Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Lonely Beluga

Oh boy. I suppose it's only fitting that after dodging the question for weeks, Stephen Harper should be forced to admit that gutting the census was HIS idea, in what looks like the bottom of an aquarium.

With an infatuated beluga gliding by in the background chirping "Hey Tuna, take off your clothes, jump on my back, and scratch my blow hole."

Because what else can you say eh?

After this:

I know some people think the appropriate way to deal with that is through prosecuting those individuals with fines and jail terms. This government will not do that.

From a Prime Minister who wants to spend billions building new prisons, and  jail even more Canadians by inventing new crimes.

And this:

The changes requested by Clement's staffers make it appear the decision to scrap the long-form census was not made by the government.

It wasn't until reporters started writing about the census changes that the government admitted it was responsible for the decision.

From a government that lies about EVERYTHING.

I mean what CAN you say? Except that this situation is INSANE.

John Geddes insists there's method to the madness.

On another key Tory policy theme—law and order—Brodie touted conflict with academics as good politics. Most university criminologists say there’s no evidence to back up the Tories’ heavy emphasis on imposing longer prison terms. They point to studies showing that more jail time doesn’t reduce crime. 

At the McGill panel, though, Brodie said voters tend to side with Conservatives when they argue with “sociologists, criminologists, defence lawyers and Liberals” about prison terms. “Politically, it helped us tremendously,” he said, “to be attacked by this coalition of university types.”

So not only do Harper’s advisers suspect that following expert advice leads to unsaleable policies, they also think battling the experts can boost their popular standing

But it doesn't make any difference to me whether this madness comes straight from the collective anus of the ideological fanatics in the Con war room. Or from the voices in Stephen Harper's head genes.

Madness is madness. A thug government that rejects reality, and lies about EVERYTHING, is unfit to govern.

And the sooner we unite to defeat these crazy Cons, the better, the safer, and the SANER we will be.


P.S. Apart from the tragedy of a country being destroyed, you know what's REALLY sad eh?

From the moment the beluga saw Great Tuna Leader it was love at first sight.

And he really misses him...

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