Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tony Clement and the Darkness of the Cons

Poor dumb Tony Clement. First he was hung out to dry by Stephen Harper. Then he was revealed to be not only a stooge but a liar.

Now he's pedalling furiously backwards.

Like a goofy idiot. And even the Cons are mocking him.

Bested by a bureaucrat? Oh, the shame of it. Taking the fall for the Prime Minister’s follies is one thing, but being upstaged by the very civil servants this government loves to hate is just pathetic.

But why should anyone be surprised? When Harper and his Klown Porker Posse are not only the most brutish, grunting ideologues this country has ever seen. They are also the most incompetent. 

Somehow they managed to fool a lot of Canadians into thinking they were good money managers.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary.

They put the money into the wrong places .They didn't get the money out fast enough. So it didn't make a difference.

They didn't invest it in green technology that could have given our kids a future. And helped save the planet. Because they're tools of Big Oil.

And now the chickens are coming home to roost.

The Cons have been spending money like water, instead of preparing for a worst case scenario. And now we're REALLY going to pay for it. 

But the Cons don't care, because the bigger the deficit, and the poorer we are, the more they'll be able to slash social services, and strangle medicare. Which is what Harper and his minions wanted to do all along.

Great eh?

Oh boy. As you know I've been preparing a little time capsule for the historians of the next century. To help them understand what happened to the beautiful country called Canada. And I think I'm going to include the following video.

Because it kind of sums it all up.

They didn't see the danger coming. They thought it couldn't happen here.

They couldn't get their act together.

So by the time they realized what was about to hit them.

It was almost too late...

So how is our story going to end? I haven't a clue.

But the choice has never been clearer.

Either we unite to destroy those incompetent klown Cons. 

Or they will destroy our country...


Margaret said...

I feel that we are in free-fall with Harper, that he doesn't know where we're going, and by the time we've all figured it out, we're going to be falling too fast to stop our momentum.

Harper, combined with climate change - it's just going to be a disaster.

They just make these incredible blunders, which are basically planned, but they don't realize what the reaction is going to be --- and then they hope it'll blow over and everyone w/ their short attention span will forget it. It's happened before often enough, they just think it will happen again.

Simon said...

hi Margaret...I couldn't agree with you more. And free-fall is exactly the right word. I've always hated them for their inhuman ideology, but now I'm terrified by their incompetence. They don't know what they are doing, and if we ever got into another recession I hate to think what they might do. Everything is geared for short term political advantage. i.e. to win themselves a majority. The short term attention span of many Canadians also scares me. Until I remember there are more than us than there are of them, so when we get our act together we CAN defeat them... :)