Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Proposition 8: The Long March to Equality

First they gave gay people in California the right to marry. And then they took it away from them.

But they never gave up, they never lost hope, and today they won a big victory.

It's just another big step on the road to equality. The decision will be appealed. 

The bigots will make their views known.

But it's always been a long march. 

The bigots have always been low and brutish.

And the struggle against Proposition H8 has always been AWESOME.

From the tears of disappointment. 

To the anger in the streets.

The message was always the same.

 You can't beat LOVE.

And we will OVERCOME.

My reaction to the crushing of gay rights in California was slightly different.

Like it says on the t-shirt...

Because that's the way I feel about bullies and bigots.

But tonight I might just allow myself to be a bit sentimental...or sucky.

And play this video again...

Simon from Canada standing celebrating with my brothers and sisters in California tonight.

One more battle. One more victory.

Until the day we are ALL equal.

The long march continues...


Beijing York said...

It's always sweet to see an uplifting post. Damn, I hope the higher courts stay this decision.

In the meantime, I raise my glass to you in celebration.

Scott in Montreal said...

Great post, Simon. It is nice to get some good news and this ruling counts right up there. This same-sex marriage debate has always confounded me: how can more love be a bad thing? How do Christians possibly manage to miss that central tenet of all of the teachings ascribed to Jesus? Love thy neighbour, eh?

A friend posted this and I recently retweeted this (just don't read the comments):


Simon said...

hi Beijing... I try to make as many posts as I can uplifting, but in Harper's Canada that's not always possible. Still I am an optimistic person and this is a good news story, so this one was easy... :)

Simon said...

hi Scott...I'm glad you liked the post, and it is sweet to celebrate some good news for a change. As you know I believe in the tranformative power of love, because it certainly worked for me. I can't imagine what it must be like to live with hate, it must be horrible. And yes Christians who put hate before love are turning their religion upside down, and make absolutely no sense. As far as I can see gay people who stand up for marriage are strengthening the institution not weakening it. Thanks for the link.
Nice. And don't worry I wouldn't be able to be as sunny as I am if I ever read the comments... :)