Friday, August 20, 2010

Stephen Harper and Our Broken Country

There he was today handing out porky money like a mobster, trying to buy votes with our tax dollars. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Just bring me the bloody head of the gun registry.

"Let me assure you the jobs we are creating in this announcement today will absorb any job losses in the firearms centre many times over," Harper said.

Show me some respect, or I'll whack you.

Their supposed political crime? To argue their case too forcefully, or to adopt a position frowned upon by the Harper government. Their punishment? In some cases, a pink slip. In others, banishment.

Oh boy. At least the victims are being remembered from one end of the country to the other.

But who will shed some tears for our broken country?

The latest numbers also tell the familiar story of the east/west divide. That poll shows the divide become more entrenched, with the Conservatives enjoying a huge lead in Western Canada and the Liberals carving out a lead, which Mr. Graves characterizes as “less impressive,” in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic.

Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper and his Cons have pitted Canadians against Canadians. West against East, North against South, urban against rural, university educated against college educated, women against men, the old against the young.

Now even as the Great Divide has never been greater, our country more broken, he's shunning Quebec. 

“I knew they were discounting Quebec for political prospects, but hadn’t realized it had become a complete shunning,” a senior Liberal strategist told The Globe Wednesday morning.

So he can campaign against  the separatists the Québécois in the next election. Because when he uses the word "Coalition" that's what he means. 

Our country was built by the genius of compromise, and confrontation will tear it apart. But Harper doesn't care.

Because he hates Canada and its values sooooo much. 

And it's all about HIM...

The miserable, twisted, evil political THUG.

What has he done to our beautiful country?

Are you ready for an election?

Are you ready for an UPRISING?


ck said...

Oh yeah! An election has to happen now. Later, the window of opportunity will be closed due to Steve's propensity to bounce back. Write ur MP though! As I've said before, it's the only way they'll know. Otherwise, all they have is the corporate media, the conbots who comment at them and polling numbers to work with. For the good of this country, an election must happen sooner, rather than later.

Simon said...

hi ck...well that makes two of us. ;)
In an ideal world it would be good to wait for the perfect opportunity to defeat the Cons. But they are doing to much damage to this country, and Canadians need to be confronted with a brutal choice. If we lose it will be bad for us, but it will be worse for Canada, and all those who were so easily fooled will have to lie in the bed they made...