Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Census and the Madness of Stephen Harper

I don't usually enjoy watching Stephen Harper on TV. But there he was today standing in front of a bus with a big GO sign on it. Looking like hell, drinking like a fish. And telling reporters no job lasts forever. 

So I quite enjoyed it eh? 

He was talking about the ombudsman he fired let go for daring to criticize the government. But he might as well have been talking about himself. Because when vets accuse you, Napoleon Harper, of abandoning the troops.

And the conservative purist Andrew Coyne accuses you of running a "uniquely nasty know-nothing" government. And of being a political idiot.

After so many miscues, unforced errors, too-clever tricks and utter botch-ups, does anyone still cling to the “strategic genius” view of Stephen Harper?

And his fellow Christianist Lorna Dueck feels obliged to lecture him on the census and the Bible.

Numbers were going to be needed for Moses and his leaders to understand all that would be required to create community and the structures that would nurture and sustain it.

Like Moses’s nemesis the Pharaoh, the federal government has turned a deaf ear.

You know it won't be long before he'll be forced to jump on that bus...or Pharaoh's camel... and ride it all the way back to Alberta.

Funnily enough it's Dueck who comes closest to nailing the real reason Harper gutted the census. And that is because that deeply disturbed man hates the idea of community more than anything else on earth.

He's suffered from asthma all his life, so he wasn't able to play team sports. He was always an outsider looking in. A weird, smart but emotionally stunted person, who came to believe he could create his own reality.

Over the years his bitter resentment grew, and so did his hatred of any kind of group or community. 

That's why he spent fourteen years trying to destroy medicare, that's why one of the first things he did was kill the Court Challenges program. That's why he wants to gut the welfare state, and change Canada beyond recognition.  

Because for Harper life is a jungle, and the truth is what he says it is. Or ELSE.

Yup. Other issues like the Fake Lake may have more impact with ordinary voters. But the census is the issue that ripped off his mask, and showed us who he really is...

I warned you that he wasn't who he pretended to be. That the man was an anti-social monster. And that sooner or later the voices in his head would become too loud to ignore. 

The list of victims too long.

Now that everyone can see the madness of Stephen Harper all I have to say is this. 

Unless he is removed from power, and QUICKLY.

His uniquely nasty know-nothing government will tear this country apart...

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