Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Muzzled Mountie, the Butterfly and the Bag

I'm not a hunter eh?  I have this thing about life. But Stephen Harper's Canada is a jungle, and after reading this.

Reporter: There are allegations that you are trying to appease the Conservative government.

Elliott: They are absolute and positive fiction. There is not one iota of truth in that. The media and others just made this up. It's not true, it's not true, it's not tr

And then this.

The plain truth is Cheliak’s abrupt ouster, on an improbable pretext, makes both Harper and Elliott  look bad, and is bound to further demoralize the RCMP rank and file.

I have to admit that I was seized by an irresistible desire to shoot something. ANYTHING. 

Because it's better than shooting yourself eh?

So I did.

I crawled through the long grass. I raised my weapon.

And fired.

It was horrible. But I had to. It was far too beautiful not to be shot.

And besides I had to find SOMETHING to make me proud to be a Canadian.

Thirty-five years after Ontario scientists Fred and Norah Urquhart famously discovered the monarch butterfly's winter refuges in the mountains of Mexico, Canadian researchers have unlocked one of the lingering mysteries surrounding the insect's annual migration.

Because let's face it, when you live in Con Canada that's not easy.

But then felt empty inside. I just HAD to shoot something else.

So I thought YES. Heh heh heh. Never mind  the majestic Monarch butterfly.

How about  the majestic plastic bag?

Yes. I MUST shoot those plastic bags. Or get myself a vicious teacup Yorkie. Because if Harper ever gets a majority I'm planning to swim to Hawaii.

And getting stranded on a stinky island of plastic garbage would be almost as bad as living in Con Canada.

Oh well. What else can I say eh?

Except I find trying to stay cheerful helps a bit.

Thank goodness for small mercies beauties.

And if I can't have an election.Tomorrow.

To make our country beautiful again. 

By sending Stephen Harper and his Cons on an amazing journey back to the nasty jungle pig pen they came from.

Gimme some INTERVENTION !!! 

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