Sunday, May 12, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Con War on Women

In my last post I looked at yet another good reason to vote for Justin Trudeau's Liberals.

You know, The One. Million. Jobs. Reason. 

But today on Mother's Day, there is an even more compelling reason to do that.

The Con War on Women.

For last week thousands of anti-choice fanatics descended on Parliament Hill.

And it turns out all kinds of Con MPs were there to greet them.

Which you have to admit is a lot of  Cons determined to prevent women from controlling their own bodies.

And that, coming at the same time as another Con, the young anti-abortion zealot Sam Oosterhoff, pledged that he would make abortion unthinkable...  

"I'm pro-life. I believe children should be allowed to live, no matter how small they are," said Oosterhoff. "We have survived 50 years of abortion in Canada and we pledge to fight to make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime."

Is yet another example why the Cons cannot be trusted.

For don't be fooled, Oosterhoff may be just another homeschooled religious fanatic, or would be hand maiden...

But the anti-choice movement is gathering strength in the United States.  

Many states have created new laws this year to limit abortion or even try to ban it altogether in the hope that the Supreme Court with President Trump’s two appointees will be more likely to approve them.

It's spilling over the border into Canada. It's one big sinister conspiracy.

And if the religious fanatic Andrew Scheer is ever elected Prime Minister we could soon be living in a nightmare world...

Where universities are forced to allow grotesque anti-abortion posters like these to be put up all over their campuses... 

Or get their funding slashed.

A nightmare world where the rights of women would slowly but surely be diminished

For no decent Canadian could trust Andrew Scheer...

For obvious reasons. He really is more dangerous than Harper, so who knows what he might do.

And the good news? 

Most Canadian women are too smart to be fooled by Scheer's weasel words.

And they know that the only leader capable of stopping him is Justin Trudeau...

Who has fought for the rights of women ever since the day he was elected.

Which is of course one of the main reasons so many dirty old men hate him so much.

But at least unlike them, he can celebrate Mother's Day with a clear conscience...

As can I.

Right Mum?

Fight for the rights of women.

And Happy Mother's Day everybody !!!


Jackie Blue said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Simon. Please read and share. Article about the "Firehose of Falsehood" propaganda model in use by Russia which has also been picked up by right-wing parties the world over and their M$M enablers at home.

The comment I wrote the other day and later sent as a letter to a newspaper was about comparing the relentless blitz of manufactured "Trudeau scandals" to "Hillary's emails." One of the worst Big Lies is that he's a "fake feminist" because the Spite and Malice twins had a tantrum and the teacher had them expelled for their mean-girl behavior. But the M$M let them commit arson by using their falsehood firehose to drown him in bullshit.

I haven't been to Twitter in forever and will probably never visit that cesspool again. But I did happen over to both Justin and Sophie's Instagrams to see if they posted anything nice for Mother's Day. Sure enough they did, and sure enough the trolls were out calling him names and saying vile things about Margaret. Misogyny against men is homophobia. Scheer is well aware of the verbal hate crimes committed by his fanatical mob against the prime minister -- and the prime minister's family, including his mother -- every single day, yet lets it happen because all he has as a strategy is ginning up hate. His phony deflection about "economic anxiety" of oil and gas workers is a load of crap. What the fuck does "Your mum fucked Castro" and crass jokes about where Trudeau "lays his pipeline" at night have to do with carbon taxes?

I hope and I pray that Canadians will be smart enough to cut through the crap and realize, before it's too late, that the lies they've been sold about this man are just that: lies. The Mother of all lies, you could say. To paraphrase Gandhi, I like Maggie full of grace and your Christ, Canada. What I don't like are your Pontius Pilate press, Barabbas Scheer, or your crazy Con "Christians."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon, you seem to the only one at Progressive Bloggers who cares about women's issues. Misogyny is on the rise again, and I hate to think what might if Scheer becomes Prime Minister. It's a very depressing situation.

brawnfire said...

An opinion piece I really like by Judith Timson. I quite fancy her notion:

"I have a plan and a dream for young Sam Oosterhoff that I think we can all be excited about. All we need is for science to co-operate."

Jackie Blue said...

I hope enough Canadians take notice of which party is "giving those politicians air" and vote accordingly to keep them OUT!