Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stephen Harper and the War on Russia

OK look... I understand that in Stephen Harper's Con Canada we live in a bizarre and sinister state of alternate reality. And that our crazed leader is always declaring war on someone.

Women, gays, the census, the civil service, scientific facts, the invisible criminals, the list goes on and on.

But this is insanity.

Thanks to the rapid response of the Canadian Forces, at no time did the Russian aircraft enter sovereign Canadian airspace."

The Harper Government has ensured our Forces have the tools, the readiness and the personnel to continue to meet any challenges to Canadian sovereignty with a robust response.

Golly. Duck and cover. Is Dimitri Soudas suggesting that if our jets hadn't "intercepted" those Russian planes they'd be circling over Ottawa, probing our Parliament over and over again, or preparing to drop the Big One?

Why is he trying to scare Canadians in to buying a new jet with one engine, that is incredibly expensive and practically useless?

How "robust" is our response going to be when the only countries threatening our sovereignty are the United States and Denmark? Quick call Copenhagen and tell them to hide the mermaid before we MELT her !!!

Are these deranged, and criminally irresponsible Cons prepared to whip up anti-Russian feelings to flog a plane of dubious value, and win a few more moron votes? By taking us back to the days of the Cold War.

The Russian presence was a timely opportunity for the Prime Minister’s Office to once again subvert diplomacy to the interests of domestic politics.

To speak in the style of a wannabe Top Gun is not grown-up government.

Are these wannabe warriors  now so corrupted that they would do ANYTHING to stay in power? Does Stephen Harper think he's Napoleon? Because when the voices in his head are fighting the Russians he can't play Stalin? 

Is he stroking the shiny parts of  the theocons in his rabid Christianist base who believe their Messiah won't return until they go to war with the Russians?

At the Battle of Gog and Magog...

The battle the porker wingnut Charles McVety is always going on about.

And why do these Cons take us for IDIOTS... with short memories?

The military officers I was talking to yesterday were full of kudos for Defence Minister Peter MacKay for a move that one described as “playing the media like a finely-tuned fiddle.” The officer was referring to the breathless Canadian news media coverage of the flight of two Russian bombers that were “intercepted” by Canadian CF-18s … Yesterday’s incident prompted some amusement at NDHQ about how gullible some in the news media can be and how easily some journalists swallowed the government’s bait hook, line and sinker.

Oh boy. Some things are for sure eh?

This country is in real trouble. The Cons will do anything to try to win moron votes.

The cuckoos are singing in the trees.

Stephen Harper is no Napoleon...

And of course, as I'm always pointing out eh?

With Harper and his kooky Cons declaring war on the Russians.

This could end BADLY...

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Anonymous said...

Every time there's talk about fighter jets, a few days later there's an announcement of Russian aircraft in or near Canadian airspace.

Co-incidence or fabrication?

The PMO will make sure the Armed Forces don't talk about it.

How much more lying can we tolerate from this assortment of
so-called political leaders?