Friday, August 13, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Killer Hornets

Well I see Paul Wells agrees with Stephen Taylor's explanation for Stephen Harper's apparently insane decision to gut the census.

Stephen Harper seeks to diminish or destroy the Liberal Party to replace them with the Conservatives as Canada’s default choice for government. His greatest challenge is to dismantle the modern welfare state. If it can’t be measured, future governments can’t pander.

— Blogger Stephen Taylor, July 22.

His ORIGINAL explanation. Because as Wells points out he seems to have changed his tune:

Since July 22 this whole business has gotten too hot for Stephen’s liking and in his blog and on Twitter he’s joined the nobody-cares crowd, arguing that this whole business is an invention of the “push media,” by which he means news organizations that cover a story he doesn’t like for longer than he likes.

Now suddenly it's NOT a brilliant move by the Great Dark Lord to change Canada beyond recognition by plunging us into the abyss of ignorance. It's just a media invention.

Golly. Who said these Cons are incremental? Didn't the HarperCon War Room like Taylor's frank analysis? Isn't he one of their own?

And what is Stephen saying about it now?

I still standby my thesis that I believe that chucking mandatory nature of the long-form is a move to dismantle the welfare state (and that this is a move in the right direction). And two, nobody cares outside of the beehive. It’s the media that is pushing the story outside of the beehive walls propelled by the loud buzz of special interests.

Yes believe it or not he STILL  thinks that Stephen Harper is gutting the census so he can kill the welfare state. But says that's not important eh? Because only the bees in the beehive care about the future of Canada. Huh? I mean Bzzzzzzz?????

So now I'm thinking what kind of parallel universe are these Cons inhabiting? Do they really believe that they can fool sane Canadians into thinking that the census is not important ? Make them believe that ignorance is STRENGTH?

And BTW what have they got against bees?

As for my trouble-making behaviour, I make no apologies. Sometimes it’s fun to throw rocks at beehives.

Although I suppose that one's OBVIOUS...

Bees are peaceful creatures, who put their community before their own individual needs, help feed the world, and are a model society in their own humble way, just like Canada used to be.

So naturally the Cons hate them.

Which reminds me of this video I once saw eh?

A peaceful little bee community is happily making honey.

And then the nasty hornets arrive...

Hey, as I always say, if you can't visualize what Stephen Harper is planning to do to Canada use your imagination. I do. So now I only have TWO questions:

Will Stephen Taylor have to have his posts vetted by the PMO for being too honest? 

And when can we smoke these Con hornets out of Ottawa?


And send them back to Amerika...

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