Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Blubber Bubba Tour

When I read that Stephen Harper had been stranded beached at The Lazy Bear Lodge.

I couldn't help thinking of That I made four years ago to mark Great Blubber Bubba Leader's waddle around the Arctic. My very FIRST photoshop.

Back then I was pretty proud of myself. Now I realize it's a little crude eh? But then so is Harper's plan to make people believe that he's a great friend of the people of the North.

I mean how could he be? Here is a political leader who has done less than NOTHING to fight global warming, even though it's destroying the Arctic faster than any other place.

Here is Big Oil's Man in Calgary with a clear set of instructions: Hey bubba, make sure we gets to suck up all that oily goodness like a Dr Pepper or yer FIRED !!!! 

Here is the leader of an oil pimp government that has yet to tell Big Oil where to get off.

“Some environmentalists and politicians in both Canada and the United States argue that oil companies that are drilling in deep water should be required to start a backup well so that it doesn’t take three months to finish a relief well in the event of a blowout. … a policy that aims to ensure a blowout doesn’t result in crude gushing for months under the sea ice.”

“Prior to the BP blowout (in the Gulf of Mexico), the (National Energy Board) was preparing to review (the policy of the same-season relief well) as companies argued it was virtually impossible to achieve, given the shortness of the drilling season in the North. Imperial Oil Ltd., Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips Co. and BP itself all argued for a relaxation of the same-season relief-well rule.

A government that is trying to make the Russians look like a threat.

“We live in a time of renewed foreign interest in Canada’s Arctic. With foreign aircraft probing the skies, vessels plying northern waters and the eyes of the world gazing our way we must remain vigilant,” Harper said.

When the real danger comes from Harper and his friends.

"It'll mean that the people who are actually doing (the environmental assessments) will come from industry. Even the good people will have built-in biases in favour of industry," said John Bennett, executive director of Sierra Club Canada, an environmental advocacy group.

And a government prepared to do ANYTHING to help Big Oil.

New Democrats are blasting Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his failure to initiate a comprehensive review of federal rules on unconventional oil-and-gas development.

Even if it destroys the way of life of our beautiful Inuit people.

Yup. You know

My very FIRST photoshop.

I'm sure I can do better than that...

Oh well. At least it comes with the same questions.

Who needs Great Blubber Bubba Leader?

And don't  we deserve BETTER ?

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