Friday, August 13, 2010

The Best Political Story of the Week

OK everybody I know we've had some great political news this week.

The tin pot dictator and his Cons are leaking like a fart balloon.

But I don't care what progressive party you belong to, as the founder, and President for Life, and only member of the Anyone But Harper Party (ABHP) I do declare this report to be the most totally awesome political story of the week.

While the 60-year-old new grandfather is still gaunt from a diet he despises because it excludes meat and cheese, which even prevented him from even ordering the quiche named after him on the pub menu, his looks have improved since last spring. That pasty greenish pallor from what sources say was radiation therapy is gone and his energy level seems much higher.

Of course I KNEW Jack was going to make it after I saw him dancing during the Gay Pride Parade.

While I melted in the heat...

But that's not all the good news eh?

I see his mother agrees with me.

Mr. Layton was still grinning when an assistant dragged him away from a perfect-weather patio for a French language classroom. “Stephen Harper has become our best opening to attack,” he laughs. “He’s pig-headed. My mother is absolutely right about him.”

I told you so...

Way to go Jack. Welcome back.

Remember how I asked you to send me a vuvuzela? Well don't bother eh?

Seeing you healthy is good enough. Now all you have to do to make me even happier.

Is hit the porker where it HURTS...


Marissa said...

Yay! :D

Anonymous said...

YAY and double YAY! Mothers are just like fathers eh, only Smarter! *grin*

Simon said...

hi Marissa... I take it that means you're pleased? ;)
Well so am I. I saw Jack earlier this summer (I live in Olivia's riding) and he didn't look good. So now that he looks in better shape than I am, I'm both jealous and DELIGHTED... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous... well OK make mine a double double YAY !!
And yes Mums are definitely SMARTER.
At least mine is....right Mum?
Seriously though,I wish Jack's mother would drop by our riding. Because although she calls Harper "pigheaded" and I call him a "porker", I think I'd enjoy having tea with her a LOT... :)