Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are the Cons Going After the CRTC?

Jumping Jalopy. I never thought that Kory Teneycke's Sun TV would ever get any kind of show on the road.

I thought the CRTC would order it into the garage, have it checked for mediocrity, and tell Kornhole to come back in ten years when he's SERIOUS.

I mean how many potential Sun TV viewers do they think they have in Canada Kanada anyway?

But then I didn't count on Stephen Harper giving that jalopy a big boost.

The CRTC chair is Konrad von Finckenstein, and his term doesn’t end until 2012. But insiders report that Mr. Harper now wants him out well before that date and replaced by a rubber stamper.

In addition, CRTC vice-chair Michel Arpin is being ushered out the door. His term expires at the end of the month; he’d like to stay on, but his request is not being granted.

Replacing the CRTC’s chair and vice-chair would pretty well seal the deal for Mr. Harper and Mr. PĂ©ladeau. Mr. Teneycke has said all along that the new station would be up and running by the start of 2011 with a Category 1 licence, meaning cable companies would be required to offer it as part of a package.

So he can have his own Con Broadcasting Network, and shape his own reality.

Oh.My.Goebbels Big Brother. And so soon after they whacked Greg Weston.

Mr. Weston, one of the most straight-shooting and incisive columnists around, broke the fake-lake story before the G20 summit. His reward? The noose.

And after dispatching all these other good men and women..

Mama Mia. Is this a government or the MOB?

Who needs Big Brother when we got Stephen Harper?

And do you think Canadians will finally get the message?

Golly. I hope so eh?

Because if they don't, I hate to think what historians will say to explain the destruction of Canada. 

In an old and tired country, full of really dumb people, who were easily bought.

They rolled over, they bit the pillow.

And they screamed Big Brother we LOVE you !!!!

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