotes itself as a champion of unbridled capitalism. The question is why incur significant legal costs to destroy a system that had been working for 2 years and replace it with gobbly goo rather than build on it? Most of the answers are negative unless you believe Dougie is or is surrounded by financial geniuses and legislated but simultaneously unencumbered capitalism ( a unicorn) will be the savior.


Jackie Blue said...

Hello from the other side!

Pete with the funny unpronounceable last name, 2020 presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, Indiana (Pence's old stomping ground), was on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show last night, and he gave an endorsement to carbon taxation. He also said that there are powerful industries with vested interests in keeping the status quo. Far from being Alfred E. Newman as Trump called him, it's Trump and the oil companies who are of the mentality, "what, me worry?"

First thing I cheered watching this was "That's Justin Trudeau's plan!" I don't know what chances he has in our 2020 elections (it's still early and the "Dems are in disarray") but the chorus just keeps adding new voices. Fordzilla, the petroleum princess of Oilberta, Andrew E. Newman and Halliburton Harper are on the wrong side of history. Let's hope Canada stays on the right track.

Jackie Blue said...

And that was how many years ago? The scientific method allows for a changing of conclusions based on new information. Gender is not biological sex, and neither category is as cut-and-dry or black-and-white as Peterson's simple-minded lobster-kin wish they would be. Arguably, Trudeau's quantum computing video delivers a better explanation despite not being about gender identity specifically. What he is pointing out in a more general sense is that the world is more complex than simple ones and zeroes or binary "bits." If you've ever seen a color wheel dialogue in Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, you'll note that there are about 16.7M known colors and combinations represented in 24-bit computer graphics, which is why the rainbow flag is a perfect representation for the broad spectrum of LGBTQ+ identification. It's just math, and a humanitarian perspective on it at that.

But then I don't expect much in terms of logic or empathy from trolls who think being a warrior for social justice is a bad thing, or drink Buck-a-Beer and Trump's orange Kool-Aid to make themselves feel great again. Fred Rogers was a social justice guy from PBS too. Unlike vicious bigots with names like Pence and Scheer, he exemplified what being a Christian ought to represent. Try a little tenderness on your way back to remedial school.

Jackie Blue said...

Drug Fraud is a piss-poor example of a Canadian! What kind of Canuck suckers a bunch of saps into a scheme to chop down maple trees???

Unlike George Washington, all he ever does is tell lies!

Anonymous said...

Real scientists are able to change what they know, if additional research suggests they may be wrong in their beliefs. Ignoring that a 20 year old video supports the mainstream belief of 2 biological genders that was prevalent at that time, while suggesting that this invalidates the uncontested research of anthropomorphic global warming by actual climatologists does not seem either an indication of an unbiased mind nor of a scientific one.

Steve said...

its always been a battle between common sense and the gold standard.

Jackie Blue said...

FYI this is what Dougie's denialist ilk in, of all places, Germany are doing to a courageous young activist, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg. Attacking her for having autism. They're basically saying that she is mentally ill and therefore a "puppet" of the "environmental globalists." That's the mildest of the smears. Believe me, it gets much worse. And Germany has an obvious history of abusing people with disabilities that you'd think (or hope) they don't want to repeat.

As for Canada's environmental flame wars: Saw some trolls over at Sophie's Instagram calling the kids "m*ng*loid rats." She had posted some photos earlier this year of the family on holiday at a ski resort out in B.C. The drive-by hatemongers blurt out how they want global warming to melt the snow so that the kids can die in an avalanche like Michel did.

Andy and friends are in good company. Not to mention, Doug's been a total dick to families of children with autism in Ontario. Hate to think how the Ford Nation thugs would vilify Ms. Thunberg if she led a climate-action rally in Queen's Park. What is it Trump says, very fine people? "Pro-life" conservatives who not only want to doom the planet for short-term greed and to "own the libs," but who abuse children to make their "point." Cons are vile and have no shame.

e.a.f. said...

Jackie Blue, please don't hold Canadians to a higher standard. You'll be disappointed. Of course there are Canadians who would chop down maple trees. If you come to B.C. they're chopping down trees which are 500 hundred years old to a thousand years old. One section was to be sold off for "chopping" but there was enough political back lash, that the government with drew the section from auction.

Being a small country, population wise, it does seem we have fewer "jerks" than other countries, but if we looked at it on a per capita basis, perhaps not. We also have Quebec, which the U.S.A. doesn't have. They have a huge influence on the country, some times great, somethings not so much. We do have better social systems so citizens can survive better here than other places and right now we have a good P.M. but in other years, not so much. we had Harper and before Paul Martin, a Liberals, who in my opinion operated more as a Conservative fiscally and cut a lot of programs and made changes which didn't benefit our country.

Trudeau is here now, but he too will retire and then its going to be a crap shoot again.

B.C. has always been known as the wild west when it comes to politics. the new, sort of, NDP, provincial government has figured out because of non action by the previous provincial government, B.C. Liebercons, this province laundered almost 5 billion dollars through our economy last year. Now they have to decide whether to have a Charbano style investigation, as they did in Quebec when they finally bit the bullet on corruption.

e.a.f. said...

Saw the same interview. Having seen Mayor Pete several times in interviews, the guy looks good. Has some good ideas. K. Harris looks good. they need to loose Bernie. he was attacking Biden the other day and that is not going to end well, if Bernie starts attacking other candidates. Haven't heard much about the Gov. of Washington State. Some of us in B.C. like him, but then we know him better given he sits next door.

Mayor Pete, Warren and any other candidates would make good Cabinet ministers if another Dem. wins. As a matter of fact any number of the candidates would make good cabinet ministers. Tracy Abrams is amazing! I expect she won't run, but omg, that woman is a good speaker.

I could see a ticket with Mayor Pete and Harris or Biden and Tracy Abrams or him with Harris.

actually it doesn't matter which Dem wins, as long as trump goes but I'm still not sure that will happen.