Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stockwell Day and the Flying Squirrels

Oh boy. It's been this kind of day. Stockwell "Doris"  Day tries to prove we need to spend billions on new prisons without any facts.

Given that Day seemed to suggest, in response to an earlier question, that census data becomes "untenable" a year or two after it was initially collected, it's hard to see how he would become "alarmed" by victimization reports from six years ago.

Rob "Man Dingo" Nicholson tries to clarify the Con position without thinking what he's saying.

Unlike the Liberals, we do not use statistics as an EXCUSE not to get tough on criminals. As far as our Government is concerned, one victim of crime is still one too many.

Or knowing what he's doing.

A spokeswoman for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said the comments were backed by research from Statistics Canada that revealed a drop in the percentage of self-described victims who reported crimes that were committed against them.

However, Statistics Canada shot down the interpretation, saying that the data could not be compared to police-reported crime statistics since it only surveyed eight types of crimes as opposed to the hundreds of crimes investigated by police.

Or mentioning this hidden threat.

And a poor little kitten tries to fly without any wings...

End result: The SAME.

Meanwhile.....in other possibly related news...

Researchers have observed small monkeys called Japanese macaques going bananas at the sight of a flying squirrel.

And the OBVIOUS conclusion?

Unless we get rid of these flying Con monkeys squirrels scary monsters. And soon.

We're in REAL trouble...

(Click pic to enlarge)

Because all kidding aside, the evidence speaks for itself.

These absurd ReformCon ideologues ARE dumb and dangerous.

And they must be STOPPED...

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Oemissions said...

he/they want to put citizens who protest the Harper regime in jail until they are rehabilitated and pledge to vote for the Cons. that is why they need more prisons.