Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Harper and the Census: Is it Idiocy or Insanity?

Well I see that Stephen Harper is about to return to work after spending the last few weeks in virtual isolation, getting his ...um... batteries recharged.

And no doubt getting ready to defend his shocking decision to gut the census. After having to be talked out of killing it.

The prime minister directed Industry Minister Tony Clement last winter to seek options from Statistics Canada on how it could make the long version of the census voluntary.

But sources say his circle's first instinct was to make the entire thing voluntary — both the short census and the now controversial long form.

Good luck. If I was him I'd plead insanity eh? 

Because he's going to need all the sympathy he can get  when Canadians get this pain in their wallets.

The Con Census: Now not just useless but more EXPENSIVE !!!

And BTW.... how are the Cons going to claim it's just a failure to communicate?

Conservative insiders are slowly acknowledging they haven't done a good job of persuading the public. They say communication of their reasons has been bungled from the beginning — first internally and then publicly.

After this latest outrage.

The cost of running the prime minister's office will jump by over $1 million this year because of additional expenditures on communication.

Gawd. I knew that Stephen Harper lives in a world of his own...

But how many more gazillions of dollars are we supposed to spend to try to make him look good pretty?

Of course the BIG question now is whether  Harper will be able to admit he was wrong. Tell Canadians he's just a wonky idiot who thought  the census was inconvenient, because he didn't know what he was talking about. 

Instead of a dangerous ideological maniac who would kill eat it if he could...

So he can plunge the country into the darkness of ignorance, and skin it beyond recognition.

Golly. I LOVE this story. Is it idiocy or is it insanity?

He can't win. We can't lose.

Whoopsy Daisy Dictator. You can call it krazy eh?

But I call it KARMA...


thwap said...

Idiocy or Insanity 'eh? The answer is BOTH.

harper is contemptible.

Simon said...

hi thwap...congratulations you win !!! BOTH is the answer. Everybody else was stumped by my trick question. ;)
Now I have another question for you smarty pants.
If we know the problem how come we can't solve it?
And what does that make us idiots or just KRAAAAAAZY?

P.S. And please don't say BOTH because I don't think I could stand it...

Anonymous said...

My official 2011 censless doc (Complete It, It's The Law), was empty. 00000
COMPLETE ONLINE, or ph. us to request one, they write. Uhh, no.
Force us to call you? ( 1st reminder--do it!); what next, Supreme Court? How you say, Come & *$#@!get me.