Monday, August 23, 2010

Exposed !!!! Sun Media and the Bogus Story

Since I consider Kory Teneycke's Sun Media to be the squawking pie hole of Stephen Harper's PMO, this front page attracted my attention. Like a dead squirrel on the sidewalk would.

I really needed to know what  the Cons are telling us they're not telling us eh?

And when it comes to promoting xenophobia, what's the difference between a survey and a sample?

So it seems that this was not, in fact, a "secret government survey," but a review of a sampling of files from Sri Lankan nationals, some of whom were formerly found to be Convention refugees, who now want to sponsor family members to come to Canada. No weighting was done, and no claim has been made that the findings are representative of the total population. In fact, as far as CBSA is concerned, it "must be considered anecdotal in nature."

And of course, why are they doing this? Promoting xenophobia and  making it sound like a small group of desperate refugees is a huge problem. When it isn't.

Canada doesn’t have a Tamil “problem,” whatever critics of our refugee system may say about the arrival here of the cargo freighter MV Sun Sea with some 500 asylum-seekers. We processed 34,000 refugee claims last year; these arrivals won’t overtax the system.

And then I read this story.

Another headline topic was asylum-seekers: the 3000 or so people who claim refugee status in Australia every year, mostly after arriving by boat via Indonesia. This has been a powerful leitmotif in the national discourse since the 2001 election, which saw Howard score an historic victory after turning away the Tampa, a Norwegian tanker carrying shipwrecked Afghans and Iraqis.

A former minister in the Howard government, Abbott has shamelessly exploited the issue in recent weeks, vowing to “stop the boats”, and promising to re-open a Howard-era detention centre on the remote South Pacific island of Nauru.

And since it apparently worked for Abbott,  now I'm thinking could those morally degenerate Cons be trying to whip up a little xenophobia and racism for their own electoral purposes? Could they really go that low?

And the obvious answer is yes they could, because they would do ANYTHING to win votes.

And Fox News North would do ANYTHING to please them.

So they can get a juicy TV license.

Even though they clearly don't deserve one, since they can't tell the difference between a survey and a sample. And they're just a squawking pie hole of the PMO.

So now I'm thinking who does Stephen Harper think we are?

And how soon can we get rid of these monstrous Cons?

Before they corrupt us ALL...

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