Friday, August 06, 2010

Stephen Harper: Political Genius or Pig Napoleon?

It was like a scene out of The Mummy. Or Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. There was Stephen Harper back from the dead, looking absolutely GHASTLY.

He was thinner, paler, his new Himmler glasses made his cold dead eyes looked even MORE sinister. And when he started moving his lips what emerged was so vacuous even the awesome Kady O'Malley was  stunned.

And -- wait, that's it? Seriously? Did we just show up en masse to watch the PM deliver a speech so vague and replete with fuzzy feel-good generalities that I can't remember a single word of it?

But then why would anyone be surprised that he looks so beaten?

He's just spent more money than any other Canadian political leader ever has trying to buy himself a majority. Billions and billions and billions of dollars of OUR money.

Only to find himself going BACKWARDS.

Like the guy in this video...

This was supposed to be his Nuremberg summer. His launching pad for the historic election campaign that would make him Great Supreme Leader and change Canada FOREVER.

Instead he's reduced to accusing the "Opposition Coalition" of wanting an election, and running moonwalking for cover.


But what bugs me is that some in the MSM still cling to the tired old illusion that Stephen Harper is a political genius for presiding over a government of ideological hacks and stooges.

And turning Canada into a political pig pen...

As Paul Wells sort of does here...albeit  hesitantly.

Almost no issue, by itself, turns the mood of an electorate on a dime. When Canadians have chosen to turf out governments—in 1984, 1993, 2006—it was because they were convulsively sick of incumbent parties that had worn out their welcome irredeemably. The country just isn’t there with this government.

The assumption behind so much of our political chatter is that Harper’s grip on power hangs by a thread. He likes that assumption. It allows him to keep changing the country while everyone waits for him to fall.

Which is all very well. Except that all those issues add up. Harper can never change Canada as much as he wants without a majority. That majority has never seemed so far away despite all the money he has spent, and the state of the opposition. And everyone called Napoleon a military genius. Until the day they didn't.

And judging by what I hear and read this Napoleon, The Dark Lord of Con Farm, has just about worn out his welcome...

People are getting tired of him. The census fiasco is hurting him because it has focused attention on his bizarre right-wing ideology and his equally bizarre character. After five years of Harper and his Con porkers it's all getting too WEIRD. 

Sooner or later even Ignatieff is going to look better...or SAFER.

And let's not forget the Auditor General is investigating the Porky Action Plan and that should finish off the absurd illusion that these Cons are good money managers. If this doesn't  first.

That's why Harper was so desperate to go sooner rather than later. That's why he looks so beaten.

Oh sure. The opposition has to take advantage of this piggy state of affairs, and portray the Cons as a bunch of rabidly ideological, hopelessly incompetent, and possibly insane hawgs.

But something tells me that it's going to be a lot easier from now on eh?

Napoleon will soon be on his way to exile in Alabama ....or Alberta.

And Con Farm WILL have a happy ending. Oink. Oink.

Just like I predicted...

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