Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Day The Cons Lost The Abortion Battle

Ever since he became Con leader I have been warning that Andrew Scheer is a political leader unlike any this country has ever known.

Warning that he is a scary religious fanatic who does not believe in a woman's right to control her own body, and that his anti-choice views are so extreme they are more American than Canadian.

A few days ago I revealed how he reacted when the pioneering abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler was awarded the Order of Canada.

Which couldn't have been more  disgraceful. 

And although Scheer has been claiming that he would not re-open the abortion debate. 

Yesterday the Cons exposed themselves, showed why they can't be trusted. 

With reproductive rights under assault south of the border, members of the Canadian House of Commons rose in a standing ovation to affirm support for a woman’s right to choose — that is, except the Conservatives.

And by so doing lost the abortion battle.

For that video of the Cons sitting like wax dummies in their seats, unwilling to support even a motion like this one:

That the House of Commons reiterate that a woman’s body belongs to her and her alone, and recognize her right to choose an abortion regardless of the reason.

Will be used against them all the way to the next election.

And the sight of the two Cons responsible for women's issues acting like handmaids.

Rachael Harder, the Conservative Status of Women critic who recently attended an anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill along with 11 other Tory MPs, did not appear to look up from her desk during the applause. 

Her seatmate Karen Vecchio, who is chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women, also did not applaud or rise from her seat.

Must surely appall all decent Canadians.

And serve as a warning about what might happen if the ghastly Cons should win the election.

And all I can say is Scheer, the creepy religious fanatic and misogynist, is unfit to lead a Canadian government.

And thank goodness for Justin Trudeau...

Abortion rights are women's rights.

And they will help Trudeau win the next election...


Jackie Blue said...

The Cons have gone full Tea Party with their fetus fetish, and anyone who still thinks Trudeau is a "fake feminist" is a bad-faith enabler, a jealous Schmear campaigner or an idiot. It was he, after all, who made it very clear that in order to run for the Liberal Party, one would have to support a woman's right to choose. He took a lot of flak for this but remained steadfast in his commitment and always will. As his father said, "there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation" -- or the bathrooms, or the examining rooms for that matter.

Morgentaler is a hero. Andrew Goebbels is the modern-day ugly reflection of the jackbooted trash he thought he left behind. Now how does he square his hatred of Morgentaler with his bullshit pandering on Passover where he swore (with fingers crossed behind his back, no doubt) that he was committed to protecting the Jews? Or is it just corrupt Bibi and the Dominionists' apocalyptic embassy in Jerusalem that he cares about? When will he answer for his incel Rebel trolls' grotesque comparisons of Morgentaler to Joseph fucking Mengele???

Scheer is the imposter; the abhorrent caricature that's been made of Justin Trudeau by projectionists in the Con media is 100% NOT what he believes or who he is. When Trudeau said (again, to knee-jerk out-of-context criticism) that under Harper, "right now it's Albertans who are directing [Canada's] agenda ... [so much so that] I'd think of wanting to make Qu├ębec a country" and he had a problem with that, believe me, I can relate. It's Alabamans who are directing America's agenda, enough to make me think of wanting to make California a country. These manbearpigs and their Stepford chastity bots have no damn right to impose their medieval Lebensborn ideology of Scheeria Law.

L Greenwell said...

It may not stop at denying abortion but they may reverse the euthanasia as well. Who wants to stay in a long term care home drooling on a bib when you can have a humane death?

Steve said...

they will stealth re criminalize pot by putting THC limits on whats legal

Anonymous said...

Reformacons love to target the vulnerable, amplifying their suffering seems to give them a sense of moral comfort. Rather than just portray him as a 1% bobble head the Engage Canada ads would be more realistic if the choir boy caricature slowly morphed into the grim reaper. We have had 1% politicians before but none with the petty vindictive dog whistling that Scheer engages in. As you say Simon, its more than anything for a vote!