Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stephen Harper, Mounties, and Doctors With Guns

As I'm sure you all know by now the Mountie in charge of the Gun Registry, and one of its biggest defenders, has been removed just weeks before the debate resumes on whether to kill it.

And I see that Stephen Harper is denying that the Cons had anything to do with it.

“It’s not a political matter. The government’s position on the long-gun registry is well known. ... This government strongly favours the abolition of the long-gun registry for farmers and duck hunters. It is wasteful, it has been ineffective,” Harper said.

“But in terms of staffing decisions in the RCMP, these are made by the RCMP themselves.”

Because of course this isn't political, and as we all know the Cons are not in the habit of silencing or removing anyone who doesn't agree with them. Right? 

So now that we know that, let's go back three weeks to when we learned that the Cons were  "troubled" by complaints against their appointee William Elliott.

So presumably they could FIRE him. But before they can even think of that, Elliott removes one of the biggest opponents to their plans to kill the registry. By deciding that after all the years Cheliak has been in the force, NOW is the time to send him to French School.

Hmmmm. What a coincidence eh?

Or what a scandal. 

There are poor excuses, bad rationalizations, feeble fabrications or, when all else fails to justify inexplicable behaviour, pathetic lies.

While this government’s zero tolerance for contrarian positions is legendary and the stuffing of socks into any open mouthing of disagreement is habitual, this is a particularly disturbing precedent.

Last night when I first learned of this I wrote a post calling for the Cons to be arrested. Today, now that I've cooled down a bit, I just have a few questions:

How can we call the quarrel over the gun registry a debate, when one of its strongest and most credible defenders is denied the right to speak? Even though what he says could save the lives of police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and ordinary citizens.

And why should we just listen to those who use guns, instead of those who have to deal with the CONSEQUENCES? Have to fight to keep the victims alive. Or clean up the bloody mess afterwards.

Have these people, who are apparently too dumb or lazy or paranoid to fill out a form, ever seen a gun shot victim's heart monitor go flat? Have they ever seen an abusive husband who just beat up his wife, running around a room in his underwear.... with a gun the police officers who answered the call didn't know he had?

Have they ever seen pieces of a suicide victim's brain stuck to a wall with coagulated blood? Or slowly sliding down it?

They haven't? Then they should STFU. And listen to those who confront those kind of situations all the time. Because they know better, and it's about THEIR lives.

Oh boy.This is so KRAZY. Do we really want to turn Canada into Amerika?

What's next eh?

Doctors with guns?

Geezus.  I hate guns. And Cons who use them to win votes.
I'm no longer asking you to arrest them.

Even though they deserve it, for using wedge issues like weapons to divide Canadians.

I'm just BEGGING you to defeat them... 

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