Monday, May 13, 2019

Mr Scheer Goes To The Basketball Game

I live just a few blocks away from the Scotiabank Arena, so I'm pretty familiar with the Raptor fans who gather in the square they call Jurassic Park.

And since I'm not a basketball fan, and they're mostly very young and really noisy, and it's all happening right next to my supermarket, until very recently I considered them a nuisance. 

But not any longer.

Not since I saw how many of them reacted when Andrew Scheer turned up at a recent playoff game.

They weren't rude or anything, most of them didn't even bother to look at him. 

And those who did didn't seem TOO unfriendly... 

But later some Raptor fans let him know what they really thought about his visit, and it wasn't pretty...

And as you can imagine, some of the others were a LOT worse.

But then that was Scheer's mistake. He should have realized that Raptor fans tend to be younger and more multicultural, and multiracial than the whiter older fans of the Maple Leafs losers who play in the same building.

And more representative of the New Toronto, the most diverse city in the world. 

“The Raptors have changed the way people see basketball. The team is so diverse that it tells you this is what Toronto is about, this is what Canada is about.”

And in the New Toronto most of the young have no time for Andrew Scheer and his far-right bigoted Cons.

So I was glad to see that last night those fans got the reward they richly deserved. 

A last second victory over the Philadelphia 76ers...

And a buzzer beater ticket to the Eastern Conference finals.

And I must say Justin Trudeau seemed a lot more enthusiastic than poor Andrew Scheer.

But then who can blame Scheer eh?

He must know the future is young, comes in all shades, and belongs to us not him.

So I wouldn't be surprised if that was his very last basketball game...

Poor Schmearmonger, he tries so hard to look like a winner.

But it just isn't working.

A bigot is a loser, and so is a Con.

And there's nothing he can do about it...  


Jackie Blue said...

He picked the wrong dinosaur. Should have just posed for another 1950s throwback portrait with Torontosaurus Rekt Ford, or the queen of the fossil fuels Kenney.

God, I hope this ends up being his "Robert Stanfield fumbles the football" moment. I'm a disappointed Celtics fan but I'll root for the Raptors if that's what it takes to keep cartoon villain Scheer from winning the Space Jam in October.

This is Drake's game, asshole. In Trudeau's diverse and progressive Canada. Piss off, you pillowy white numpty.

the salamander said...

.. relax eh ! Scheer just wants all us hard working middle class carbon tax hating suckers to mail in some dough $ and our personal data for the black ops database from hell.. & of course 'get to know him' which is akin to sharing Harper's garage with Ray Novak - Jennie Byrne - Tony Clement or Hamish Marshall. Scheer never met a camera he didn't love. What he needed was to be spritzed or baptized on the spot - with beer, during a TV time out. I saw the entire game, fortunately was not exposed to him posturing and preening.. prefer to keep it that way. The reek of tainted evangelistic holier than thou stench seeping from the creep reminds me of Sam Oosterhoff, Doug Ford, Frank McVety, Kellie Leitch or Jason Kenney. So glad my eyes were not insulted or assaulted by his girning grimaces. Hope you're doing well.. Walk In Beauty man

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time I've seen Scheer try to pull this "trust me, everybody, I'm a Homo Sapien just like you" bit. I actually saw him myself at Taste of the Danforth last year, dressed in a full suit and tie in 30C+ weather. This was just after the tragedy that occurred there had taken place and he was posing in front of the makeshift memorial wall babbling to the press cameras with an entourage of similarly dressed weirdos. I didn't stop to listen in on what he was saying, but at least Justin wears appropriate clothing at outdoor summer events. These people are mutants.

It still baffles me what he thinks he's trying to get out of these appearances. The more diverse sections of the city tend to vote Liberal and sometimes NDP; the Tory base is made up of an increasingly-aging bunch of white nativists, wealthy suburbanites and new Canadians who still harbor some more conservative cultural values. The sport and team that represents the young first- and second-generation urban Torontonians don't exactly strike me as those that would appeal to the average Scheer supporter. They've grown up knowing people from about a dozen different cultures just during their schooling, so they aren't given to the xenophobic gobbledygook required to rally the Tory base. More often than not, they're going to be the targets of the xenophobia themselves.

Andrew, buddy, you're a zombie-eyed fundamentalist, just own your core brand proposition and stop trying to pretend you're human like the rest of us.


Jackie Blue said...

He's doing the equivalent of Trump's "there's my African-American" because he knows Justin is right that he's a racist. "Look at me, humans! I'm comfortable in this urban setting with all these colored people!" But he doesn't want to appear too comfortable lest he lose the racist base. Like any other Internet troll, he can only play pretend behind a computer keyboard. When he gets "IRL" is when the act falls apart. Paul Wells as usual is full of shit: Aryan Andy is the imposter. Justin's the Tru deal.

As I often say, Cons always project like an IMAX theater showing movies on the surface of the moon. Remember the GOP pointing fingers with their stupid meme about "Hillary's hot sauce"? They accuse Justin of using minorities as props, or pandering to "identity politics," and yet here's Awkward Andy going overboard to prove that he's "no racist, no racist, you're the racist" by doing just that.

I hope likely voters are smart enough to see this bullshit for the pathetic, insulting, tokenizing charade it is. And that the young and diverse actually show up in October to keep him out.

John B. said...

Toronto is so awesome that it should have its own planet.

lagatta à montréal said...

Except for the terribly high rents and mortgage payments.

But when Scheer attempts to go summer casual, he wears a short-sleeved plaid shirt of a style I haven't seen on anyone here (in Montréal) in decades, not even on octogenarians. He looks like some character out of a 1950s sitcom, and the local goofus at that