Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the Christianist Homophobes in Leslieville...

Don't try this outside MY house.

You know what I'm saying eh?

Because these gay boys bash back. And NOBODY is going to tell us where to live or who to love.

On the other hand , if you need  to be baptized with a garden hose. Or washed. 

Because you bigots really STINK.

Come on down. Happy to oblige.

And BTW since you like to jump up and down and sing outside people's houses.

I want you to know I'd be DELIGHTED to do the same outside your church hate house...

To the good  people of that Leslieville neighbourhood: Way to go. You should be proud of yourselves. This story is going viral and you just made our country look good.

Which isn't easy in Stephen Harper's Canada.

And finally to some of the straight folk on our street, who after I asked them if I could ever expect  to see them outside our tree house one day, armed with Tiki torches.

Because I like to give them a hard time eh?

Fell down LAUGHING. 


And to the smart ass who said "Yes. But only to stop you from playing Arcade Fire's new album over and over again."


I LOVE my neighbours....


h/t Stageleft 


Radical Centrist said...

You might want to read the latest from the Toronto Star on this.

Simon said...

hi Radical Centrist...thanks for this but I'm still not convinced, if they also went after a lesbian couple it seems too much of a coincidence. Besides I know how homophobic some of these black churches are, and if those people want to sing and dance they should do it in a church or a park, and not in a residential area...